Dark Elixir Farming Strategies

Dark Elixir Farming Strategy 2016

We all need Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans, especially when every new update gives us new troops to upgrade or even additional Hero levels to grind. Unfortunately, Dark Elixir is the rarest and most precious resource. In this post, I want to show you some ways to farm Dark Elixir to gather the needed Dark Elixir for your upgrades.

The most important thing about farming Dark Elixir is not finding bases and defending it, it’s about the attacking strategies you use that will make a crazy difference.

Dark Elixir Farming Strategies

It’s a common mistake that many think Dark Elixir farming is something they can do during regular attacks, but Dark Elixir has become so precious that this is not enough anymore – in fact, you’ll need to focus on farming Dark Elixir and just forget about everything else.

First of all, you will need an army that costs no or almost no Dark Elixir! This makes so much difference, so let me give you a brief example here:

Dark Elixir Farming army compositions

As you can see, we have two armies here and one costs only 155 Dark Elixir and the other costs 1,595 Dark Elixir.

Each of those armies is able to get the Dark Elixir Storage and the League Bonus, but one simply costs almost 1,500 Dark Elixir more. If you make 10 attacks per day, that’s a whopping 15k in Dark Elixir plus the fact that you will need longer to save up enough Dark Elixir for your upgrade will make more attackers take more Dark Elixir from you.

Bottom line you lose like 15-20k Dark Elixir with the one strategy, even it “only” costs 1,500 Dark Elixir.

That was just one example and I know there are armies out there that cost a lot more than that.

Even if you always get more Dark Elixir than your army costs, doesn’t mean you can use an army that costs Dark Elixir!

Secondly, you will focus only on getting the Dark Elixir Storage and the 50% for the League Bonus.

If you see a base, you will check where the Dark Elixir is (Drills or Storage?) and then make a plan how you get the Dark Elixir! That’s all you need to focus, not where the defenses are, if you could 3-Star the base, etc… Just the Dark Elixir!

Here’s, by the way, a guide that will help you finding out where you will find the loot:

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So, in the next section I have been making you an overview what army compositions will work best for farming Dark Elixir and also linked you the guides so you can see how they work.

A penny saved is a penny earned, so here you will find some additional tips that will save you some Dark Elixir and also make you more Dark Elixir:

Dark Elixir Farming For All Town Hall Level

The times where you find Dark Elixir Storages in the corner or easily accessible are over. Dark Elixir gets well-protected these days and you will need to be prepared.

You’ll need an army that is able to crush as deep as necessary into your opponents base to get the Dark Elixir needed and here they are.

Dark Elixir Farming TH7

The best way for Town Hall 7 is using a strategy called “Goblin Knife”.

Basically, you will use Giants as tanks and then funnel in all your Goblins to overrun the defenses and get the Dark Elixir.

At TH7, you don’t have to face crazy large bases with many compartments, so I’d recommend you to take this strategy. You will find a full guide about it here:

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Dark Elixir Farming TH8

There are 3 strategies that work for farming Dark Elixir for Town Hall 8, but I can only recommend you using two of them (the 4rd is mass Dragon and that’s just insanely expensive and you might run out of Elixir).

The first one is, like for TH7, the Goblin Knife strategy that also works great on Town Hall 8:

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The second strategy is Balloons with Minions.

You take 24 Balloons and fill up with Minions (no worries that’s just a little bit of Dark Elixir) along with 2 Healing Spells & 1 Rage Spell.

One word of caution first, you will need to upgrade your Balloons to Level 5 because they are insanely useless at lower levels.

Town Hall 8 Dark Elixir Farming

Then you simply deploy all of them in a row and the Minions behind and drop your Healing Spells & Rage Spell and watch the Dark Elixir going to your pocket.

Dark Elixir Farming TH9

Goblin Knife is also working well for Town Hall 9, so I can recommend you using this here as well:

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Also, the above-mentioned Balloons & Minions are doing a great job for Town Hall 9 as well.

Another alternative strategy is using Giants along with Wizards and 4 Earthquake Spells. You will use 24 Giants, 20 Wizards and a couple of Wall Breakers along with 2 Healing Spells, 1 Rage Spell, and the above mentioned 4 Earthquake Spells.

TH9 Dark ELixir farming with giants & Wizards

You have to search for a base where you can crack open a large part of the base with almost the whole path to the Dark Elixir Storage with your Earthquake Spells and then send in your Giants and Wizards and keep them alive with Healing Spells.

Dark Elixir Farming TH10

The most popular and also recommended Dark Elixir farming strategey for Town Hall 10 is indeed BabyLoon. You can easily go after all kinds of TH10 bases and get the League bonus as well.

I’ve written a whole guide on BabyLoon here:

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Alternatively, you can also use mass Miner which is also working great for farming DE.

Simply take as many Miners as you can and 2 Rage, 2 Heal & 1 Freeze Spell.

There’s not much of a tactic, simply make a chinese wall deployment on one side (not in the corner!) and then use your Rage Spells & healing Spells to keep them wrecking the base.

TH10 Dark Elixir farming strategy

Your first attacks will be a little bit messy until you get where your Miners are as they are a little hard to spot in the beginning when they are underground and there’s much defense and spell action going on.

You can use your Heroes to build a funnel into the base or for cleaning up, depending on the base of course 🙂

Dark Elixir Farming TH11

I have two favorite strategies I use for farming Dark Elixir myself and that’s BabyLoon on one hand and Queen Charge Mass Miner on the other.

It’s easy to use and I have written two guides you should check out:

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. 4 Healers 4 Baby Dragons, 24 miners 1 rage , 1 jump 3heals, cc giants
    Queen walk with 2 baby dragons to funnel, create path to DE storage, drop cc giants in front of queen followed by the king, rage into first compartment, jump into core, drop other 2 baby dragons on each side to make path as narrow as possible, then spam miners and heal as needed, always gets the de! 50% of the time will get 3 stars…. also I bring 2 poison or 1 poison and 1 skel spell in case of defensive cc troops

  2. Using lighning spells to zap a dark elixir storage is NOT a good idea. Three level four lightning spells on my dark elixir storage (max level and amount for lightning spells at town hall 7) will only reap 400-600 dark elixir, when you pay 60,000 elixir. Not to mention it takes an hour to make those. It will only make the person you zapped ticked off and you lose probably about half of what you stole, as well as other resources, and trophies. You can only steal 5% from a dark elixir storage, when comepletely destroyed, capped at 40,000 dark elixir in the storage (2,000 available while attacking). 1,000 dark elixir is entireley unrealistic. What you want to focus on is drills if you really want dark elixir. Getting drills, and also destroying drills. High level people (level 100+ possibly) for the most part have lvl six dark elixir drills, and leave them exposed or semi-exposed, making it easy to take with barbarians or archers. You can steal 75% from a dark elixir drill, so every hour that person is offline, you can steal 75 dark elixir per hour per drill. On a town hall 10, with three drills, the amount of dark elixir available is crazy. If they went to sleep, chances are they haven’t been on in 8 hours, so 75 de* 3 drills* 8 hours= a whopping 1,800 on one raid. If the drills aren’t exposed, save your lightning spells for those, if you are desperate. Crystal league three also gives a bonus of 100 dark elixir now, which can be easily reached by town hall sniping. Lots of people have done it; I got to 2104 trophies when I was level 46.

    Sorry this is so long, but I have more to say. 😉
    If you are lucky to be town hall nine, like me, but having trouble finding dark elixir and keeping, probably more important, upgrade your dark elixir drills ASAP. With two max level drills at town hall 9 you can collect 4,800 a day. That means, provided you get the last 200 from farming, you could buy an archer queen in 8 days. Level two golems in 12 days. Even though it is a total of 33 million elixir for two maxed drills, and quite a bit of time, if you focus you could have them maxed in a month, and receive 1,752,000 dark elixir in a year, for FREE. I cannot stress it enough. The secret to obtaining dark elixir is the drills. I’m done now.

  3. i m a th 7 and have barb king lvl 3 and hoggs lvl 2 the best way to get dark is to get the best strategy maker of ur own prepare a combination of strong and weak army ie giants archers and wiz now look for dark loot only get it with archers if in drills otherwise go for a master attack but that needs a lot of thinking and to know ur boundries u can easily go to the centre of a maxed th 8 but again with a strategy and if u r lucky u can to a th 9 the best league for dark at th 7 is gold 2. happy to help if someone want

  4. wow. you really need to go back to school and learn some proper english.
    ‘Who of you has a Dark Elixir Storage? And who does have Dark Elixir Drills? Exaktly.’
    that’s gotta be among the worst grammar I’ve ever seen on a website

      • Wow, “that’s gotta” is absolutely correct grammar. “That’s…” means that has or that is.

    • I agree Jules. This and many other articles on this website could use some proofreading. @the author: This is the 21st century after all, there are things called spell check and they also have grammar checking built in, so a lot fewer mistakes should be found. This article gives false information too, so you should do your research and hit spell check on your next article please, I’m sure we would all appreciate it. send me an e-mail of your document before you publish it and I will go over it for grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m not going to post my e-mail for all the world to see for spamming reasons, but if you are on board with this we can find a way.

  5. Best way for a town hall 7 to fill up on dark elixer is to town hall snipe to crystal league and keep sniping town halls. You get 50 DE for every win @ crystal 3 and 100 at crystal 2… There are a lot of people with their TH sitting outside waiting to get sniped by a few archers so in a few hours you can get enough to fill a level 1 DE storage.

  6. I agree with Ahjon,this strategy is not that effective and is very time consuming.I will rather prefer to get th7 almost maxed out and quickly go to next th as soon as possible and then buy a drill( as i did,i am a maxed out th8,th upgrading to 9 and barb king 8)

  7. This strategy not so effective because 3 lighting spell only can get 500++ Dark elixir but the base are able to loot 2k ++ D.E. Besides, it require 1 and half hour to restore the ligthing spell, it is very time-consuming. The suggestion that i can give is try to use your troop to get to raid an easier base which got 300++ D.E , you also can participate the clan war to get as much dark elixir as u can.

    • You should upgrade your lightning spells and attack town hall 9 and town hall 10 cause if u have a lower town hall then they can’t take as much dark elixir and don’t be afraid to use wall breakers and goblins to get to the center (warning his tecnique doesn’t always work!)

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