Mario Kart Tour Tier List

Do you ask yourself which driver works best right now and you should spend your Skill-Up Tickets on? Or you ask which ones you should get from the shop?

I have here a tier list with an approach on how useful a driver can be right now and will update this every week so you always know which driver is worth it and which one isn’t.

Please mind – below you will find how the numbers are calculated. A proper tier list for Mario Kart Tour needs to always take the current tour setup of cups and how the drivers perform there in the calculation, only ranking based on special items is not useful at all!

Trick Tour (APR 22th – MAY 6th)

Here’s the tier list for the Trick Tour.

Ranked Cup #1 – Mario Cup

Ranked Cup #2 – Toad Cup (until further notice, but 93% sure it will be)

If you want to know how the score is calculated, please check below.

[ninja_tables id=”583″]

Attention! The table can take up to 20 seconds to load, please don’t close if you don’t see the table right away (especially mobile!)

How The Tier List Works

With every new tour or even Ranked Cup within a tour determine which driver, glider or kart will be better.

I have been playing around with several ways to actually create such a tier list that should no be “just by my thoughts” and I came up with this ranking factors:

  • How often is a driver available in races for Frenzy Mode?
  • How is a driver available in Ranked Cup?
  • *NEW* How important is a driver (e.g. when only 2 drivers are available for Frenzy Mode in a race, those drivers are more valuable compared to when 5 drivers are available for Frenzy Mode – see more on that below)
  • Is this driver needed for a certain challenge

This will all translate into a point system that will give us a final ranking every week:

Ranked Cup (3 Items) 25
Ranked Cup (2 Items) 10
Cup Race (3 Items) 5
Cup Race (2 Items) 3
Challenge 3

So, as you can see there are different rankings for drivers than karts and glider. The reason is that a driver that can get you Frenzy Mode in a Ranked Cup race is a lot more valuable than one that can get you 2 Items per Item Box.

driver for frenzy mode

So, and I can still score pretty well when I have a kart or a glider that is only Combo Bonus x2 or Bonus Points x1.5 – when I don’t get Frenzy Mode I will miss out on a lot of points in that race.

chances to get into frenzy mode

Also, you can still neutralize that with another glider with a higher level. Let’s say I use a glider Level 4 that is High-End except a glider Level 1 that has the Combo Bonus x2, I can still get the same score – but there’s no way to do that with a driver that won’t be able to get Frenzy Mode because only getting 2 items from Item Boxes.

As you understand this tier list needs to get updated with every new tour and also every new Ranked Cup in Mario Kart Tour.


Points now get splitted. If you have a cup with only 2 drivers that can get Frenzy Mode, they are a lot more valuable compared to a cup when there are 5 drivers. For this reason I will divide the points now to reflect these drivers with better ranking in the tier list:

mario kart tour driver tier list calculation

How Does A Tier List Help You?

With every tour reward you can get several Skill Up Tickets that you can use to level up a driver, kart or glider – but here’s what makes this choice hard… What ones should you use them on?

That’s where my Tier List for Mario Kart Tour comes in, you can see that as a blueprint what drivers, karts and glider are the most valuable ones

My Problem With Other Tier Lists

I found that other tier lists I found have been either individual ones, based on Ranked Cup only or used some plain list where the new ones always have been the strongest – that’s why I wanted to make this tier list myself.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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