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marvel snap good cards priority marvel snap good cards priority

Leech Leader Strong Cards – MARVEL SNAP

Every season I have a fresh deck that uses the strongest cards we have that are quite standalone and don’t require many synergies between each other and this season it’s actually one of the strongest decks to play and I had an incredible win rate with it early on.

Card Strategy

Sunspot is a great early or filer card for any turn you have, gathering more and more power over time. Great synergy with Armor so he can’t be destroyed once gathered a lot of power (Killmonger and Shang Chi are out there on the hunt). Amazing value and gains enough to pressure your opponent
Scorpion won’t look like much but decreasing power of enemy cards can make some useless and causes a lot of frustration early, especially against many decks that require multiplication to work well to gain enough power towards the end.
Armor is played only to protect Sunspot or to mess with your opponent if you see him on a Destroy Deck (Bucky Barnes, Deadpool etc are clear indicators that you can mess with a location)
Lizard has great value and even if your opponent plays all cards on this location it is still a 2-power-for-2-energy trade.
Cosmo is such an important card right now as he will interrupt so many synergies that opponents have in current meta decks that you absolutely need him. There’s almost never a match where he’s not useful. You can eve, if you don’t use him for disruption, consider playing your magneto into him for a decent 12-power push in that location.
marvel snap maximus card
Maximus has great value with his power for the low costs and drawing extra cards will not be that beneficial for you opponent as you will be able to either copy his win condition card with White Queen or block more card abilities by playing Leech. A great win-win for you and perfect fit in this deck.
Shang Chi is one of the cards you can almost always use as he can turn tides in a location where you face high-power cards, sometimes without initiative on the last turn also played into nothing can find you your win condition and with all the high-power setups you see this season a card that will pay out playing pretty much every single time.
White Queen helps you draw your opponents win condition card so you know what he’s up to on Turn 5 and Turn 6 so you can use your Magneto, Leader or Aero wisely to disrupt their plans and win the match. Also decent 6-power make her work well in this deck.
Leech can be so devastating by blocking your opponents’ card abilities and after Maximus you will block half their deck! Especially after White Queen when you know what their highest cost card is you can disrupt very well with him.
Aero is a great card to mess with your opponents last turn play, especially when you know what kind of deck he’s playing. Move the cards away and if you have Leader for your last turn, make sure you have space and the lead in two locations and it’s a victory almost every time!
Leader works incredibly well still after the nerf. If you are able to predict the location your opponent will play, you can find a great win condition plus get decent 7 power on the board, too.
Magneto is along with Aero also a great card, especially when you used White Queen to see what’s coming, you can drag all powerful cards to a neutral location and take over the other ones easily for victory.

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