Clash Mini Tier List (Season 4 – UPDATE) – Best Heroes & Minis

clash mini tier list best heroes and minis season 4

It can be tough to keep track what heroes and minis are working well in Clash Mini, especially as there are buffs and nerfs happening in between every season. Some heroes and minis that are working great in one season can become less viable in the next one and vice versa.

For this reason, I have here a tier list that will reflect the current meta of Clash Mini and I update it frequently for every new season as soon as we see the buffs and nerfs happening – and even sometimes in between a season if drastic changes require it.

So, below you will find all the heroes and minis ranked from S-Tier (the strongest ones currently) to D-Tier (the ones that are not viable this season) that will make your decisions easier which ones to run.

Please mind, the tier list completely change with every season so I update the tier list to the beginning of every season but also, sometimes (if neccessary), during a season if there are some drastic changes

Clash Mini Season 4 Tier List

Updated! I have included some changes that I see now with some time in the new Season. Please see my edits compared to my initial Season 4 Tier List in red color.

The new season is out and we have some very interesting changes coming up…

S Tier

Barbarian King (Hero) – will be the hero running the show in Season 4 of Clash Mini. Combine him with the cheap 2 Elixir Minis and you will have an easy time. Easy to play, really strong and hard to deal with, especially now that the Archers and Wizards got their buff for this season. Don’t hate me to say, but it simply doesn’t take too much skill to make these setups rock.

Royal Champion (Hero) – has its buff back and is very strong again. Please mind to have it past Level 4 but from there it’s really viable and useful and a hero you can run in Clash Mini without much doubt, even at lower levels (higher than Level 4!). Here’s also the counterpart to the Monk as you want to run with other minis that provide stuns, like the Mega Knight, to keep everything away from the Royal Champion. Season 4 Update: Is even stronger in Season 4 that I thought so I ranked it now S Tier instead of A Tier.

Ice Wizard (2 Elixir) – is working great with the slowing and really effective in so many situations and with the 1-Star and 2-Star ability turns out to be one of the most annoying minis to deal with this season. Season 4 Update: Upranked heavily, man I did under-estimate them in the A Tier and every deck in Season 4 in Clash Mini NEEDS to run Ice Wizard, it’s simply that strong, useful, viable and great value for 2 Elixir!

Mini Pekka (3 Elixir) – is on the rise with the Disipate ability and will run a great show this season in Clash Mini, I can guarantee you that! The Mini Pekka is the key to deal with the Mega Knights, Barbarian King and the Mini Pekka disipate will do that. Mark my words. Season 4 Update: I conservatively have ranked it A Tier at the beginning of the season, but now I have no other choice than rank it straight S Tier.

Mega Knight (4 Elixir) – we mentioned this buddy already quite a lot (and will in the lower tiers even more) and it’s straight one of the overpowered minis in Season 4! The Mega Knight can stun an entire board at once and there’s not much to stop him unless the disipate from the Mini Pekka. We will see how this balances out in Season 4 in Clash Mini but right now the Mega Knight will dominate, period.

A Tier

Monk (Hero) – the Monk is strong in terms of being able to one-shot a Mega Knight. So, the reason I have the Monk here is that Mega Knights are all over the place right now and the Monk can deal fine with them and will be very viable this season. Also works nice against Shield Maiden and Barbarian King.

Countess (Hero) – has two advantages in the current meta and is in the A Tier for that reason: the Countess synergizes really well with pretty much anything plus there’s not much that can really hard counter the Countess.

Skeleton King (Hero) (Level 8+) – for Skeleton King I have two rankings in my tier list for the reason that you need that HP to really be viable. So, the reason I have Skeleton King twice in the tier list is that I can’t put it in the S Tier and everybody with lower levels will use him and think “why is this guy not working at all?!”. So, if you have him leveled up that much, great hero to run – if not, he’s just in the lower tiers because missing HP. Season 4 Update: Overall not that overpowered as I thought, so I down-ranked him with the updated Season 4 tier list to A Tier from S Tier.

Archer (2 Elixir) – with the recent buff the Archer will be really strong this season and very viable, but if you pair it with the Barbarian King you get a combo that will dominate, so it also benefits that the Barbarian King will be that strong in Season 4 of Clash Mini. Season 4 Update: as Season 4 resolved for some time now, it seems like Archers won’t get as much value and there are enough other minis that work well against Archer as expected from their buff, so I down-ranked them from the S-Tier to the A-Tier.

Miner (2 Elixir) – is also in the A Tier instead the S Tier because there’s a little bit missing to rank it on par with the strongest minis in the highest tier. It got the additional HP and the 2-Star ability that pushed the Miner back in the higher tiers after the previous season.

Bowler (3 Elixir) – is here because the clash ability can change the tides of a match by rolling over multiple minis. Can be squishy and sometimes just don’t provide too much value but often enough just really strong to make me rank him here.

Giant Skeleton (3 Elixir) – is incredibly powerful with the bomb drop and there’s not too much you can do. It’s not that I’d say it’s overpowered and put it in the S Tier, but it is very powerful and can stop your opponent for sure.

Golden Giant (3 Elixir) – is overall not the best mini but the reason that stun is so strong and viable in this season’s meta makes me rank him in the B Tier. I mean, there are better options, yes, plus you need some skill to effectively use it but it has some places to shine. Season 4 Update: more tanky and the stun makes me rank it now in A Tier.

B Tier

Shield Maiden (Hero) – is actually pretty strong as the end of previous season, but in the current meta there are simply too many stuns happening and she will struggle hard to deal with it. Also the Mini Pekka will not too well for her.

Archer Queen (Hero) – can be used and it’s possible, but she is not that strong in her stats and kit and you need to do some good gameplay to make her work out. She’s simply not that hero to run for in Season 4 of Clash Mini and that’s why I ranked her here in the B Tier.

Wizard (2 Elixir) – now that the Wizard has received his recent buff I also rank him on the same rank as the Ice Wizard. The longer range now will work wonders and make him really viable and if you combine him with the Barbarian King it’s simply too strong to be true. Why not S Tier? Well, it’s limited to be used with the Barbarian King to unleash the full power and not that strong combined with other heroes. Season 4 Update: I down-ranked a little bit for the reason that it works only really well against decks that heavily rely on melee units.

Skeleton Guard (2 Elixir) – is simply powerful. It can stop Archer shots, has a lot of HP and the shield mechanics make it very nasty to deal with and you should use it basically in all of your decks this season. Season 4 Update: The biggest surprise for me as it don’t seem to be that crazy overpowered in Season 4 as I believed and the meta resolved pretty well around it, so I downranked it.

Spear Goblin (2 Elixir) – is very effective in many decks in dealing with minis and clearing unprotected minis, period. That’s a great role and still viable this season in Clash Mini, but there was a recent nerf so I think the B Tier that is kind of a niche tier will suit very well for him.

Barbarian (2 Elixir) – well, the iconic Barbarian has his Clash ability but it simply doesn’t pack enough of a punch to rank it higher. Season 4 Update: Works better than expected and gainst a lot of additional value from the domination of the Barbarian King this season, so I upranked the Barbarian by one tier.

Swordsman (2 Elixir) – will be one of the best cheap minis this season and the 1-Star and 2-Star abilities are simply outstandingly good. You’ll see them everywhere, especially with the recent buff and the way the current meta develops. Season 4 Update: I down-ranked a little bit as it looks like you should have it at 3-Star to make it really viable.

Dart Goblin (3 Elixir) – will be a squishy choice this season in Clash Mini and can before well but also not that well so I put it in the B Tier. It does what it has to do and does it well, but just sometimes I feel there’s something missing. I might change the tier during this season, depends how it develops so please check back here soon if you plan and want to use the Dart Goblin in Season 4!

Magic Archer (4 Elixir) – does perform really strong and when used right you will get a lot of bang for your buck (elixir). The reason I don’t have it in the A Tier is that it needs to be used properly and it will not perform overpowered no matter what you do.

Prince (4 Elixir) – has the charge which provides a lot of value, although the Prince is quite expensive to run un Elixir and there are better options in this season.

C Tier

Wave Master (Hero) – well, the recent nerf hasn’t done well for the Wave Master and int he current meta he’s falling off quite a lot. With the reduced base attack speed and the reduced HP he will just struggle too much to make him viable, even if you’re a skilled Wave Master player in Clash Mini.

Skeleton King (Hero) (lower level) – as you might have read in the upper part about the Skeleton King, without a higher level and the missing HP, you will have a very hard time getting along this season. If you really want you can use the time to level Skeleton King up and I’m quite sure that we will see him in higher tiers in the future Seasons.

Knight (2 Elixir) – suffers a lot as the guards and the swordsmen have been buffed so they will have a very hard time this season. Season 4 Update: Still, works a little better than expected so I updated to the C Tier.

Musketeer (3 Elixir) – can be good to deal with an Archer Queen but that’s pretty much the only effective use for her this season and none that is needed too much.

Royal Ghost (3 Elixir) – he used to be higher in the previous season but I rank him now here in the B Tier C Tier for the reason that the recent nerf makes a huge difference and minis can now hit the Royal Ghost once or twice before it will go invisible again and this just lowers the effectivity of the Royal Ghost in Clash Mini. Season 4 Update: downranked to C Tier instead of B Tier as the nerf is more dramatic than expected!

PEKKA (4 Elixir) – is actually not bad with the recent buff but it’s expensive and slow and you will struggle having enough Elixir to really use it well.

Witch (4 Elixir) – is now in the C Tier with the recent nerf to her range, it simply takes away a lot of viability and she will not get much value in Season 4, especially at this high cost of Elixir.

Electro Wizard (4 Elixir) – is kind of viable but people will not use it much this season and I haven’t see people using it much also because the cheaper minis will run the meta this season.

D Tier

Lumberjack (3 Elixir) – is just not that good this season and on it’s own I might consider putting him in the higher tier, but there are just so much more useful 3 Elixir Minis this season that make more sense using that you should not waste spot for the Lumberjack.

Healing Ranger (3 Elixir) – is okay but only for niche use and some special skilled decks in this season. Can’t recommend right now.

Battle Healer (4 Elixir) – has lost a good bunch of HP with the recent nerf and she will struggle to be strong just because not sustainable with these stats.

Valkyrie (3 Elixir) – is okay but only for niche use and some special skilled decks in this season. Can’t recommend it right now.

Fisherman (4 Elixir) – is pretty much all-or-nothing and that’s not reliable enough to give it a higher ranking in Clash Mini right now and the usage rate now with some time into Season 4 proves me right.

Clash Mini Season 3 Tier List (OUTDATED)

Attention! Season 3 is over and some balancing changes applied, this tier list(s) below are for reference only and don’t comply with the current meta of Clash Mini anymore…

Tier ist for similar games:

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