marvel snap 2 lane destroyer deck guide marvel snap 2 lane destroyer deck guide

2-Lane Destroyer – Pool 3 Destruct (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Here’s a destruct deck for Marvel Snap that is really interesting as it has a destroy card that you can play at the very end with high power – Destroyer. So, this is a little different from other destruct decks but one that is really powerful and gives you a lot of versatility across the board.

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If you played a destruct deck before, like the classic Pool 1 Destruct or the Pool 2 Destruct decks, you might need to adapt here a little bit as you will play cards that also protect cards from destruction and you have to be aware of some negative synergies that can happen – but I promise you after reading my guide you want to try this deck as it is simply too powerful to not give it a shot.

Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you have your usual low-cost cards that you want to to destroy and the destrction cards that have some nice benefits. Then you try to draw into the last turns and play your Destroyer that has already 16 power and combine it with either a card that will give you a bonus or use protective cards to prevent it destroying your cards at this location (more on that below)

Win condition – with Hood, Nova and Bucky Barnes you can gain big value early with low-cost cards and you will be able to draw a card that can destroy them later. You can already build a strong foundation in the early turns. Then you have cards that will sabotage your enemy or lock down a lane or prepare a lane for a strong push with Destroyer at the end.

Problems – actually this destruct deck has less problems than you might see with other destruct decks, the obvious fact that you play a destruct deck so your opponent can predict you rnext steps kind-of. With Armor and Cosmo you actually cloak up the fact that you’re on a destruct deck a little bit.

Substitutions – not really for this one, but I have multiple other destroy deck variations for all pools here.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

Play the cards that give you benefits when destroyed early, destroy them or prepare for Destroyer push on the last turn

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

As mentioned above, you want to get your cards on the board that will give you value when you destroy them early, like Bucky Barnes, Nova, or Hood.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-4)

There are multiple things that happen here. Either you go straight forward and use your destroy cards already or you prepare one lane with Armor or Cosmo for your Destroyer on the last turn.

Also Killmonger is nice here to get rid of enemy Sunspot or gain advantage over opponent control decks easily.

marvel snap 2 lane destroyer deck gemaplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

Here’s where you normally want to get your Destroyer in, so you have either a lane with cards that you can play Destroyer on – like Bucky Barnes for trade to Winter Soldier, Nova to make all cards gain power or get rid of the negative power of Hood. Alternatively, you have Cosmo or Armor down on a lane so you can play Destroyer and he will not destroy the cards here but get his 16 power in that location to turn it over to you. Don’t forget! Destroyer will destroy ALL cards on all your locations, so don’t drop him unless you have another location protected by Armor or play him on top of Cosmo!


Not just a really strong deck here, also one that makes so much fun to play as you almost always have a move and can make a comeback, especially as 1-cost decks are so popular you have also the strong meta counter with Enchantress that can turn matches in the last turn easily.

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