O/X Quiz Event Questions & Answers

If you just legged into the game you might have seen the popup for the O/X Quiz, a temporary and very easy Q6A Event that will reward you with up to 1000x Gold Bars. All you need to do is to answer the five Right/Wrong questions correctly and enter your server number and you will get the rewards. To help you get the full prize, I have the rewards listed here.

O/X Quiz Event Correct Answers

By the way, you can just choose anything and you will get 500x Gold Bars, but why not go for the full reward?

Question 1: Comment with your server information: enter your server number (it’s the number S… and you can find it in your profile:

server info twd all stars

Question 2: You can promote/ascend characters in the Command Center.

That’s correct

Question 3: Explore-Supply Run resets every 48 hours.

That’s correct

Question 4: Auto Search rewards increase based on how far you’ve progressed through the main story.

That’s correct

Question 5: The feature you can use to hire a Friend’s character to use once a week is called ‘Come on, Friends’.

That’s wrong, it’s called ‘Mercenaries’

Question 6: Personal Gear can be activated starting from [Epic] or higher grades.

That’s wrong, you need to reach Legendary grade for a character to use that.

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