afk arena savage wastes full walkthrough guide afk arena savage wastes full walkthrough guide

Savage Wastes Guide (Peaks of Time Realm #11) – Full Walkthrough

Congratulations on unlocking The Savage Wastes, the 11th realm in Peaks of Time. Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm as fast as possible

Recommended Hero Levels: 200-210+

The Savage Wastes are not a crazy difficult realm in Peaks of Time but it can be annoying at some stages, especially if your heroes are at the lower end of the required level.

The crucial thing about The Savage Wastes is that your heroes will lose half of their remaining health and energy after each battle so using the watering fountains is the key here (and I think I have below a great step-by-step path to follow). The fountains in this realm will not only heal up your heroes by 100%, they will also revive your fallen heroes!

If you have troubles with your team, please refer to my frequently updated guide on the best teams in AFK Arena here or the tier list of the best heroes (including their best build). Also, don’t miss out on the recently new gift codes that I posted here.

Important to note is that relics that recover health at the end of the battle do not work in this realm so do not choose them!

The good news is, you will get the Dura’s Blade artifact once you cleared The Savage Wastes so it’s absolutely worth it going through this 🙂

So, without any further ado let’s jump right into the walkthrough.

Step 1 – at the beginning, you have two relics to collect and a fountain you have to use to pass this section.

Check the relics out, if they are not really well you might consider just re-starting The Savage Wastes now. There are only 15 relics you can get in this realm and with the constant loss of health and energy after each battle, you have to rely on the mightier ones and can’t afford starting it off with two weak relics right at the start.

Step 2 – next, you will come to an open spot with several options. You should only collect the relic in the middle and ignore the path with the fountain for now, we’re going to save that one for a later point when we actually need this one.

Step 3 – at the right side of that relic you collected in step 2 you will find several fights. Ignore the bottom one because there’s nothing behind it than another fight that will drain your health and energy level. Update! Do this one fight because you need to do it to get to the final boss!

Do the fight on the left side because you just had used a fountain after Step 1 and behind that one is another fountain that we need to use later. After that fight you will use the upper fountain and continue the path there (2 more camps and one more fountain that you will need to use)

Step 4 – at the end of that path and behind that two battles there’s another fountain that you need now and also need to use in order to progress.

On the left and the right side you will now find a relic that you can collect without any further battle. Collect them now. Do not do any further battles, none of the camps you find on the right or left lane will expose anything and only waste your health!

Step 5 – after you collected the two relics in Step 4 you continue straight where you have one more relic plus 2 more relics on the top right lane – also those relics are collectible without any fight. Don’t do any more fights, no fight there will expose anything else than plain air!

This is also a make-or-break point in The Savage Wastes in terms of relics – if you now see yourself having trouble with handling the enemies and only got medium or bad relics you might consider re-starting the realm now. You’re about 1/3 through the fights towards the end and there are no more relics on the path to the boss (and the other ones will force you to use the fountains you actually need).

Step 6 – after having collected the relics you go back to that fountain that you need to use and after that take the upper lane.

There you will find one more relic and one boss camp fight there that you actually need to do to get to the final boss.

Step 7 – after that you follow the other path and this one is actually quite straightforward with camps and fountains back to back.

There’s no specific order here and you might remember that we had two fountains left at the beginning section that you can also go back to if a fight drained too much and you need an additional fountain.

Important is that you use the left lever first so you lower the moonstone that blocks the path towards the final boss of The Savage Wastes.

Now you can do the final boss battle. After that you can now start cleaning up the other paths and get the remaining Golden Chests that you need for full completion. I recommend doing that in the end because you could also do a second run to get them if there are no fountains left 🙂

As you have cleared the Savage Wasted completely, you can proceed to the next Peak of Time realm, which is Solar Planes.

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