King God Castle Tier List – Best Heroes in KGC (with Cathy & Taebaek) April 2023

king god castle best heroes tier list april 2023

King God Castle can become quite complicated when it comes to the heroes to invest in so I wanted to write this tier list of heroes in the perspective of being Level 12 and awakened in the matter of a PvE environment (no worries, I mention those that are good for PvP as well). This should help you focus on what heroes to invest in KGC.

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KGC Best Heroes Tier List – An Investment Guide Towards King God Castle Endgame


  • LuniareS+
    Luniare is the real full-blown support hero in King God Castle and there's not a single build that I can think of that will not get better using her. Please mind, hero lock applies to Luniare!Class: SupportPvE: S+PvP: S+
  • SheldaS
    Shelda, and please mind that, is not good before Level 12 and Awakened! So, only take her as that hero to invest if you're willing to get her there. Also, she is quite stable so I don't assume that she will suffer some nerf soon and her shield is simply amazing and very useful and you will enjoy the mechanics in many situations.Class: TankPvE: SPvP: S
  • EvanS
    Evan can solo some crucial stages with his surrounding damage and I'm pretty sure you can use a build with Evan for every single chapter where he can solo. Also a great enabling hero, just worth the invest and also free for new players.Class: FighterPvE: SPvP: S
  • BombieS
    Bombie is fantastic, period. Both awakened abilities deal tons of damage and sometimes even die before he can use mega bomb. Just great and you will love running him.Class: RangedPvE: SPvP: S
  • HelaS
    Hela is amazing and belongs in the top tier here. Once her skill is concentrated she just goes crazy.Class: RangedPvE: SPvP: S
  • RieS
    Must have for raid in the new meta but we all know that new heroes will get a nerf after some time so invest on your own risk early.Class: RangedPvE: A+PvP: S
  • RenA+
    Ren is really strong and with the new update absolutely crushing it. Great damage, viable, not requires any other specific formation synergies to work well. A good invest.Class: FighterPvE: A+PvP: A+
  • HearangA+
    Crazy mass stun abilityClass: SupportPvE: B+PvP: S
  • NibellaA+
    She's good but mind to get the heroes above before working on herClass: FighterPvE: A+PvP: A+
  • TaebaekA+
    If you build him and you build the right setup around his rpovocative skill, you can actually do great things end-game with him. But he is not a general crazy-god-tier heroPvE: A+PvP: A+
  • ZupitereA
    Zupitere is great as she can attack the enemy backline which can be really useful and amazing in Goblin Hunt. But, looking at what the heroes in the S Tier provide, she can't provide as much value for the invest but still a hero that will make you happy in many situations.Class: RangedPvE: APvP: A
  • Chung AhA
    Chung Ah has quite some sustain and provides value. So, if you're a newer player invest in her you will benefit but compared with the S Tier heroes she's not as viable and strong.Class: FighterPvE: APvP: A
  • LeonhardtA
    Leonhardt is a hero that belongs in this tier for sure as his stun is useful and he can counter-attack with his passive. Anyway, at the higher stages you will see that he's falling short compared to the other tanks. Useful, yes, but not in the highest tier. But a good hero to run before you get Shielda leveled up to Level 12.Class: TankPvE: APvP: A
  • LilyA
    Lily can be one of the best tanks in the last chapter but you will not be able to really make her shine earlier, due to the laser beam mobs so she can channel them. Please mind, hero lock applies to Lily!Class: TankPvE: APvP: A
  • AramisA
    Aramis got recently buffed but won't fit in the highest tier. He's also, similar to Leonhardt, a earlier game carry that delivers the damage until you find one of the meta heroes to fil the gap. I think you can comfortably use Aramis until Chapter 8, then you should start on working on the stronger heroes.Class: RangedPvE: APvP: A
  • CathyA
    Solid damage and very comparable to Aramis to fill the gap if you need a decent damage dealerPvE: APvP: A
  • Zuo BaiA
    Zuo Bai is really strong since she got buffed and straight on the way up in the tier list. I put her in A Tier as I believe there will be a cap soon but that still would make her a great hero to use.Class: FighterPvE: APvP: A
  • MaraA
    Mara is really strong when combined with Behemus and can also solo some of the higher chapters as well. The reason I don't rank her in S Tier is that you need to, kind of, tailor a team around her to really make her shine. Great hero for PvP, though.Class: AssassinPvE: BPvP: S
  • YeonA
    Yeon is a versatile character and can carry in the earlier content of KGC, and there are also some more exotic builds that make Yeon solo higher chapters (not the highest) with spam healing.Class: SupportPvE: APvP: A
  • DracoA
    Draco can deal huge damage and solo, but as he recently got buffed and not many players have invested fully into him and have him at Level 12, I'd rather consider him here in the niche tier before I will rank him higher. I might bump him up in the future but I really would like to see how he performs in the meta before giving the advice to invest in him. Insane in PvP.Class: RangedPvE: B+PvP: S+
  • MelA
    Mel can farm quite well with Luniare but I see her in the A Tier as she heavily relies on formation synergies to be really good, compared to the heroes I ranked in S Tier. Still, a great choice.Class: FighterPvE: APvP: A
  • HansiA
    Hansi is strong with his attack and HP drain, but his health isn't that good and you won't find him now in formations that are able to do the end-game content. I think still a good hero to run in KGC, but not worth the highest tier, especially with the release of Hela.Class: RangedPvE: APvP: A
  • BardreyA
    Bardrey can be fun to use as she will make skills go off fast and can make nice things happen, but needs the right formation to pack a punch. Please mind, hero lock applies to Bardrey!Class: SupportPvE: APvP: A
  • NeriaA
    Great backstab against ranged opponents so comes in handy in many situations.Class: RangedPvE: B+PvP: A+
  • KanakA
    Class: Ranged
  • EstheaB+
    Great targeting of heal but overall not the strongest hero and def has some flawsPvE: B+PvP: A
  • TiaB+
    Tia has some solo ability in her kit but she misses the last punch to pack to get in A Tier, that's why I have her in between the tiers, she's like A- Tier.Class: RangedPvE: B+PvP: B+
  • GidnilB+
    Has a place in the meta for PvP raid and stun and some tower but often times feels like needs more base stats so not the most viable in classic PvE contentClass: TankPvE: BPvP: A
  • BehemusB
    Behemus has the problem that he needs a good synergy in the formation to run well in PvE content (he's good in PvP, though). The problem is that mobs mostly die too fast to make him really activate.Class: TankPvE: CPvP: S
  • PriyaB
    Priya doesn't find her way into a lot of meta end-game formations but isn't useless overall. She can freeze enemies, which is a good use for PvP. You can also run her in the earlier chapters in KGC, where she performs nice (I'd say roughly around Chapter 6 is where she's falling behind in the means that there are better heroes available that will perform a lot better).Class: RangedPvE: DPvP: D
  • Zuo YunB
    Zuo Yun is good for raiding but in classical PvE you won't find too much use for him in the current meta of King God Castle. For that reason I have him here in the niche tier.Class: FighterPvE: CPvP: A+
  • RossetteB
    Rossette has no real use case in PvE as other heroes simply perform better at everything. The only reason to use her is to use her as event mode tank but that's pretty much it. Yes, in the right setup you could use her to get full mana and health bar but that fun is not worth the investment.Class: TankPvE: CPvP: A+
  • CainB
    Cain has a slow ability so he's not that useful in PvE but can be viable for PvP and doesn't have real value in the end-game formations.Class: AssassinPvE: CPvP: A+
  • LycaB
    Lyca can be used to attack the backline, but also more a niche use here and there. Please mind, hero lock applies to Lyca!Class: FighterPvE: C+PvP: B+
  • DanielB
    Daniel has unique mechanics with his stun ability but is not used much in meta or end-game teams in King God Castle. Also, mind that when used in PvP this stun will change much, but doesn't see much viability in PvE endgame content.Class: FighterPvE: CPvP: A
  • AlberonB
    Alberon has heal but that's not that important. You might use him earlier in the game but later he will get swapped out easily. Please mind, hero lock applies to Alberon!Class: FighterPvE: BPvP: B
  • MyrasilB
    Myrsil can deliver a lot of utility for the team but there are just better options towards the end-game of KGC and she can be squishy and I think there are better heroes to invest in.Class: SupportPvE: B+PvP: C+
  • TeasanB
    Teasan hasn't much viability and needs a fitting formation and overall, there are just better options around.Class: FighterPvE: BPvP: B
  • AsiaqC
    Asiaq it's absolutely a hero used in PvP and not viable in PvE content in King God Castle at all!Class: SupportPvE: CPvP: C
  • JolC
    Jol got buffed recently but that didn't change too much about his spot here in the tier list, especially not too viable in PvE as lacking in damage a lot. The kit works quite good in PvP though.Class: FighterPvE: DPvP: B+
  • RahawkD
    Rahawk is often times referred to as the worst hero in KGC. No real usage and there's absolutely no real specific use case for him.Class: RangedPvE: DPvP: D
  • AgatheD
    Agathe is just not good and the ability to jump in for the damage makes her not stay up too long. If you get her early, use her until you get a better tanking hero but that's the only reason to run her.Class: TankPvE: DPvP: D


I hope this tier list is you a great help on what heroes to use and what heroes to invest in. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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