Clash Mini Tier List (July 2023) – Best Heroes | Minis | Gizmos in Update 7

clash mini tier list update 7 july 2023

It can be tough to keep track what heroes and minis are working well in Clash Mini, especially as there are buffs and nerfs happening in between every season. Some heroes and minis that are working great in one season can become less viable in the next one and vice versa.

For this reason, I have here a tier list that will reflect the current meta of Clash Mini and I update it frequently for every new season as soon as we see the buffs and nerfs happening – and even sometimes in between a season if drastic changes require it.

So, below you will find all the heroes and minis ranked from S-Tier (the strongest ones currently) to D-Tier (the ones that are not viable this season) that will make your decisions easier which ones to run.

Please mind, the tier list completely change with every season so I update the tier list to the beginning of every season but also, sometimes (if neccessary), during a season if there are some drastic changes

Clash Mini Best Tier List

Let’s not waste any more time and jump directly into the tier list – please mind it is separated into heroes, minis and gizmos so make sure to scroll all the way down.


  • Clash Mini Heroes

    Here are all heroes in Clash Mini ranked

  • Pink FuryNEW
    Not available and will add as soon as we can get some real testing in the meta done.Best Meta Decks
  • Grand WardenNEW
    Not available and will add as soon as we can get some real testing in the meta done.Best Meta Decks
  • Wave MasterS
    Is so strong right now dealing with Bandits, Mega Knights and Swordsmen, has shield and energy and always keep the opponent under pressure.Best Meta Decks
  • Royal ChampionS
    Is now back after the update and so strong, with tons of damage with the shield and just chains up and chains up like crazy.Best Royal Champion DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Archer QueenA
    Still after the last update very strong and useful in many meta decks and also a hero you see frequently in ladder for a reason. Best Archer Queen DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Skeleton KingA
    Got a boost with the last update in terms how clash works and performs a lot better than before and has a number of great decks to play along with.Best Skeleton King DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Barbarian KingB
    With the recent changes he is a stable hero in Clash Mini but the invincibility and the way all other minis work around, he doesn't feel that strong anymore.Best Barbarian King DecksBest Meta Decks
  • Shield MaidenB
    Very debatable but there is so much that can make her look bad, stun her, intercept and prevent her from getting her ability off that I find her quite unreliable right now.Best Shield Maiden DecksBest Meta Decks
  • CountessB
    Can be situational but I feel with the current clash that's going on it's difficult to make her work reliably or gain a lot of value in the majority of situations.Best Meta Decks
  • NaturebornB
    Can perfrom well with the Electro Wizard but is not that strong right now overall, espcially compared to the higher ranged heroes in Clash Mini above.Best Meta Decks
  • MonkC
    In some situations Monk can shine and you can have great matchups, but many players know how to counter him so he is difficult to actually gain valueBest Meta Decks
  • Clash Mini Minis

    Here are all Minis in Clash Mini ranked

  • Royal GhostS
    The way the Royal Ghost slashs in Frenzy Time makes it easily in the top tier and there's nothing your opponent can do about it. Incredibly powerful right now.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • SwordsmanS
    Energy reset and tons of damage and is without doubt one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, mini in Clash Mini right now when played with the Wave Master.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Electro WizardA
    With the stuns and all effects right now the mini you want to run - works in every deckCost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • BanditA
    Still a great mini with good dissipations and there are good situations and plays you can make with the Bandit. If someone tells you Bandit is useless right now, they simply don't know how to get value with her.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Healing RangerA
    Works great in many decks and situations and also important to take care of your backline Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • PrinceA
    With the damage and the charge you can do so much with him right now and counter so much that he belongs in this tier, for sure.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Dart GoblinA
    Is actually a mini that just shots and shoots and shoots and can take you over a match. Nothing has changed here and he even is more viable now.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Magic ArcherA
    Magic Archer can deal a ton of damage and clear the board easily at times when the situation is good. Works in the right decks very powerful.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • BowlerA
    Stuns now longer and this is the main reason the Bowler performs so well right now.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • MinerA
    Just for the reason that you can in the backline you can gain a ton of value with the Miner if played right. Not overpowered but absolutely a mini that you can make work well right now in Clash Mini.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Mini PEKKAA
    Is a great way to counter a hero or a mini in the frontline so very useful and I feel that Tier A is well-deserved.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Golden GiantA
    Out of the shadows now with the stuns and the tanky beefcake he is.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Mega KnightB+
    Amazing stuns that amost always give you great value in the right decks, but not too universally useful in many decks.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Spear GoblinB+
    Is cheap and can do some damage but also sometimes gets into an awkward situation that I feel between the tiers is the best spot right now for them.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Giant SkeletonB
    Since the radius of the bomb got reduced, the Giant Skeleton is falling of quite heavily to become more of a mini that can provide situational value but not that much compared how it performed before that.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
    Can shred through the frontline with loads of damage and do well but there's also enough ways to lock and counter.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • MusketeerB
    The knocking back and long stun makes the Musketeer nice but the knockback is limited and the stun is tiny for the 3 Elixir you need to throw on the board.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Ice WizardB
    Suffers a similar problem as the Wizard with many players spreading their minis so sometimes he just doesn't pick up enough value to be the situational mini I ranked him here.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • FishermanB
    Just doesn't provide anything outstanding on his own but works in some decks that perform well right now so I rank him here.Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • KnightB
    Taunt and shield are good but the the range direction going straight out is a little weird and situational so I really don't want to rank him higher right now.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Skeleton GuardB
    With the shielding and HP from the rework now absolutely performs better than before but is not a mini you would rank as too strong here in the tier list. Might do better once the Grand Warden is in the game.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • ArcherC
    Archer is cheap and can ramp up but range is a issue right now that make it fall short (literally) in so many situations.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Battle HealerC
    Heals well and shields once upgraded and hard to come by for your opponent and works in several strong decks but the cost is a lot for the value this mini provides right now.Cost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • BarbarianC
    Can be useful in Barbarian King Decks but overall doesn't perform too well and there better value options available right now in Clash Mini. There's simply too many high-damage and stuns around that the Barbarian relly struggles against.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • WizardC
    Can be great but right now nobody stacks up minis enough to give you situations where the Wizard can provides real value.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • LumberjackC
    Is only alright to play right now with the Barbarian King in a melee heavy deck and just has not enough HP to with stand that many ranged damage to get real value.Cost: 2 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • ValkyrieC
    Is only really good with Wave Master and can be still countered later on so I feel the here is the best spot to rank the Valkyrie in Clash Mini,Cost: 3 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • WitchC
    Witch can provide value but most of the times the Skeletons don't bring anything to the table and with so many Wave Master around just lackluster to run in your deck. If Monk would be more meta I would say Witch provides value in general but like that it simply doesn'tCost: 4 ElixirBest Meta Decks
  • Clash Mini Gizmos

    Here are all Gizmos in Clash Mini ranked

  • Elixir CollectorS
    If you pick it early and your opponent can't prevent it, you gain such a massive advantag with the extra Elixir that this is easily one of the strongest gizmos in the game right now.
  • King TowerS
    Great gizmo counter and super versatile to use and should be a no-brainer pick in most situations.
  • Pocket ArtilleryA+
    Deals grreat damage and has the ability to deal with en entire push itself.
  • SaunaA
    Although situational and performance heavily depends which minis go into the Sauna. If the cheap ones go in there it won't do much, but with the strong ones in there, it can easily flip the outcome of a game.
  • Saint MirrorB+
    Can counter real heavily and deal a ton of damage back but lacks ion performance against healing decks and we see that too much to rank this gizmo higher.
  • War TootB+
    Can be situationa but with the amount of control effects in the meta right now, I see this more on the rise.
  • HotpotB
    Has never been strong but can be alright if you lack the other gizmos. It's just very slow and can be quite easily countered.
  • PancakerC+
    Doesn't do too much anymore and only a little useful with the Archer Queen but normally you can burst through the effect.
  • Training CampC
    Alright with the Archer Queen and Countess but easy to counter and you can get punished hard for using it.
  • Mucho PunchoC
    Is quite easy to dodge when one mini takes the stun and the other can take it out and ranged minis have such an easy time against it.


I hope you enjoyed my frequently updated tier list and get some good advice – if you have further questions or have any annotations please drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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