the best vehicles in boom beach the best vehicles in boom beach

The Best Vehicles in Boom Beach: Frontlines

You might pick the best troops in Boom Beach Frontlines, but using the wrong vehicles will give you such a huge disadvantage unless you know exactly what you’re picking – and with the recent changes I totally reworked this guide here to give you exactly that advice when it comes to pick your vehicle..

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The Best Vehicles in Boom Beach Frontlines

Alright, let’s jump into the best vehicles available in Boom Beach Frontlines right now.

The 4×4 is a vehicle that’s available from fairly early in Boom Beach Frontlines and is great for both early and late-game strategies. In addition to the driver, it can also seat teammates in the backseat who can then attack enemies while mobile. Rushing to the control point with a few teammates for firepower is a great way to dominate the early part of a match.

At the end of a match, it’s usually time for desperate measures. A great 4X4 strategy at that point is to load up a 4X4 with rocket launching teammates and drive around an enemy control point to just light it up with rockets.

The APC is a rare vehicle that works like an upgraded 4X4 in Boom Beach Frontlines. It can carry an additional passenger, it has more health since it is armored, and it also has a gun on the front that can be operated by the driver for even more firepower.

The cost of the extra health and firepower is a sharp decrease in speed, which is not ideal when you need to get out of sticky situations quickly. Like the 4X4, loading up an APC with heavy-duty attackers and bearing down on an enemy control point in overtime will result in an instant win.

The Scorcher is a fire-forward rare vehicle is ideal in mid-game situations where you want to keep steady pressure on the enemy. The Scorcher has a massive pool of health points, and it takes little damage from regular troop fire. It really is only vulnerable to tank fire and rockets.

It performs great in both offensive and defensive capacities, all you have to do is park it in the center of a control point. If it is an enemy control point, it has high damage output to troops and buildings, and in a home control point, you can keep enemy troops away almost indefinitely.

The Tank isn’t called the “Master Blaster” for no reason. It has an extremely long-range coupled with super high damage output, making it an incredible vehicle to have in just about any situation. However, the trade-off for all that power is a depressingly small pool of health points.

Thankfully, it is quite speedy, so you can zoom in, pop off a few shots, and then run away before you take too much damage. The Tank is very effective against vehicles and defenses in Boom Beach Frontlines, but not as good when dealing with enemy troops.

Finally, we have the Hovercraft. This epic vehicle is monstrously useful in early and end-game situations. It’s super fast, ignores terrain, and is completely unaffected by landmines since it just hovers right over them. It can have one additional passenger for firepower, but the real special sauce is in the vehicle’s own attack.

The Hovercraft has an electrical pulse attack that affects the entire area around the vehicle, a full 360 degrees. This attack is great for getting in the middle of a bunch of enemies and defenses and zapping all of them at the same time.


I hope this overview is helpful for you and gives you better chances to win by choosing the right vehicle for the right situations. If you have questions just drop a comment below and in also check back occasionally as balancing changes fast in Boom Beach Frontlines right now and I will update this list here frequently.

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