Mighty Party Best Heroes (Tier List) Ranked (January 2023 Update)

mighty party best heroes tier list january 2023

There are loads of heroes in Mighty Party and you know how hard it is to level them up. With this tier list I picked the currently relevant ones in the meta and give you a priority which ones are worth your effort and which ones are rather not – hopefully this will help you invest your time and resources best and maybe save you from investing in the wrong heroes.

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Might Party Heroes Tier List

Here’s my ranking with all heroes:

ATTENTION! The heroes within a tier are ordered alphabetically and are equally strong as it’s impossible to say this A Tier hero is stronger than another one, they are all very good to use (just as an example)


  • BlairS+
    It shouldn't come as a surprise that Blair is up here and she's more viable at lower levels compared to Eostre. Her kit is just so strong and able to deal with ranged enemies so effectively that you will find her basically in every top player squad.All Codes
  • Eostre the Dawn GlowS+
    Eostre is the one hero in Mighty Party with so much utility, including her silence that comes in very handy at so many situations plus her turn zap makes her a hero you want to run almost all the time. The difference to Blair here is that you need to level her quite a bit to really be able to use her full benefits.All Codes
  • Angelia the LightbringerS
    Please mind, this rating is only for running her inside an order team so she can deal incredible damage and be good with it. Within a regular team she is only average, and doesn't contribute that much to your team. She deals damage, she has block ad flight but that's it and i'd like to see more synergy for the team.All Codes
  • Charon Soul CatcherS
    Charon is also one of the very strong heroes that excel in most situations with his end-of-turn change and the random attack that also applies to all alliesAll Codes
  • Dead LordS
    Dead Lord is really nasty to deal with by summoning all the zombies, turning enemies into zombies and even buffing their attack up at the end of the turn. This can easily snowball through the enemy team and is absolutely strong.All Codes
  • GhostaS
    Ghosta, when used in a Warlord team, deals a lot of damage but also needs to run against Warlord setups, In that situation, she is topAll Codes
  • Legion God of WarS
    With Legion you have a hero that will buff up allies' attacks and health plus the extra turn that can mean in a the right team setup to change the outcome of the battle entirely. A hero you want to run, for sure.All Codes
  • Mosura Wind BreathS
    Mosura has her summoned copy with a pierce and a small attack buff. Overall ngreatAll Codes
  • Shadow Shaa-MoonaS
    Shadow Shaa-Moona has the shard summon and also a good area of effect damage, that make her already solid. But what really makes her stand out in Mighty Party is her counter attack that will basically hurt the enemies trying to deal with her a lot and are a great helpAll Codes
  • Void JewelS
    Void Jewel is a versatile building that will not only deal good damage but also heal for the amount of damage dealt which makes it double as effective.All Codes
  • Aharin Gods WillA+
    Nice mechanics with evasion and decrease attack when he dies.All Codes
  • Dandy CrocA+
    Gains health equal to attacks and makes it possible that enemies below 25% health can be executioned All Codes
  • Grace of RocketfleetA+
    Grace can snowball with her kit that will buff attack on enemy death and her random attacks can help target enemies you want to take down. But, she has the same rng issue as Frost with the random targeting that can also not be in your favor.All Codes
  • Groot Silent GuardianA+
  • Poison FlosA+
    Poison Flos is hard to rank, to be honest. I like the mechanics and the healing and summoning can be effective but becomes not that good once you encounter setup of enemies that can clear debuffs.All Codes
  • Shao LinA+
    Shao Lin is cool if he can give your Order allies the silence immunity and the attack buffs also is nice and a good amount of damage on death.All Codes
  • Tani WindrunnerA+
    End of turn swaps attack and HP + enemy death gives evasion make her one of the best anture heroes in Mighty PartyAll Codes
  • AlexandriaA
    Alexandria is very helpful, especially with her ability to remove debuffs from allies that will give your team a nice boost. I'd rank her higher if that would also include removing silence, but it's still really strong. Also, she applies silence herself and give the enemy team a hard time with that.All Codes
  • AphroditeA
    Aphrodite can be really squishy, depending what target base health she takes for dealing damage. Also, her random healing makes her so rng and you can be lucky or not with her.All Codes
  • ArachneA
    Well-balanced control hero actuallyAll Codes
  • Arthur Frost BladeA
    Arthur with his kit that sumons Caladbolg with the extra charge plus giving allies health at the end of the turn is a hero you don't want to miss and that will be a great addition in many teams.All Codes
  • Cabas Wasteland LordA
    With the block he gains for ally he is really great, also some decent damageAll Codes
  • Coba Temple KeeperA
    Lots of health, summons on death and several other little traits make him quite usefulAll Codes
  • DhorinA
    Gets resistance when he kills and can slash quite well with his mechanicsAll Codes
  • Diana Amazonian QueenA
    Can snowball to ridiculously high attacks with her kitAll Codes
  • Frost the Snow QueenA
    Frost can freeze random enemies, which is really good, and also sets a random enemy's health low at the end of turn. She also has the extra health buff that can stack up, but doesn't affect all. I'd rank her higher, but as her freeze targets random enemies she can be a little rng and results may vary depending on what enemy she will target for her freeze.All Codes
  • GoliathA
    Works overall pretty fineAll Codes
  • Hanako Lady BansheeA
    Summons and the way her attacking kit works is really nice overall + freezeAll Codes
  • Jaxy the ThunderfistA
    Evasion, extra attacks and block. Just plain goodAll Codes
  • Justia Law GoddessA
    Justia can apply random miss to enemies and has a strong attack buff plus her end of turn health benefit (but only apply to Order ally). Also, the random targeting for the miss can be great or unfortunate so a little rng with her, like the other heroes that use random targeting in Mighty Party.All Codes
  • Kong Monkey KingA
    With spike counter damage that is quite high a useful heroAll Codes
  • Koschei the ImmortalA
    Quite survivability if he won't get wiped out in the beginningAll Codes
  • Life PalaceA
    Life Palace has actually decent healing and shieldAll Codes
  • Mina HellsingA
    Extra attack, avasion and accuracy make her pretty goodAll Codes
  • Morgan the Sea TuskA
    The whole reduction for enemy in line makes him quite strong with his counterattack, tooAll Codes
  • Mr. FlapA
    Mr. Flap is strong as he gains immunity when attacked and overall has a beautiful kitAll Codes
  • Myrddin CaerA
    Really good with the silenceAll Codes
  • Regardus DipliusA
    Summons and Silence really niceAll Codes
  • Sheer-ShahA
    Sheer-Shah has this weird damage on enemy death surrounding and the wounding pre-requisiteAll Codes
  • Strik the Fiery HeartA
    Strik has area damage that should work well.All Codes
  • Super MaryA
    Useful with shieldAll Codes
  • TNT Crazy DemolitionistA
    TNT can kill runes which makes him a very niche counter but his area damage is enough to rank him hereAll Codes
  • Tortulus the Wise OneA
    High HP and very annoying to deal withAll Codes
  • Triton the Bottom HeraldA
    Triton has silence when attacked and some healing and self-attack buffAll Codes
  • Ysh'Tmala the Old GodA
    Ysh'Tmala freezing ranged enemies is niceAll Codes
  • Yuri Shadow DaggerA
    Yuri only work well if there are multiple ranged enemiesAll Codes
  • Airavata Heaven's FuryB+
    The resistance is nice and allied water attack skills and immunity to silnce is nice but nothing outstnading overallAll Codes
  • Apep Aspect of ChaosB+
    Apep plays back and forth with an ally death but also rely on that. So, if you run a setup that is strong enough and has synergies that prevent your allies from dying, he becomes pretty useless.All Codes
  • Arioch Nemesis WeaponB+
    Arioch has an interesting kit that I actually like, with the bleeding effect and the stealing of attack from the enemy (remember, stealing means they lose it and Arioch gains it). The invulnerability can also be useful but the overall output of damage is not that great compared to heroes in the A Tier.All Codes
  • Bravi Deadly BladeB+
    Nice mechanics here and there, nothing outstnading though. Can be situational good for tank, blocks etc.All Codes
  • ChernomorB+
    Chernomo has immunity and heals Warlord allies and has the extra attack. I ranked him here as his overall effectivity is not that crazy and his heal is only for Warlord allies.All Codes
  • Dominus the Swarm KingB+
    Dominus has a cool extra attack and self-heal, but doesn't contribute much more to your team than that. He's okay, not more and not less.All Codes
  • DraggaraB+
    Draggara is cool in the way how she buffs her attack up. But that's also all that she does, buffing her own attack up and if the enemy team deal with her well (and without much support on her they will), she's can be pretty useless.All Codes
  • Evil SantaB+
    Evil Santa has his funny reward box transformation of enemies that is useless on enemies with evasionAll Codes
  • General Zor'MaB+
    Loads of HP and decent mehanics plus summonsAll Codes
  • Griffius the CelestialB+
    Griffius has a decent attack and can work okay in a team that gets wounded, but other than that no hero I'd recommend too much.All Codes
  • Hanzo SamaB+
    Good at the start but falls off later, the mini summon tesla is debatable so I ranked him a little higherAll Codes
  • IcebergB+
    Pretty high blockAll Codes
  • Jörmun GrandB+
    Freeze before attack which can be usefulAll Codes
  • Marquis de SatB+
    If healing and poison falls into place he can be quite goodAll Codes
  • Mjolnir Lightning GodB+
    Damage on heal and evasion on death to ranged ally makes him a solid pickAll Codes
  • Queen AnantaB+
    Nothing good but can make a poison team betterAll Codes
  • Scrap the King of GarbageB+
    Scrap is the king of garbage and that's most of the time how he performs in Mighty Party... Steals attack on enemy death which doesn't occur too often, the extra attack won't pack a punch as well as his surrounding target attack. Also no sustain and goes down quickly.All Codes
  • Sly the Forest GuardB+
    Good in a poison setupAll Codes
  • Toxic MantasB+
    Steals attack but nothing specialm the secondary skill can be debatableAll Codes
  • Vixen the Storm LordB+
    Vixen has freeze but only on Warlord attack, can only steal from frozen enemies and overall just not viable in many situations to rank him any higher.All Codes
  • Amaterasu Eternal SunB
    Amaterasu buffs melee allies, debuffs enemies' attack and has the Mental Shield. She is good in what she's doing but you need a melee heavy squad and counter a ranged setup of enemies. For that reason I have ranked her in B Tier as this doesn't apply overall.All Codes
  • ApolloB
    Mental shield can be nice overall not a good hero that's worth itAll Codes
  • Ball'Zt the WardenB
    Nothing special or outstandingAll Codes
  • Chuba CabrasB
    Chuba Cabras has solid abilities but I kind of don't like the prerequisites of them. The attacks ebuff only applies to Order enemies, the healing on damage dealt only applies in line and in the wrong setup he becomes pretty ineffective. In the right team, though, can be strong.All Codes
  • Count VladB
    Has extra attack and vampirism (obviously) but overall doesn't stand out at allAll Codes
  • DiscordiaB
    Discordia has this great extra attack for random allies (can be rng but is overall pretty good), but depends on a Chaos team to really shine. It was a borderline decision but I feel she can be strong and would be good for the A Tier in some situations but pretty unreliable in others, so I ranked her in the B Tier, especially compared to the other Mighty Party heroes I have in the higher tier).All Codes
  • Enlil Wind of ChangeB
    Protects warlord and useful attack mechanicsAll Codes
  • Freddy Lord of TerrorB
    Fine with curse but nothing special but useful damageAll Codes
  • GremoryB
    Gremory has an interesting kit, inflicting with curse and dealing damage, Overall the flight ability paired with the extra damage only applying to enemy Warlord make her a little niche for me.All Codes
  • HoldaB
    Quite disappointing performance overall after some testingAll Codes
  • HoodooB
    Hoodoo is one of my favorite hero visuals in Mighty Party, but his overall performance is a little niche with the healing only for melee allies and his spikes that can turn tides in a battle or do not much. Needs to be used with melee team and versus melee-heavy teams.All Codes
  • Kung FuciusB
    Nice immunity but nothing special more than thatAll Codes
  • Lady MedusaB
    Useful freezing but that#s about itAll Codes
  • Leader NilenB
    Useful freezeAll Codes
  • Loath Spore LoserB
    Loath can, theoretically, have an effect against an enemy setup that can't clear the debuff. But in reality, this is not happening too often.All Codes
  • Madam AgonyB
    Madam Agony can pack a real punch against teams that use healing a lot and apply wounds to your team so you can counter attacks heavily. This makes her quite a niche hero in Mighty Party, but one that can be really effective in the right setup.All Codes
  • Madam Lo'trixB
    Madam Lo'Trix is interesting mechanics with her puppets and can snowball quite effectively unless you run into a setup that will deal with her puppets as she really heavily on making her puppets attack and health.All Codes
  • Matriach EonaB
    Spalsh damage and everything is averageAll Codes
  • Mother OwlB
    Mother Owl has okay buff and debuff but nothing other heroes can't provide and not much in addition to that.All Codes
  • Mr. DevilB
    Kind-of a better version of BastetAll Codes
  • Ogrok the LeaderB
    His whole mechnics make him average, nothing more and nothing lessAll Codes
  • Ondine the FoambornB
    Freeze is alright but nothing outstandingAll Codes
  • OnmorakiB
    Extra attack to ally is nice but overall not any outstnading heroAll Codes
  • PrinceB
    Prince has this wild summoning coming up, but it never really get started making a great effect and the Archers he summons are too easy for the enemy to deal with.All Codes
  • Prince NodB
    High HP and spikes, but that's about itAll Codes
  • Red WomanB
    Red Woman has a nice vampirism on allies and can pack a punch against Warlord. What i don't like that much is her death buff that can be good but also requires her to die and I don't like mechanics where you need your own hero to die to have an effect that much.All Codes
  • Serket Sen ScorpB
    Serket attacks Warlord and gives toxin to random enemies and regenerates health on any hero death. Sounds overall really viable and powerful, but it's not. Not much damage and dies too early most of the times.All Codes
  • Taeral KelhornB
    Nice bleeding mechnics, nothing moreAll Codes
  • Tai Ling Dragon DanceB
    Tai Ling is similar to Madam Lo'trix puppet mechanics but doesn't sacrifice her Mushu's. Still, I always have the feeling that she misses something that make her really effective so I ranked her here in the B Tier.All Codes
  • TsukumogamiB
    Evasion but other than that just averageAll Codes
  • Villano Mad GeniusB
    Villano has a solid debuff and some healing but that bases a lot on Warlord. Overall there are simply better options to have in your team.All Codes
  • All Prince of SandsC+
    The enemes he gives miss is very useful earlier when there are fewer heroes on the board All Codes
  • Deep MawC+
    The evasion and a lot you read in his kit sounds great but in reality doesn#t play out that wellAll Codes
  • El MariachiC+
    El Mariachi has lovely spikes buff on allies and self-healing but overall that won't do too much and you can use that spot more efficiently.All Codes
  • Erik the GreyC+
    When attacked gets extra ttack but nothing special overallAll Codes
  • Fury the great WarriorC+
    Fury has a lot of extra attacks, but they are not very useful as he needs to kill to buff his own attack up and there's nothing he will provide for the team.All Codes
  • King TaurusC+
    the healing is okay but nothing outstnadingAll Codes
  • Melia Forest's DaughterC+
    Melia needs to be combined with ally that has poison and spikes, making her a not-universal hero at all.All Codes
  • Mi the Ten-Tailed FoxC+
    Performance depends a lot on the opponent + RNGAll Codes
  • Miss LapinC+
    Miss Lapin requires good line positioning and you can find better heroes for what she does.All Codes
  • Morgen von Stern C+
    Very average in everythingAll Codes
  • Necro Master LichC+
    Nothing really specialAll Codes
  • Snake the Lizard PrinceC+
    Nothing special about himAll Codes
  • VanakauriC+
    Vanakauri has some counter-attack but a lot of Warlord prerequisites and the heal only happens when an ally dies (a horrible moment to provide healing).All Codes
  • AthenaC
    Athena doesn't stick out much and don't do that much, also because her prerequisite for her attack buff is quite picky.All Codes
  • Grand Ma ReaperC
    Grand Ma has quite a picky kit and doesn't do much. I'm not a big fan of her, although I like her artwork and naming as one of the coolest in Mighty Party.All Codes
  • High TinkerC
    High Tinker has very specific prerequisites on abilities that make him not a great hero in most situations.All Codes
  • Mizu the Sea FoamC
    Mizu works similar to Madam Lo'trix puppets and also requires allies with freeze to be effective. Overall, not a great choice.All Codes
  • StormrageC
    Stormrage with his damage happening when he dies and Warlock damage is no hero that will work in many team setups and won't provide any synergies to your team.All Codes
  • Tengu RavencrestC
    Tengu only buffs nature allies, only extra attack against Warlord and the attack buff for all allies is just not enough to make him really useful.All Codes
  • Yorik the Risen OneC
    Yorik can be naughty with the revive and the damage all in line, but the problem is that I'd rather have him survive longer than revive, he's simply too squishy.All Codes
  • D'Arc Iron MaidenD+
    Immunity and block won't make her a good hero in Mighty PartyAll Codes
  • Tesla XD+
    Not really worth wasting a slot for meAll Codes
  • TitaniaD+
    Nothing special about her other than evasionAll Codes
  • Anak Princess DragonD
  • BastetD
    Damages everyone, including your allies. Sounds like great against summons but overall does more harm than good.All Codes
  • Cernun ArchdruidD
    Stals enemy attacks but nothing specialAll Codes
  • MaeveD
    Nothing specialAll Codes
  • Sir LancelotD
    Just not goodAll Codes


That’s the current eir list of heroes sin Mighty Party and if you have questions or think that I miss-graded any of them horribly, please drop a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.

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  1. Hi, while I think it’s great you’re helping out with the Mighty Party tier list, I would HIGHLY recommend checking it again as either you are a low league player (which would be my guess) or you really need to start learning Hall of Fame.

    More than half the list is horribly wrong, Tani is F-tier for example and Bastet is way better than Mr. Devil. I can list dozens of other examples (note: I’ve played MP since pretty much the beginning and have written most of the online guides for it).

    I recommend joining the MP Discord and seeing how people there play to readjust your list (or check out my card guide there, it’s a sort of review of every hero).

    In case you’re not sure I’m legit, feel free to visit me there (my nick below is the same in the Discord) and I’ll show you why.

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