Mario Kart Tour Tier List (Driver, Karts & Glider) – Mario vs. Luigi Tour

mario kart tour driver kart glider tier list

Do you ask yourself which driver, kart and glider works best right now and you should spend your Skill-Up Tickets on? Or you ask which ones you should get from the shop?

I have here a tier list with an approach on how useful a driver, kart or glider can be right now and will update this every week so you always know which one is worth it and which one isn’t.

You will find here a weekly updated list of drivers, karts and gliders.

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Driver Tier List *Updated Sunset Tour*

First, let me give you some thoughts how I calculate my tier list for the drivers.

Many other lists simply group drivers by their special item. Coin Box top to hearts bottom, but I think this is not the real strength of a driver.

Here are the 4 factors that I take into account:

  1. Max Points (as they will give you a nice extra, depends on rarity)
  2. Max Skill (also depends on rarity, but a High-End Skill Level 6 is stronger when it comes to getting Frenzy Mode than a Normal Skill Level 6)
  3. The Amount of courses this drive is Tier 3 and can get Frenzy Mode
  4. The driver Special Item strength

Max Points and Skill Level matter like I have described in my article about how points are calculated for combos and everything else in Mario Kart Tour – you can dive deeper into that here.

The amount of Tier 3 courses is obvious, this is how likely it is that this driver will be a driver you can use to get into Frenzy Mode. The more courses a driver is featured Tier 3, the higher the chances.

The Special Item is also important and I will give points based on my Special Item Tier List that you can find here

I translated all of them into a formula that also takes the different weights into account:

  • Max Points & Max Skill (Based on Rarity): 20%
    • 5 Points for Normal
    • 7 Points for Super
    • 10 Points for High-End
  • Number of T3 Tracks: 30%
    • up to 13 points for the amount of T3 courses a driver has
  • Special Item Strength: 50%
    • Up to 20 as there are 20 special items available

So, here’s an example of how the table looks like:

King Boo 30 7 6 17

King Boo be our example here. He is a Super rarity driver with 6x featured as T3 driver and has Lucky Seven as his Special Item which is really strong. This gives him a total score of 30 points in the tier list.

So, here the full list that I updated every week with the new drivers available and the adapted amount of courses they get

Driver that got updated in the current tour are tagged with , driver that are new on the list with

IconName-ScoreRarityItemT3 TracksT2 Tracks
Mario (Chef)47.510171810Driver
Dry Bones (Gold)51.2510152121Driver
Peach (Vacation)46.510151814Driver
Gold Koopa (Freerunning)47.510151914Driver
Pink Gold Peach45.2510151617Driver
Pauline (Party Time)47.2510151817Driver
Mario (Hakama)46.2510151717Driver
Daisy (Holiday Cheer)44.7510171319Driver
Yoshi (Reindeer)44.510131814Driver
Yoshi (Egg Hunt)4510131816Driver
Rosalina (Swimwear)4610151716Driver
Dry Bowser (Gold)43.7510102111Driver
Dry Bowser42.7510141611Driver
Luigi (Classic)47.510171618Driver
Rosalina (Aurora)41.251091913Driver
Ice Mario40.251091813Driver
Black Yoshi42.51082114Driver
Mario (Happi)40.2510101713Driver
Funky Kong41.510111714Driver
Wario (Hiker)39.7510101615Driver
Penguin Luigi39.751091811Driver
Baby Rosalina (Detective)39.751062111Driver
King Boo34.2571789Driver
Bowser Jr.33714114Driver
Toadette (Explorer)38.51081714Driver
Toad (Pit Crew)34716812Driver
Shy Guy (Pastry Chef)39.751071819Driver
Peach (Kimono)38.251071621Driver
Captain Toad38.51091614Driver
Builder Toad40.2510101713Driver
Wario (Cowboy)361091412Driver
Red Yoshi36.57131218Driver
Metal Mario36.51091414Driver
King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)32.2510101213Driver
Builder Mario401091812Driver
Boomerang Bro34716716Driver
Toad (Party Time)371071616Driver
Peach (Wintertime)35.751061615Driver
Mario (Swimwear)37.251061813Driver
Mario (Santa)371091416Driver
Mario (Musician)38.51081618Driver
King Bob-omb43.7510121719Driver
Bowser Jr. (Pirate)40.7510101811Driver
Birdo (Light Blue)32.5713914Driver
Peach (Wedding)36.51051814Driver
Baby Peach (Cherub)32.51021810Driver
Red Koopa (Freerunning)30791112Driver
Dixie Kong33.751031811Driver
Birdo (Yellow)32.75713915Driver
Waluigi (Bus Driver)34.751031815Driver
Rosalina (Halloween)34.251061417Driver
Ice Bro30.75791211Driver
Hammer Bro29.5791014Driver
Fire Bro29791012Driver
Daisy (Yakuta)37.751091611Driver
Daisy (Fairy)33.751021815Driver
Baby Luigi28516412Driver
Mario (Classic)34.751051519Driver
Baby Mario26.5516310Driver
Monty Mole27.25771013Driver
Diddy Kong27.25711613Driver
Black Shy Guy29710816Driver
Mario (SNES)32.751051415Driver
Pink Shy Guy24.75721119Driver
Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES)31.751031615Driver
Donkey Kong2174712Driver
Shy Guy17.558210Driver
Koopa Troopa16.7556311Driver
Dry Bones16.556310Driver
Baby Rosalina1251312Driver
Baby Daisy11.551310Driver
Baby Peach10.7551211Driver
Mario (Sunshine)35.251041717Driver
Shy Guy (Gold40.2510121513Driver
Mario (Halloween)38.751017911Driver
Peach (Halloween)31.51091010Driver
King Boo (Gold)36.51015910Driver
Peach (Explorer)30.25101095Driver
Wild Black48.51052017Kart
Carrot Kart45.51051521Kart
Ghost Ride351041014Kart
Ribbon Rider421051416Kart
Swift Jack42.51031817Kart
Apple Kart40.51041417Kart
Happy Ride43.5105199Kart
Yellow Taxi42.51041519Kart
Wild Wing381021714Kart
Rose Queen42105188Kart
Gold Egg421041812Kart
Wildfire Flyer41.51041615Kart
Bright Bunny41.51041713Kart
Green Apple Kart381031514Kart
Pink Wing421032012Kart
Red B Dasher37.51011619Kart
Platinum Taxi41.51051415Kart
Dozer Dasher361021710Kart
Banana Master411051512Kart
Gold Cheep Charger33.5105115Kart
Kabuki Dasher37.51021713Kart
Glam Bruiser361031314Kart
Snow Skimmer401041514Kart
Gilded Prancer381041510Kart
Black B Dasher351021218Kart
Clanky Kart381041412Kart
Choco Macharon37105146Kart
Poison Apple Kart34102168Kart
Dark Buggy361041310Kart
Gold Train33.51011513Kart
Radish Rider34.51031213Kart
Cheep Snorkel38.5104177Kart
Circuit Special33.5103139Kart
Bumble V33.51021411Kart
Black Circuit34.51031115Kart
Karp Kart311011410Kart
Sweet Daytripper341011612Kart
Jingle Bells31.51021211Kart
Ice-blue Poltergust31.51021211Kart
Blue Soda381021910Kart
Comet Tail36102188Kart
Blue Badwagon391051116Kart
Koopa King30101148Kart
B Dasher30.5102129Kart
Red Taxi31.51021211Kart
Clackety Kart38.51051311Kart
Queen Bee29102134Kart
Black Kabuki Dasher421051514Kart
Head Honcho41.51051611Kart
Egg 133.575129Kart
Gold Clanky Kart37.51021713Kart
Gold Cheep Snorkel37.51011619Kart
Brown Offroader32102148Kart
Red Streamliner29.5731013Kart
Tea Coupe33741212Kart
Silver Bullet Blaster37.5104159Kart
Turbo Birdo3175714Kart
Chrome DK Jumbo29.574911Kart
Gold Blooper3075810Kart
Bolt Buggy30731112Kart
Dark Clown29.57597Kart
Light-blue Turbo Birdo25.5711013Kart
Cloud 923.57465Kart
DK Jumbo28.574713Kart
Koopa Clown2975612Kart
Festival Girl40.51041613Kart
Pirate Sushi Racer31.5101159Kart
Soda Jet30.575107Kart
Blue Seven2471118Kart
Red Turbo Yoshi2571914Kart
Super 1287498Kart
Super Blooper277568Kart
White Royale197184Kart
Rambi Rider23.571813Kart
Turbo Yoshi23.57469Kart
Yellow Turbo Birdo23.572711Kart
Dasher II2372612Kart
Mach 8237368Kart
Poltergust 4000197344Kart
Flame Flyer2071610Kart
Birthday Girl Daisy2171612Kart
Barrel Train19.57177Kart
Green Cheep Charger2554416Kart
Birthday Girl Rosalina2053410Kart
Blue Biddybuggy1953310Kart
Cheep Charger20.55447Kart
Green Kiddie Kart185178Kart
Red Kiddie Kart195348Kart
Bull's-Eye Banzai1751412Kart
Pink Mushmellow17.552213Kart
Birthday Girl175248Kart
Bullet Blaster14.55139Kart
Pipe Buggy16.55327Kart
Koopa Dasher1451210Kart
Pipe Frame18.553211Kart
8-Bit Pipe Frame401051412Kart
Gold Pipe Frame421041616Kart
Surf Sailer301021110Kart
Star-Spangled Flyer39.51051313Kart
Green Circuit44.51041817Kart
Sports Coupe30.51011213Kart
Pumpkin Kart34105108Kart
Dark Trickster30.510489Kart
Sunset Cloud2310266Kart
DK Maximum371021614Kart
Sushi Racer33.5103139Kart
Gilded King341021510Kart
Crawly Kart30103108Kart
Black Dozer2210176Kart
Super Glider1855212Glider
Paper Glider2359410Glider
Droplet Glider14.55149Glider
BBIA Parafoil2358510Glider
Minion Paper Glider135138Glider
Piston Glider2255514Glider
Piranha Plant Parafoil185458Glider
Peach Parasol28.571079Glider
Flower Glider26.578611Glider
Oilpaper Umbrella32.5710913Glider
Lightning Oilpaper24.5721011Glider
Pink Flower Glider33771018Glider
8-Bit Jumping Mario29.5741115Glider
? Block387111216Glider
Plaid Ribbon39.5791419Glider
Eggshell Glider35791018Glider
Wario Wing227396Glider
Waluigi Wing2373810Glider
BaNaNa Parafoil33.5781213Glider
Blue Flower Glider24.5711013Glider
Gold Glider4210111610Glider
Fare Flier40.51071713Glider
Purple Oilpaper Umbrella38.51051419Glider
Full Flight391041422Glider
Strawberry Crepe43.510101615Glider
Le Tricolore39.51051519Glider
Royal Parachute42.510101613Glider
Glitter Glider35.51021517Glider
Soaring Jack421091418Glider
Gift Glider43.510111417Glider
New Year's 202035.51051413Glider
New Year's Kite4410111614Glider
Fireworks Parachute41.51061619Glider
Crimson Crane4510101716Glider
Blizzard Parasol37.51071511Glider
Blizzard Balloons34.51031415Glider
Sweetheart Glider411081614Glider
Heart Balloons47.510101917Glider
Luma Parafoil371021716Glider
Rainbow Starchute36.51041515Glider
Bright Glider43.51081717Glider
Safety Glider401061714Glider
Daisy Glider441072112Glider
Pink Gold Paper Glider37.51061513Glider
Butterfly Sunset401041816Glider
Chocolate Donut4110101512Glider
Gold Crane5010112116Glider
Chocolate Banana Crepe37.5106179Glider
Strawberry Donut41.51052111Glider
Silver Bells431071914Glider
Silver and Gold Hearts401031916Glider
Manta Glider401061812Glider
Treasure Map30.51021311Glider
Butterfly Wings35.51021713Glider
Great Sail39.51081611Glider
Festival Wings40.51091513Glider
8-Bit Star341021514Glider
Super Mario Kart Glider40.51051717Glider
Star-Sprangled Glider35.51041415Glider
Spider Glider30106910Glider
Sunset Balloons27.510875Glider
Bullet Bill Parachute331031314Glider
Cloud Glider31102158Glider
Rainy Balloons35.51021419Glider
Wicked Wings40.5107199Glider
Gold Swooper47.510111915Glider
Banana Wingtip42.51081519Glider
Tropical Glider48.51082119Glider
Dragon Wings531092616Glider
Blooper Wingtip31.51011511Glider
Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella351011714Glider
Cheep Cheep Masks36.51011913Glider
Baby Mario Hanafuda371051220Glider
Yoshi's Egg Hanafuda40.510101119Glider
Peach Hanafuda371041516Glider
Barrel Hanafuda34.5103179Glider
Blooper Hanafuda31.5101169Glider
Cape Mario Hanafuda371041418Glider
Bullet Bill Hanafuda321031312Glider
Boo Hanafuda38.510101213Glider
Piranha Plant Hanafuda351071310Glider
Goomba Hanafuda341051116Glider
Jumping Mario Hanafuda30101076Glider

Kart Tier List (Updated Summer Festival Tour)

Now let’s take a look at the karts.

Similar to the driver tier list we need to take several things into account:

  1. Max Points (as they will give you a nice extra, depends on rarity)
  2. Max Skill (also depends on rarity, but a High-End Skill Level 6 is stronger when it comes to getting bonus points than a Normal Skill Level 6)
  3. The Amount of courses this kart is Tier 3 and Tier 2
  4. The kart Special Skill strength

I translated all of them into a formula that also takes the different weights into account:

  • Max Points & Max Skill (Based on Rarity): 20%
    • 7 Points for Normal
    • 10 Points for Super
    • 15 Points for High-End
  • Number of T3 and T2 Tracks: 20%
    • up to 13 points for the amount of T3 courses a kart has
    • up to 5 points for the amount of T2 courses a kart has
  • Special Item Strength: 20%
    • Up to 5 points as there are 5 special skills available
      • Mini-Turbo Plus (5 Points)
      • Jump Boost Plus (4 Points)
      • Slipstream Plus (3 Points)
      • Dash Panel Plus (2 Points)
      • Rocket Start (1 Point)

So, here the full list that I updated every week with the new karts available and the adapted amount of courses they get

How Does A Tier List Help You?

With every tour reward you can get several Skill Up Tickets that you can use to level up a driver, kart or glider – but here’s what makes this choice hard… What ones should you use them on?

That’s where my Tier List for Mario Kart Tour comes in, you can see that as a blueprint what drivers, karts and glider are the most valuable ones

My Problem With Other Tier Lists

I found that other tier lists I found have been either individual ones, based on Ranked Cup only or used some plain list where the new ones always have been the strongest – that’s why I wanted to make this tier list myself.

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