crushthemall best heroes tier list crushthemall best heroes tier list

Crush Them All Best Heroes Tier List (With Rune Priority)

You have a ton of heroes in Crush Them All – and with a variety of options there’s also a variety of confusion. Which heroes do work best? What runes should you prioritize for each hero? Those are questions that almost any player in Crush Them All has and I want to bring some light into that with my own tier list of heroes as well as the recommended rune priority for each hero.

Don’t waste your time and runes on the wrong heroes and start pumping them into the right ones, the ones that will help you get further without wasting your time 🙂

Below you find my personal ranking that bases on the hero tier as the strength indicator as well as a ranking factor from easy to difficult when it comes how hard it is to get medals for a hero. I also give you my run recommendation for each hero so you can invest the right runes on the right hero to make them work best.

Best Hero List

Hero Affi. Tier Get


Rune Prio
Dark Hunter S Easy Prec > Swift > Dmg
Seraph S Easy Dmg > Swift > Prec
Gladiator S Med Vital > Guar > Nimb
Vlad S Hard Dmg > Swift > Prec
Leaf Blade S Hard Vital > Phal > Nimb
Thorn S Hard Prec > Pois > Bligh
Alda S Hard Burn > Dmg > Ign
Scud S Hard Dmg > Swift > Prec
Ice Cube S Hard Vital > Chil > Swift
Valkyrie S Hard Chil > Swift > Fren
Namida S Hard Chil > Swift > Froz
Trickster S Hard+ Vital > Swift > Daze
Ornok S Hard+ Vital > Phal > Nimb
Lycan S Hard+ Vital > Nimb > Res
Tesla S Hard+ Vital > Swift > Daze
Sorrow A Easy Dmg > Prec > Rage
Atlantus A Easy Vital > Prec > Swift
Kage A Med Prec > Swift > Fren
Akwa A Med Vital > Swift > Chil
Spark A Med Dmg > Swift > Burn
Monki King A Med Daze > Swift > Spla
Monki Mortar A Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Onyx A Med Vital > Spla > Prec
Siegfried A Med Vital > Dmg > Nimb
Manta A Hard Swift > Chil > Stun
Frost Queen A Hard Froz > Chil > Spla
PumpKing A Hard Dmg > Vital > Pois
Kasumi A Hard Vital > Nimb > Swift
TNT A Hard Dmg > Prec > Rage
Xak A Hard Vital > Swift > Spla
Misty A Hard Prec > Swift > Dmg
Paladin A Hard Vital > Phal > Nimb
Ser Shû A Hard Vital > Swift > Daze
Monki Roboti A Hard+ Vital > Swift > Dmg
Dragon Bot B Easy Dmg > Swift > Prec
Skeleton Giant B Easy Vital > Dmg > Nimb
Spike B Easy Vital > Dmg > Spla
Krouki B Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Chaos B Med Vital > Dmg > Swift
Furiosa B Med Vital > Phal > Prec
Magmus B Med Vital > Dmg > Swift
Circe B Med Vital > Nimb > Prec
One Eye B Med Nimb > Prec > Swift
Pirato B Med Chil > Stun > Dmg
Gold Knight B Med Chil > Stun > Dmg
Rufus B Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Thor B Med Vital > Nimb > Dmg
Wolfie B Med Vital > Dmg > Res
Bun-gun B Hard Vital > Swift > Daze
B Hard Vital > Nimb > Guar
Clawdette B Hard Vital > Swift > Dmg
Snowman B Hard Chil > Swift > Froz
Petunia B Hard+ Swift > Stun > Daze
Torch B Hard+ Dmg > Swift > Prec
Bat C Easy Dmg > Swift > Rage
Black Beard C Med Vital > Phal > Nimb
Dark Knight C Med Dmg > Vital > Phal
Dark Wolf C Med Swift > Stun > Daze
Groovine C Med Swift > Prec > Dmg
Jasmine C Med Prec > Fren
Kasai C Med Vital > Nimb > Prec
Merlinus C Med Swift > Vital > Fren
Mizu C Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Robin Hood C Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Spyro C Med Vital > Nimb > Prec
Arcana C Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Krûnk C Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Mecha Valken C Med Vital > Swift > Prec
Neko C Med Dmg > Swift > Prec
Tellus C Med Vital > Nimb > Dmg
Hooky C Hard Vital > Nimb > Dmg
Ice Knight C Hard Chil > Froz > Vital

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