twd all stars joint combat team setups twd all stars joint combat team setups

Best Joint Combat Team Setups for TWD: All-Stars (Raiders & Corpse Tower)

Joint Combat against the Raiders or Corpse Tower inside your community in The Walking Dead: All-Stars is a great way to pick up new equipment and also some Gold as well, but you need to get to the highest stages possible with the two daily attempts you have – in this guide I will share some team setups and characters that you should use to get the most out of your Joint Combat setups.

Joint Combat – The Raiders in The Walking Dead: All-Stars

So, the boss in Joint Combat in TWD: All-Stars has three abilities (actually it’s two active ones as the third is basically that it will deal more damage with every stage you pass that will give you rewards) and both of them are actually dealing quite a punch to multiple of your characters.

So, balancing it out in general would be using a tank character that goes upfront and gets one of the random area damage strikes and ideally this tank will provide survivability. Then you need a lot of good damage dealers to deal your damage as quickly backed up by some support that will heal and increase the damage you deal – that’s the general idea so I will give you some good options for all positions below.

Please mind that this guide builds heavily on my frequently updated tier list of characters that you should check out here to only build and invest into characters that are worth it in the long run. Also, check for active gift codes here, there are a ton of them available right now and they will boost your progress in TWD: All-Stars a lot!

Best Team Setup For Joint Combat

So, in the previous part I already mentioned the different roles you should have in your team (I don’t want to recommend a fixed team at this point as it heavily depends on your characters roaster of available and also upgraded characters in TWD: All-Stars):

Tank: So, one character will go upfront and take at least one of the strikes from the Raider that will hit multiple of your characters. I personally recommend to run a tank that provides a shield or anything else to protect your team. Shane works excellent here! He’s not only really sturdy, he’s also providing a full team-shielding with his active skill that protects a lot and normally falls into place really well with the area damage skill from the Raiders. Having him upfront also fills his energy bar quick enough to keep the shield rolling. But also


Off-Tank (2nd Front Row): Here should be also a sturdy but melee character that will not die too fast and deals good amounts of damage. I like characters like Beta, Tyreese, Mercer or R. They will sustain most of the time without grabbing too much attention from the healer while still dealing a good amount of damage. Also Princess, a very selfish character, does really well as she can take care of herself and sustain while dealing good damage.

Healer/Support: is mandatory in your team for Joint Combat or you probably won’t last longer than 40 seconds and miss out a lot on good equipment. I like Glenn most as he will set up his energy drinks and the characters who need it can simply grab them while he also provides a lot of additional energy with his active skill. But Denise or Chloe will also work well for that role.

Damage: should be ideally ranged and I love to run Andrea as she’s such an amazing damage dealer. But also characters like Kate are great (although she deals area damage she can debuff the Raiders so everyone deals more damage) or Chemist with damage over time, Sherry, Jesus or Magna are also great options here. Look up what characters deal good single-target damage.

Alternative! You can also throw in Sophia and see your main damage dealer double-use the active skill and deal basically double the damage if you have her upgraded to a good degree.

Joint Combat – Corpse Tower in The Walking Dead: All-Stars

The Corpse Tower works a little differently from the Raiders as you have to deal with a special ability that basically set free a mob of walkers that you need to fight off plus it can charm some allies that will turn against your other team mates (although just using basic attacks).

The general strategy here is now different as your tank will become more important and you need to even work more with an off-tank to catch the mobs. When it comes to damage you rather want to have  area damage as well

…coming soon as I hadn’t had the chance to test too much setups so far, the recommendations above for the Raiders still will work quite well if you use a character like kate for area damage…


I hope this helps you form a good team to get the most rewards out of the Raiders or Corpse Tower in Joint Combat in TWD: All-Stars and if you think I forgot a character or a certain setup here, please let me know in the comments.

  1. All your hints including your tier-list are conplete nonsense. You are choosing a complete wrong team. You don’t need a Tank and You don’t need heeling. How much damage are you doing? How far are you with the Story?

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