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shanna swarm deck guide marvel snap shanna swarm deck guide marvel snap

Shanna Swarm Deck Guide – MARVEL SNAP

Shanna fits naturally well into swarming decks and having her her will be no exception so of you are looking for a deck to build around Shanna, this is one that can perform well (see other current meta decks here).

Card Strategy

Sunspot can be such a high value card in this deck as he can get all the ongoing buffs that add power but also buff up himself whenever you have leftover energy, and this also puts a lot of pressure on your opponent (combined with Armor a very good way to compete for one location).
Iceman doesn’t have any special synergies here but his ability to interrupt and annoy the enemy is great to have.
Ant-Man provides his ability when you swarm the board and you will with the cheap cards plus Shanna here for sure so you can buff him up with his extra power quite well.
Korg is always a great 1-cost card in swarm decks for me as he can mess up a full opponent turn by drawing into the rock and is able to get all ongoing effects.
Ebony Maw is great as you can flood one location with your 1-cost cards and then drop him there as well on Turn 3 to have one strong location down.
Squirrel Girl has nice reach, floods the board and you can buff the Squirrels up, so she is also a card to have in any swarm deck.
Mojo works extremely well with here as you can get a nice power boost at the end for a location and even without getting his boost, he’s a neutral card that can power up Ant-Man or be used in other ways as well.
Armor is a great fit in this control deck to mess up opponent synergies, especially with destroy cards, And with many 1-cost cards you might want to make sure that an opponent Killmonger won’t mess you up too bad. Also a great one to play with Sunspot.
marvel snap mystique card
Mystique is a great option to copy ongoing abilities like Kazar or Blue marvel, but also Mojo or Armor can be an option
Shanna is the card here that spawns some extra card that you then can use with Blue Marvel for more power, activate abilities like Rescue, Mojo or Ant-Man or reach into blocked locations.
Kazar buffs all those 1-cost cards (including the ones that Shanna spawns) in power and has some power on his own, great push towards more power in all locations and you can even play Mystique on top of him to gain up to 24 extra power in total on all locations.
blue marvel card 2023
Blue Marvel will buff up all cards so you can get deeper into locked locations or gain more power across the board to find your win condition

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