mario kart tour all frenzy ranked guide mario kart tour all frenzy ranked guide

All Frenzy Modes Ranked & How To Get Them

Frenzy Mode is the thing that will give amazing combo points and will skyrocket your points during a race and I have here some details to Frenzy Mode to show you insights into how to get Frenzy Mode during a race plus also ranked the different Frenzy Modes according to how many points they will get you.

Frenzy Mode – How To Get & How Does It Work

The mechanic behind Frenzy is a little more complex than simply “get it, hit for points, done”. I want you to understand how Frenzy Mode is obtained during a race so you can get the most out of it and also include that in your tactic during a race.

How To Get Frenzy

You will get into Frenzy Mode when you get 3 items of the same type but there’s more to it.

It doesn’t matter if you get them through one Item Box (if you don’t have a single item right now) or through multiple Item Boxes (if you have one or two items of the same type and get the third from another Item Box).

You will NOT get Frenzy back to back so if you’re in Frenzy Mode and you come through the next Item Box while Frenzy is still active, you will not get into Frenzy Mode from that next Item Box.

Also, you will NOT get more than 3 Frenzy Mode in a single race.

Can You Aim For A Certain Frenzy Mode Item?

Yes and no. As I said, you need three items of the same type to get Frenzy Mode (with the limitations shown above), but depending on your position you will get different items.

So, if you’re in the first or second place right now, you will never pull items like Blopper, Lightning, Bullet Bill etc. so you will never get those Frenzy Modes when you’re in that position. If you do need a certain one (e.g. for completing a challenge), you will need to get into a lower place in the race and try to get lucky there.

Overall chances for Mushroom, Green Shell, Banana or Coin Frenzy Mode are a lot higher than for items like Bullet Bill Frenzy or Lightning Frenzy.

Also, the higher the skill level of your driver, the higher your chances to get Frenzy (as you can see in the image here)

Frenzy Time & Amount Of Actions

Frenzy Mode gives you 9 seconds of invincibility where nothing can hit you and you can use as many Frenzy Actions during this time as you can. Frenzy Actions is when you tap the screen so you will get, for example, a Coin during Coin Frenzy.

This means, try to tap the screen as often as you can during Frenzy Mode as every single time will give you points and boost your combo count.

Important! if you’re in Frenzy Mode, use two hands! You need to steer and drift with one finger and tap the Frenzy Actions with the other finger to get maximum value.

Points For Frenzy Action

The points you will get vary as there are multiple things that happen when you’re in Frenzy Mode:

  • You will get points for each tap on the screen (Frenzy Action) – 1 Base Point each
  • You will get points for each Frenzy Item used (Coin, Shell, etc.) – 0 to 50 Points each

Base Points because the combo multiplier will add points here as well.

As you can see, Grenzy Mode with items that give direct points like Coins, Mushrooms (you will get the points 100% of the time) are better than Bananas or Green Shells that only hit a few times.

All Frenzy Modes Ranked

The points you will get from Frenzy Mode depends on what item you will get. To make this simple, if you do get Frenzy Mode with Hearts you will get only the Frenzy Action, in case you get Frenzy Mode with Coins you will get the Frenzy Action plus the Coin Action points that is a lot more – for that reason I ranked the different Frenzy Modes here to show you which ones you should aim for, especially in Ranked Cups.

You can get the general items as Frenzy Mode with every driver (e.g. Coin, Shells, Mushrooms, …) and the special items like Fire Flower or Bubble are only available if your driver has that as the special item.

Please mind this list is in the perspective of getting a higher point score and not how strong a Frenzy will push your position!

Lucky 7 Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – super strong becaue you will hit opponents with the shells, lay down Bananas, use a Mushroom each time and get a ton of additional actions with nice points while using it. This is the Frenzy you will really love!

Boomerang Frenzy (5 Base Points / Coin & 25 Base Points / Hit) – super strong because you will hit opponents around you and also collect all nearby Coins as well. This will accumulate a lot of combo count and extra points.

Dash Ring Frenzy (10 Base Points / Coin) – this is the better version of Triple Mushroom because you will get the 10 points for every Dash Ring and you get 3 each time you do the Frenzy Action – long story short, you will get a ton of action points and skyrocket your multiplicator and also getting most of them is quite easy.

Coin Box Frenzy (5 Base Points / Coin) – in theory really strong but you can also end up catching only few Coins when jumping in between. In total you normally get more Coins than with the regular Coin Frenzy but squishy.

Coin Frenzy (5 Base Points / Coin) – no discussion here that Coin Frenzy is the best Frenzy to get because you will get all the Coins you can get and have 100% efficiency here to boost your multiplier by at least 24 for only using this Frenzy Mode.

(Triple) Mushroom Frenzy (10 Base Points / Coin) – will give you three Mushrooms every action and you’re guaranteed to get the full potential out of this that will boost your points a lot.

Bullet Bill Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – you will move incredibly fast and also shoot bob-ombs each time so you can really clean up the whole field from behind and gather a ton of points because you either hit opponents as Bullet Bill or with the bombs.

Lightning Frenzy (50 Base Points / Hit) – unlike having Lightning as the normal item, in Frenzy Mode it will only hit the opponent in front of you but you will catch up fast and get multiple hits that also give double the base action points compared to a normal hit.

It’s not higher here on the list because it’s really rare to get and you need to be in a very low position to get.

Bowser’s Shell Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – for me the most effective shell in Frenzy Mode because it will hit anything in the way as long as it’s in the middle area of the track so you will get an insane amount of hits during this Frenzy that will outrank the other shells easily.

Blooper Frenzy (10 Base Points /Hit) – works the same as Lightning but give less points and opponents with Blooper active won’t be much slower so you can’t get as many hits in compared to Lightning Frenzy.

Spiny Shell Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – when in Frenzy Mode, the Spiny Shells will not go after the first position driver exclusively but go after the driver in front of you. They also won’t spin before hitting and travel a lot faster so it’s basically a Red Shell but a lot faster and more effective.

Birdo/Yoshi’s Egg Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – a little better than Red Shell because it can’t get deflected with an item but only a small tiny bit better and in reality, it will give the same advantage like a Red Shell Frenzy.

Red Shell Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – compared to Bananas and Green Shells, you will very likely get more hits and you can use it to alternate shoot to the front and the back to get the maximum value out of this Frenzy. Normally it gets you 4-5 hits.

Triple Bob-omb Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – they explode directly but have a huge hitbox so you can get several hits in, also getting multiple opponents at the same time. The downside is that you need to be around opponents.

Giant Banana Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – the best of the Banana Frenzies because the Giant Banana has a larger hitbox and will transform into Triple Banana after hitting, so you will more likely get more hits compared to Triple Banana or regular Banana Frenzy.

Bob-omb Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – I found it hard to rank Bob-ombs in Frenzy. They will explode a lot faster compared to getting it as regular item but the hit radius is quite big. On the downside, they won’t last long on the track and you need to be close to your opponents to get a decent amount of hits.

Triple Banana Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – is a little better than the normal Banana Frenzy because the three Bananas per drop do have a higher chance to actually hit your opponents and you can also connect combo streaks later because the Bananas are left on the track for 1 round.

Banana Barrel Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – does indeed sprinkle a ton of Bananas all over the track but as you will shoot them in front of you, you won’t be able to lay many in positions where they actually hit your opponents.

Banana Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – is useful when you’re in a leading position, especially as you can get the hit later that can help you connecting two combo streaks. The downside is that Banana Frenzy is not consistent but you will normally get 2-4 hits with it.

Triple Green Shell Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – I know we probably discuss about this in the comments but I see Green Shell Frenzy lower than Banana because the shells are harder to place (as they’re moving) and they will disappear after some bounces while the Bananas stay longer. Normally around 3-4 hits per Frenzy.

Green Shell Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – shooting one Green Shell than thre of them compared to the Triple Green Shell Frenzy makes this slightly lower in the Frenzy Ranking here for me. More than 2-3 hits are very rare and if you’re in a huge lead you might even not get one hit with it.

The same also counts for Fire Flower or Ice Flower as they only shoot one instead of three bolts when you have them in Frenzy Mode and they behave exactly as Green Shells.

Mushroom Cannon Frenzy (10 Base Points / Coin) – can give some additional points when you’re on a long straight but as soon as there are turns or jumps it’s super squishy and you might miss almost all of the mushroom and won’t get any additional Base Points for them.

Super Horn Frenzy (10 Base Points / Hit) – can be nice if you’re in the middle of multiple opponents and can actually hit them but in most times you only hit one or two so not as great as you think as Frenzy Mode item.

Mega Mushroom Frenzy (25 Base Points / Hit) – also not a great Frenzy because you need to physically touch an opponent to get additional Base Action points and this is something you might get like 1-2 times max during those 9 seconds.

Bubble Frenzy (- Base Points / Hit) – also a bad Frenzy because in the bubble you have basically no chances to do anything than watch and you won’t accumulate any action points away from the Frenzy Action combo.

Heart Frenzy (- Base Points / Hit) – one of the worst Frenzies out there because you won’t get any additional base points for the hearts – hearts will only grant points when you use them and as you’re invincible during Frenzy anyway you will only get the higher combo count from doing Frenzy Actions.

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