marvel snap pool 2 discard deck guide marvel snap pool 2 discard deck guide

Pool 2 Discard (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

This Pool 2 Discard deck is the evolution of the well-known Pool 1 Discard deck with some more cards that just synergize better with discard effects, like Lady Sif, Swarm or Morbius. It’s a rock-solid deck that provides a lot of versatility and stability so let’s get into the guide

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – while lower Pool Discard decks sometimes require you to draw into the win condition line and also have some filler cards that just don’t have strong synergies with discard effects, this is now a full deck where all cards synergize well with each other.

Win condition – you have enough cards with discard effects (Blade, Lady Sif and Sword Master) to discard some cards. Morbius will benefit from that as well as Swarm does while you can ultimately get your Apocalypse powered up for a strong end-turn push. America Chavez is basically in there to make your drawings of cards more consistent and make sure you draw them earlier as you will always draw her on turn 6.

Problems – actually none, like all discard decks in Marvel Snap there’s little your opponent can do to interrupt. The only thing is that he sees when your Apocalypse powers up so he can predict your last turn action, but if your Apocalypse is strong enough it’s still tough to predict where you put him and also countering something like a 20-power Apocalypse is not that easy. You’ll see several retreats on the last turn with this deck.

Substitutions – none, but if you lack cards you can look here into this lower pool discard decks.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

Get your cards on the board and try to discard into the cards that benefit you to make either a strong push on one location or multiple other locations in the end.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Get Morbius out there if you can and even skip Blade in the first turn if you draw Morbius. Basically, try to cycle through discards as much as possible after you have Morbius to turn him into a high-power card.

Mid Phase (Turn 4-5)

Continue to discard and get some more cards in. You want to be able to compete for all locations at this point so don#t obviously give up on one of them (and with an Apocalypse that is 16 or maybe even 20 power you can make a comeback almost everywhere – but be aware that your opponent see your discards and can see how much power your Apocalypse has!!!) Also keep your returned Swarm cards in your hand and don’t play them before the last turn!

marvel snap pool 2 discard deck gemaplay

End Phase (Turn 6)

If you frequently discarded into your Apocalypse you can also use his (by now) 16 or maybe even 20 power to take over one location in the end. Alternatively you have several Swarm cards with 3 power each to make a push with Apocalypse in one location and then add Swarms somewhere else to strengthen or steal a location.


Great deck and if you have the cards you can probably give it a shot to see that it’s the best discard deck so far, especially countering the current meta decks that have high power push potential.

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