The Walking Dead: All-Stars Reroll Guide

Are you not sure if you picked up a good starting setup in TWD: All-Stars or do you want to run multiple accounts? I have written this guide to help you through the progress of rerolling step-by-step and give you some recommendations what you should keep in mind to get the most out of it.

Why Should You Reroll in TWD: All-Stars?

Basically when you start out fresh, you will get a lot of free summons and also other resources that let you summon a lot more characters in the game compared to later stages – rerolling is basically using these to try to get very strong characters that will carry you through the early stages fast and make up for the time spent to reroll a few times.

In The Walking Dead: All-Stars, rerolling is quite simply and you already get your first good summons within a few minutes (other games can take up to an hour or more to do a real re-roll). Please also make sure to use all the active gift codes when you re-roll, this will make it even better and you can find my updated list of active codes for TWD: All Stars here.

Also, you will get a guaranteed Mythic rarity character from your first big summon so you will get there in a few minutes and it can save you literally not hours but days later when you start with a great mythical character on top of what the games gives you.

How to Reroll Step-by-Step

First go to your profile (top left corner) and select the ‘Server’ button:

twd all stars reroll step 1

No worries, this will NOT delete your current account!

There you see your current account and you can select a new server to play on. I highly recommend to choose the highest server number where all players are relatively fresh or you will play with whales that already play forever and you will not see much of a chance in some PvP modes:

twd all stars reroll step 2

Once you select the server, the game will ask you if you want to create a new account on this server:

twd all stars reroll step 3

Right now you can have up to 5 accounts on all servers, but you can also delete re-rolled accounts that didn’t give you any good starting characters, basically the ones you won’t be playing in the future anyway.

And there you go, you have a new account and start a new game completely fresh out of the box without affecting your other accounts, you can easily switch between your accounts in the server menu, too.

What Heroes you Should Look for

Now go through the tutorial and get your first summons and see what Mythical characters you get.

If you’re not sure which ones are good, please refer to my recently updated tier list of characters in TWD: All-Stars here where you see directly how strong characters are and if you roll like 2 characters from the A Tier or even S Tier, you’re pretty good to go.


I hope this guide helps you in getting a better start (or maybe you want to run multiple accounts) in TWD: All-Stars and if you have questions or you think I forgot to mention anything here, please comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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