warhammer 40k tacticus best hero tier list dcember 2023 warhammer 40k tacticus best hero tier list dcember 2023

Warhammer 40k: Tacticus – Best Heroes Tier List (December 2023)

Are you having a hard time figuring out what heroes you should invest in in Warhammer 40k: Tacticus? Well, no worries, I have here a frequently updated tier list that ranks all heroes by how strong they are and will immediately help you choose what heroes you should put more effort into and also which ones you should run.

The Best Heroes in Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus

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But now let’s not waste any more time, here’s the tier list…


  • ActusNEW
    Not ranked, yet
  • Commisar YarrikS+
    Commissar Yarrik was probably the strongest and most complete heroes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus on release of the game as you can pick him up with the starter pack (and for that value it's worth the few dollars if you're open to spend some money on the game). Summons like crazy, summoned units will fire immediately and will always keep the pressure high on the opponent, no matter what. Although I now rank him a little lower with how the meta shaped recently and there are stronger setups but still a very high value character in the game.Overall: S+Arena: S+Guild Boss: S+
  • Maugan RaS+
    Just crazy how his hit reduction ignore effects take place, one of the best ones to run.Overall: S+Arena: S+Guild Boss: S+
  • TjarkS+
    I really have a hard time but all testing and everything I did do so far points towards Tjark being the best damage dealer in Warhammer 40k Tacticus right now.Overall: S+Arena: SGuild Boss: S+
  • Aleph-NullS+
    Aleph-Null is simply insane. He can swarm scarabs that, themselves, have the chance to multiply again so it's not very rare to see a battlefield full of scarabs and by that time your opponent has a really hard time doing anything than dealing with them what keep him completely busy and you can snowball victory. One of the most overpowered heroes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus right now!Overall: S+Arena: S+Guild Boss: A+
  • Marneus CalgarS+
    Marneus Calgar is a legendary hero so he is strong by the way stats and everything is accumulated compared to other hero rarities, no doubt, but overall he's not that impressive and I would actually not even rank him in the A-Tier if he wouldn't be a legendary hero...Overall: S+Arena: S+Guild Boss: A+
  • Re'VasS+
    Really strong mechanics and I am really in love with himOverall: S+Arena: S+Guild Boss: A+
  • RoswithaS+
    With her passive ability and the extra damage she deals make her very valuable right now, espcially against most bosses.Overall: S+Arena: S+Guild Boss: A+
  • Castellan CreedS+
    Catellan Creed is a legendary hero, has the stats and also summons. Not the craziest summoner but overall a okay-ish kit.Overall: SArena: S+Guild Boss: S+
  • AbraxasS
    His active ability swarms the maps with summons and has good synergy with Psykers. Crazy good in Conquest.
  • YazaghorS
    Some back and forth with his bugs, now working stable and is fixed and really strong.
  • EldryonA+
    Scales up really well passively and is a vital hero to run, for sure.Overall: SArena: BGuild Boss: S
  • CelestineA+
    Celestine... when I first read the special ability I though this is by far the craziest hero in Warhammer 40k Tacticus! Summons when getting attacked and immediately triggers her passive ability?! Well, it's limited to two times per battle but even that makes her extremely strong.Overall: A+Arena: S+Guild Boss: A
  • ArjacA+
    Good counter to Yarrik and the landing spot mechanic is really good when you get it working.
  • UlfA+
    Is actually a great summons killer and wherever this comes in handy, he can be a nice addition to your team. Doesn't really 'shine' anywhere but also is not 'really bad' anywhere.Overall: A+Arena: B+Guild Boss: A
  • ThaumachusA+
    A lot of fun to play with the posessing and the shield is also valuable. I haven't tested enough to feel comfortable to rank him higher here in the tier list but I assume he can be ranked higher. Just don't want to encourage ppl to invest blindly into him right away until we see if there's an adjustment soon or how he plays along in the metagame.
  • NeurothropeA
    Very good in Guidl Hunt with the abilityOverall: AArena: B+Guild Boss: S+
  • BellatorA
    Bellator is quite strong with his ability to summon a clone and loads of armor. In the current meta in Warhammer 40k Tacticus summoners are strong and Bellator is not a classical summoner so he doesn't feel strong at any point.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: A+
  • VolkA
    Volk is solid, solid enough to rank him here.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: A+
  • RagnarA
    Good versus Ghaz but needs more added fits in the game to really take offOverall: AArena: B+Guild Boss: S
  • NjalA
    The expensive flex aside even owning him, there is a lot of ice synergy missing in the game right now to make him nearly as good as many believeOverall: AArena: A+Guild Boss: B+
  • High Marshall HelbrechtA
    High Marshal Helbrecht is probably the best support hero in Warhammer 40k Tacticus and his ability will make all allies deal 50% of their damage, including summons. In the current meta really strong.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: A
  • Sho'SylA
    Really strong with his kit and a hero that makes a lot of fun having.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: A
  • DeathleaperA
    Bouncing from enemy to enemy and healing nasty amountsOverall: AArena: A+Guild Boss: B
  • AethanaA
    Not bad but compared to Celestine just so much weaker that I ranked her significantly lower.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: B+
  • Morvenn VahlA
    Morvenn Vahl is probably my favorite legendary heroes of all of them in Warhammer 40k Tacticus right now and a universal kit. We're not getting deeper into investing and building a legendary hero at this point but just on pure performance, he's one to have in your mind.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: B+
  • AzraelA
    Good backline defender with range and his melee OW is great. Not OP but a solid oneOverall: AArena: B+Guild Boss: A
  • Tyrant GuardA
    Suprisingly good and good for turtlingOverall: AArena: AGuild Boss: B
  • ArchimatosA
    Archimatos is another summoner hero and, for me, the best Black Legion hero overall right now. Just versatile, all stats in place and does a great job in what he does and unless the meta changes dramatically soon against summoners, he will run a good show.Overall: B+Arena: S+Guild Boss: A+
  • CalandisA
    Just huge critical chance with overwatch and double-move makes Calandis very strong.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: B
  • Sibyll DevineA
    Can't really stand up for herself and lackluster in many situations.Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: C+
  • SnotfloggaA
    Is not the best spawner and although spawners are strong, he's not really one of them right now in the meta.Overall: AArena: B+Guild Boss: B
  • TyphusA
    Overall: AArena: AGuild Boss: C
  • TothA
    Can be circumstancial and slow and after testing, I found there are better options available.
  • AngraxA
    Angrax is nothing special and should not be anything else than an occasional filler hero or one to run at the early start and replaced as quickly as possible. he#s not worthless but also there are so many better options for that slot to run.Overall: AArena: BGuild Boss: B
  • AhrimanB+
    Good in PvP in a psyker teamOverall: B+Arena: SGuild Boss: B+
  • Winged PrimeB+
    Can do funky stuff solo like a rush, interesting strategies out there with thatOverall: B+Arena: A+Guild Boss: B
  • Aun'shiB+
    Overall: B+Arena: AGuild Boss: B+
  • SarquaelB+
    Can technically be better than Certus but building him now is questionable and Certus will still be better in TA.
  • CertusB+
    Certus is probably one of the heroes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus that you can call average in every possible kind of way. A good filler if you need one Ultramarine to fit in or if you roll him in early stages of the game but none to go too crazy about and invest too much into.Overall: B+Arena: B+Guild Boss: B+
  • IsabellaB+
    Isabella can be nuts, honestly. Heals all friendly units which is already really strong but her Imperial revive that can also effect summons can make her one of the craziest heroes in the map if combined right and really annoying to deal with for your opponent.Overall: AArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • Thaddeus NobleB+
    Kind-of squishy and strong on paper but abilility can be shipped and there's just too much taht comes in between. Can be crazy good sitautional but you shouldn't and can't rely on him.Overall: B+Arena: B+Guild Boss: B+
  • Varro TiguriusB+
    Varro Tigurius is at the edge of the B+ Tier. A good hero but none that will bring that super-extra bang to the table but one that is quite well-rounded and a invest you probably won't regret.Overall: B+Arena: B+Guild Boss: B+
  • Brother JaegerB
    Brother Jaeger is interesting but not outstandingOverall: BArena: AGuild Boss: B
  • Jain ZarB
    Overall: BArena: AGuild Boss: B
  • AbaddonB
    In terms of being a legendary hero not the most exciting one amongst them all but legendaries have such a advantage in stats that they simply can't be ranked low in this tier list.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: B
  • Ancient ThoreadB
    Ancient Thoread has this blocking buff mechanics that can be useful, but most of the times it's not making that much of a difference and other heroes ranked higher are just better when it comes to providing something for your team.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: B
  • Brother BurchardB
    Brother Burchard deals okay damage and his targeting is also nice, but the range and everything else in his kit are not too good so I think here in the mediocre mid-field of this tier list is his spot.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: B
  • ImospekhB
    Imospekh deals a ton of damage, but that's about it. Don't get me wrong, he's okay and you will find enough cases where you really appreciate him but he doesn't bring something else to the table so I can't rank him higherOverall: BArena: BGuild Boss: B
  • MakhotepB
    Makhotep's special ability only works when you have non-character units... Well, we know how strong summoners are right now so that also puts him high on the tier list in Warhammer 40k Tacticus.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: B
  • AnuphetB
    I had a tough time ranking Anuphet between A Tier and S Tier as he's a summoner but not as crazy as the heroes above, so I think top of the A Tier will suit him well. Yes, summoners are the meta right now and that's all needed.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: C+
  • Boss GulgortzB
    Poweful tank that can empower the melee attacks of his team and can deal with swarms.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: C+
  • MaladusB
    Maladus is not too interesting and the condition on his special ability is also quite weird to get rolling, I just don't see him going nuts at any point.Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: C+
  • CorrodiusB
    Overall: BArena: BGuild Boss: D+
  • Haarken WorldclaimerB
    Haarken Worldclaimer is interesting with his damage dealing and his enemy debuff that reduces armor but nothing that changes the world right now in the game and even with great synergies on heroes that scale single target damage up, the meta dictates with summoners and all his viability is not that useful against them.Overall: BArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • VindictaC+
    Vindicta deals good damage and the way the special ability is designed with the double-attack can be really helpful, combined with the range and might help dealing with many summons.Overall: C+Arena: B+Guild Boss: B
  • Sword Brother GodswylC+
    Sword Brother Godswyl gave me a hard time ranking him but after all I realized it doesn't matter if high D-Tier or low C-Tier, his skills are weak and he's no hero you should mind more about than acknowledging his pure existence.Overall: C+Arena: BGuild Boss: B
  • Kut SkodenC+
    Kut Skoden is nothing really exciting and although the Frag Bomb ability is not bad, it's nothing good enough to rank him higher than B Tier.Overall: C+Arena: BGuild Boss: C
  • DarkstriderC
    Overall: CArena: BGuild Boss: D+
  • ThutmoseC
    Thutmose is in the C Tier here but only because he can deal a decent amount of damage, but that's pretty much all there is and there's nothing else he contributes to the team. But in earlier stages of the game you can't go too wrong with him, simply don't invest too much into him.Overall: CArena: BGuild Boss: D+
  • GibbascrapzC
    Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • IncisusC
    Incisus is actually a pretty disappointing. Yes, healers are quite strong but he is not only the weakest Ultramarine in Warhammer 40k Tacticus, he's also the weakest healer in the game and doesn't bring anything else to the game than okay-ish heals. I'd stay away from him. Also his resurrection is less effective than the other heroes having it.Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • Nauseous RotboneC
    Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • PestillianC
    Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • ShadowsunC
    Shadowsun is simply bad, no matter in what perspective you put it so instead of writing an essay why this character is bad I just leave it as it is.Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • SnappawreckaC
    Snappawrecka doesn't do anything too special and is like the other heroes around here, one to run in the early stages until you swap him out. Espcially with so many good other orc faction heroes in Warhammer 40k Tacticus, you won't even need to think about running him as a filler hero.Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C
  • TanksmashaC
    Tanksmasha doesn't really shine but has situations where he's useful, although as summons dominate he is not too viable or meta-countering right now.Overall: CArena: CGuild Boss: C


So, I hope this tier list helps you start out and find your first heroes to invest in Warhammer 40k Tacticus. I will update this tier list with the upcoming updated and also when new heroes get added to the game as well, so make sure to check back here once in a while to see what changes in the heroes’ ranking. Also, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to make a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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  1. Not a bad list. Shame the Orks are so crap in this game as they are literally the reason I stayed playing.

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  3. Calandis is treated poorly here.

    Insane crits on top of range 3, strong in melee as well plus the defensive ability means a melee attacker can be killed just because they attacked Calandis.

  4. This is one of the worst tier lists I have ever seen. Avoid this advice folks, you’ve been warned.

    Eldryon is the G.O.A.T.

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  8. Thaumachus is very good in my opinion, he can possess a summoner and its summons, that also includes raid bosses, I used him against ghazghkull and I believe he should be ranked at least in S rank for being able to possess all kinds of summoners.

    1. Agreed. I just have a hard feeling dropping a new hero right away in the top tier and then everyone goes for it and the devs might adjust/nerf soon-ish and then everybody would be quite mad. Let him settle a bit but in the current state he absolutely is a candidate for S-Tier

  9. Preaty good tier list but in my oppinion harrken is like B+
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  22. Putting Typhus that far down the List is mindboggling to me. After the Terminiator Armor Buff in Arena he will not Die. He is the Charakter that is the Tankiest and with his ability to spread massive amounts of damage to alot of close standing Enemys he should at least be A Class.

  23. I thank you for your tier list. I ask if there is reason Boss Gulgortz, Pestillian, and Corrodius are not present and if you intend to add the Aelderi once their roster is complete. Thank you again for your time

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