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Zabu Handsize Deck Guide – MARVEL SNAP

With Zabu enabling a ton of 4-cost cards that largen your handsize, this deck can get nice power on the board through Devil Dinosaur but you can also drop more mid-power cards later so you can be really flexible and competing for all locations of to the end.

In this guide you’ll learn everything about the best deck with her, including some replacements, and what lines to play and everything else you need.

Card Strategy

Iceman is a great start that messes with the enemy order for a quick and nice start.
marvel snap quinjet card
Quinjet can help and make along with Zabu several 4-cost cards to 1-cost and just open a ton of possibilities.
Sentinel is a solid choice to play when you having nothing else, need to fill the gap or get some card down early and you will get the card back anyway.
marvel snap zabu card
Zabu is a great Turn 3 card and will your important 4-cost cards in this hand that grow your handsize (Moongirl, White Queen) to 2-cost so you can drop them on Turn 6 too for more power but also to grow your Devil Dinosaur even more.
marvel snap agent coulson card
Agent Coulson will pull additional cards for your Devil Dinosaur and sometimes you also find a gem in there that gives more flexibility. With Quinjet even a 2-cost card.
Shang-Chi doesn’t contribute much in terms of the synergy but he can get you out of trouble facing high-power cards and with Zabu he becomes a 2-cost card.
Spider-Man is an amazing card to mix things up and lock down one location, socially at 2-cost (with Zabu), 3-cost (with Quinjet) or even 1-cost (with both of them).
Moongirl with Zabi is a great cheap card even at Turn 6 to buff up Devil Dinosaur and you can even play earlier to duplicate many cards that you then can double-drop (Spider-Man or White Queen are great).
White Queen has decent power, scales Devil Dinosaur and can also tell you what win condition your opponent is after by pulling their highest-cost card. With Zabu in place you can also drop her along with other cards on Turn 6 without hurting Devil Dinosaur.
Devil Dinosaur becomes a great high-power card especially when you can play all the cards that increase your hand size cheaper through Quinjet and Zabu.
Aero is a great card to mess with your opponents last turn play, especially when you know what kind of deck he’s playing. Move the cards away and if you have Leader for your last turn, make sure you have space and the lead in two locations and it’s a victory almost every time!
Leader is still viable after his nerf and now has more power and if you can predict where your opponent lays you can still find your win condition easily with him.

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