Best Characters in Darkest AFK (Tier List) 2023 – with May & Grido

darkest afk heroes tier list 2023

Welcome to my updated tier list for Darkest AFK and there has been some minor tweaks due to the recent balancing changes that I implemented.

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Oh, also one thing before we start. I usually wouldn’t say that, but please be aware that all the other tier lists I checked are either super outdated, like at least 6 months behind and don’t include the recent heroes or balancing changes that happened – or they are, and that shocked me, plain wrong. There was even one tier list that used the Level 1 character base stats to rank the characters in tiers… I mean, please be very careful and double-check which tier list you use!

Also, add a good spell to your setup! I have here also a guide on what spells you should use in Darkest AFK.

Best Characters Tier List in Darkest AFK

So, my ranking below is looking towards end-game content so some heroes might not be that strong before, but I think that’s what helps you invest in the long run in Darkest AFK, right? I mean, why should I recommend a character in S Tier when it’s overpowered in the first 10 Chapters that you can also beat with any other character and then becomes useless and you wasted time and effort?!

So, this is the characters you should aim for and that will pay off in the long run. Sorry that the intro was longer than expected but I feel it was necessary to mention it.

Why are some bad heroes suddenly in S Tier?!?!?! Good question, especially end-game content in Darkest AFK is about how stats scale and between blue and gold rarity, they scale massively and make a hero that is super weak at blue rarity before Level 200 to a really strong and viable one at gold rarity and Level 280+…


  • TillionS+
    Tilion is, for me, the best hero to run. You will need him so much in end-game. The cooldown reduction of all team members is simply overpowered and essential plus debuffs enemies so you deal significantly more damage to them.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • Nur'ZakS
    Nur'Zak is a hard pick earlier stages in Darkest AFK, but don't let yourself get fooled by that! The lack of stats on his totems and lower efficient healing because his base HP stats are low is a pre-Level-200 problem with him and he will scale a lot after that.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • TaoS
    Tao really started to shine since the fixes he got a few balancing updates ago and is now actually a really good pick.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • Zi'UkS
    Zi'uk is an amazing damage dealer and a great investment. Has been in this tier forever and belongs still here.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • MaryleeS
    Marylee I think we don't need much extra telling on her, she's awesome and every player in Darkest AFK should build her in my opinion.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • RoseS
    Rose is S Tier but need to be paired with other heroes from the top tiers, otherwise she will become less variable. She really needs that synergy to perform top-notch in Darkest AFK. She fuels that 20 Energy Talent into top characters like Tao, Lilith, Zu'uk or Marylee and the whole performance can skyrocket, if you use her with mediocre heroes, this will not be the case.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • HarumiS
    Harumi got a well-needed fix in the recent balancing update and now also got really good outside of the anyway overpowered combos with Tilion and Ja Van.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • MorriganS
    Morrigan actually has a nice kit and does fine, but tends to scale a little worst than other ones here in S-Tier so I might rank her a little lower soon.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • LilithS
    Lilith deals good damage and has some silence as well plus some enemy debuffing. Works great, reliable and can also sustain (not like some other damage dealers in Darkest AFK).Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • RidaelS
    Ridael gains massive uptime with the last talents and skills and requires gear, level and rarity to perform that well.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • VioletS
    Violet is pretty much the same as Ridael when it comes to how much she needs to be as maxed out as possible to really scale well in the end-game content.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • GabriellaS
    Gabriella benefits a lot from the percentage of HP 3rd talent she has and the more maxed, the more she will help. Maxed out, she can be one of the most sturdiest tanks in Darkest AFK and Paris extremely well with Nur'Zak and Tilion.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • MayS
    Evasion makes her a little rng but also great on cheesing and her damage done through bleed can snowball a lot.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • Ja VanA+
    Ja Van scales a lot post Level 200 and scales so much that you need to have him on your list.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • ZorugA+
    Zorug is actually a really sturdy tank and as all tanks scale well per level gain, he is one of the best tanks to run now and I also see him as that in the future so no problems ranking him here in the S-Tier right off the bat.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • Zik & ZagA+
    Zik & Zag has a lot of random targeting and effecting. Can be great but also sometimes annoying and his overall performance as your main damage dealer in Darkest AFK varies a lot.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • GridoA+
    Nice healer with all healing abilities. Even when he dies he will give a huge heal for all team members so you don't neccesarily have to rely too much on keeping him alive.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • AvalonA
    Avalon actually has a great kit. Dealing good damage and also buffing allies with defense is nice. His revive passive skill although, is only triggered by chance and it seems that he dies a little too fast. So, it can be a little rng to run him and have to rely on his revive - otherwise I'd rank him in A+ Tier, no question.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • RabbaA
    Rabba is similar to Larion but at least has some protective skills in his kit that makes him last a little while.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • CondratA
    Ingrid absolutely could use more HP stats and she would be so much better, still ranking her here in the A Tier as her overall kit is pretty nice. Combine with a good support character to keep her up.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • IngridA
    Ingrid absolutely could use more HP stats and she would be so much better, still ranking her here in the A Tier as her overall kit is pretty nice. Combine with a good support character to keep her up.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • AironA
    Airon actually has a pretty nice tank kit with invincibility and then giving 10% of his max HP to the most-wounded ally. Also with his stuns and his passive health regeneration he is actually a good tank. A very solid character but his role becomes a little falling off later in Darkest AFK the further you progress and I feel like he's a contributing a little less for having the position.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • AgraA
    Agra can hit super hard but also needs a strong tank to protect her. In a very offensive team setup, she turns into a glass cannon when using her skill as it will lower her defense at the same rate as her attack increases.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • KuldjarA
    Kuldjar absolutely could use more HP base stats so his healing waves would scale better and have more uptime. Then he would be a candidate for the higher tier.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • BrinaA
    Brina actually scales a lot with higher levels and gear and her HP will get so high that she will be very sturdy with it.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • ChasA
    Chas would get so much more uptime with better stats, hopefully the developers of Darkest AFK improve it soon. Damage is great with stun.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • Rigz AshA
    Rigz Ash actually only lacks some offensive stats but I see him with good potential in the future the way his kit is designed and his stats can scale.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • LarionA
    Larion needs a good carry, lacks stats himself and just overall a nice character to run early but I don't know feels super everything-to-nothing.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • SelinaB+
    Selina really depends on her team; if you run her with a very good team that has a good gear/level investment, she will do fine.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • TomasB+
    Tomas has a stun that's good but his active skill heals himself over time, So nothing for any ally and over time can be a little too much time if he runs low on HP. Especially with his PROVOCATION in his kit...Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • GhormB
    Ghorm is the starting tank character in Darkest AFK but, as expected, falls off later in the game especially as his passive skills aren't that great compared to other tanks.Class: TankBest SpellsAll Codes
  • DowzetB
    Drowzet actually deals good damage with his passive skill that targets the lowest percentage enemy so he can become a good assassin with it. But he's such a glass cannon and it takes a lot of effort to keep hi alive so rather take a character that can sustain a little bit better.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • DrogoB
    Drogo is relly squishy and RNG heavy and also his defense stats make it worst. With more defensive stats I could see him higher and more reliable, but like that... no.Class: SupportBest SpellsAll Codes
  • TiaraC+
    Tiara can do some wave clear with a lot of investment in gears but that's not impressive and you have so much better options as well... Run her early-game in Darkest AFK when you get her, pump levels into her and let her carry until you unlock more powerful characters.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes
  • Sir JosephD
    Sir Joseph is just bad. I mean, use him as long as you need to but then swap out as soon as possible, not worth any investment more than you have to.Class: DamagerBest SpellsAll Codes


I hope my tier list helps you plan your next steps in what characters you’re going to invest in and you have taken something out of it. If you have further questions or think I might have ranked a character in Darkest AFK wrong here, please don’t hesitate to write a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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  1. Thank you for making this content. I started playing Darkest AFK a month ago and this is a great help for prioritizing who to level up. I’d love to see a guide in the future with team builds for campaign and arena.

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