twd all stars best team setup guide twd all stars best team setup guide

The Best Team in TWD: All-Stars – Here’s How

Do you sometimes struggle with certain stages in TWD: All-Stars and think you might not run the best team? Well, it might be the case. I have written this guide here to give you some basic concepts how you can improve the team you’re running based on the characters you have (not throwing a couple of fixed team setups in where you’re probably missing some characters) that really will help you to progress further.

By the way, if you’re looking for a good setup to run in Joint Combat, please check out my guide here (although the rules below also apply there):

How To Build A Good Team in The Walking Dead: All-Stars

Let’s go through some techniques that, I believe, every player should use every single time when setting up a team for combat in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. I know most players run down their so-called ‘A-Team’ every single time until they can’t progress any further and then wait until they can upgrade some levels and repeat – but at one point upgrading your characters will get more and more difficult and also slower, so fine-tuning your team setup is the way to go from here when you can stuck at a certain stage or against a certain team in TWD: All Stars.

Pick Strong Heroes

Yes, it might sound lame and boring and obvious, but still some players tend to use characters that are either popular in the franchise and not based on their abilities in the game. Or some characters seem to be strong when you read their skills when they are not – also some characters are really strong in the earlier stages and fall off later. There’s a couple of pitfalls here and I highly recommend that you check out my frequently updated tier list of characters in TWD: All-Stars here to be up to date what characters are really strong in the game.

General Team Setup

Okay, the general structure should be one main tank and one off-tank in the front row (an off-tank is a character that can sustain dealing close-range combat with one or two enemies without needing too much support but still dealing damage). Then you should have one character that heals and two damage dealer in your team setup.

But those are general rules that can be bended.

Alignment Bonus

More important than that is that you take care of alignment bonus, this will improve your attack by (most of the time) 15% or even 25%, although running 5 characters from the same alignment is normally not the smartest move

twd all stars alignment bonus

Most people find that boring, but if you have 15% more attack and HP that makes up for a lot of Levels, up to 50 Levels deficit sometimes. Please keep that in mind and use it if you can

Along with this, there’s also alignment matchups – basically the characters that directly fight each other once the combat starts:

twd all stars alignment matchup

This is another 25% damage – but it’s actually double as you will not only be able to deal 25% more damage, you can also save yourself from suffering 25% more damage!

If you put that together by watching the alignments in your team and also what characters you place in what position, you can get up to 50% damage bonus (or suffer 25% more damage) – in some cases re-positioning on it’s own makes a difference of day and night!


I hope these tips help you to build a better team and it’s not about the ‘single team that beats them all’ in The Walking Dead: All-Stars, it’s also about adapting your own team synergies so they gain the bonus but also to prevent that the enemy setup gets too much bonus against your heroes, so sometimes picking ‘weaker’ characters for your team works better than simply sending in your A-Team. With that being said, I hope that helped you and if you have further questions or you think I should add something above please let me know in the comments below.

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