Level Up Rewards & How To Level Up Faster

Leveling up your Player Level in Mario Kart Tour is something you really want to focus on because it will make your life easier a lot in the future plus give you a lot of extra points in the ranked cups. In this guide I want to show you everything you need to know about leveling up your Player Level as well as a full list of rewards and some additional tips that will help you gaining more Player XP.

Player Level XP – How Does It Work?

With every race you finish you can gain player experience that will help you raise your Player Level, but there’s in fact a lot more to this to know when you want to level up faster in Mario Kart Tour!

Why You Want To Have A Higher Player Level

Let’s go through the different things but let’s first of all talk about the benefits from having a higher Player Level.

With every new Player Level you will gain more points for your victory. This is normally 20 additional points per Player Level and don’t sound much when you have a final scroa of like 8,000 points, right?

The truth is, you underestimate the real power here.

Here you see that you can get 2,700 points for winning a race at Player Level 20 but a player with Player Level 99 (the highest right now) will get 4,980 points. If you two would now be in the same tier in the ranked cup this player will get more than 2,000 points more for winning that race than you and that’s a lot – that’s already 6,000 points for the whole ranked cup for doing nothing else than you do!

Also, most cups in a tour require you to get around 6,000 to 9,000 points to get the 5 Stars and the higher your Player Level the easier you will get them – this means the faster you will progress through the cups in each new tour in Mario Kart Tour! You normally get like 2,000 points for your driver, kart and glider and 400 points for getting 1st into the 2nd lap. Now add the points for the victory and you see that in most cups you don’t actually have to do anything else than just winning to get the 5 Stars. No need for higher combo or getting Frenzy.

So, I think this makes it really understandable why everyone should aim for the higher Player Level.

Okay, now let’s talk about some thing that you have to know when you want to raise your Player Level…

Daily Cap & Track Cap

There’s no daily cap on how many races you can do to gain player level experience. You won’t gett more Coins or even kart, driver or glider EXP but there’s no cap on how much player experience you will get on a daily base.

So, do continue to race even when you have collected your 300 daily Coins or reached the EXP limit for your karts, driver and gliders!

This is actually the reason why some player have a Player Level of 90+, they just continued to race!

However, there’s a cap for each track! Let’s say you do race the same track over and over, you will see that the player experience you will get from it will get lower and lower every time you win!

The reason is that each track has a maximum of player experience it will give you and when you have collected all of that you won’t get any more from that track. Let’s say I raced Bowsers Castle as much I will get down to not getting any more player experience from it, so then I need to race another track – even Boswers Castle T is then a different track that I can get player experience from.

Normally you will notice at around Player Level 30 that most tracks won’t give you more than 3% player experience for the victory so keep an eye on that when trying to raise your Player Level!

Place Matter

The player experience you will get is also different from the position you finish the race – you will get the most player experience for getting 1st place

  • 1st Place: 100% of the possible player experience
  • 2nd Place: 50% of the possible player experience
  • 3rd Place: 10% of the possible player experience
  • 4th Place: no player experience
  • 5th-8th Place: you loose player experience

That’s right, you will lose player experience when you get 5th place and lower!!!

For that reason always try hard to not get in one of those positions.

If you now think you’re smart and you simply quit the race before it finishes to not lose player experience… well, nice thought but for quitting the race you will always be counted as finishing 8th place so never quit a race even when you’re behind!

CC Usage

There’s no difference if you do finish a race in 100cc or 200cc in terms of player experience – but there’s another difference that you need to know and that’s time!

If you do race in 200cc (if you have the Gold Pass), you will be done with a race a lot faster than doing it in 100cc – and when you farm those tracks to rise your Player Level it will make a huge difference in the long run how much time you need.

Let’s say you need about 30 races with 1st place to raise your Player Level by one level and racing in 150cc compared to 200cc will take you 30 seconds longer. This means you will need to play 15 minutes straight racing longer for the same effect. Add this up with like 10 levels and you see the difference.

Always play in the highest possible cc where you can constantly win a track 🙂

Player Level Rewards

Now let’s talk about the rewards you get from raising your Player Level, away from the point that it will give you a lot more points in the cups (which is already totally fine).

You will also get Rubies and Coins for reaching a new player level and with the current limit how rare Rubies are in Mario Kart Tour this is your second best way to actually gain them frequently:




Player Level Reward Position Points
1-4 100 Coins
5 5 Rubies
6-9 100 Coins
10 5 Rubies
11-14 100 Coins
15 5 Rubies
16-19 100 Coins
20 5 Rubies 3,300
21-24 100 Coins
25 5 Rubies 3,400
26-29 100 Coins
30 5 Rubies 3,500
31-34 100 Coins
35 5 Rubies 3,600
36-39 100 Coins
40 5 Rubies 3,700
41-44 100 Coins
45 5 Rubies 3,800
46-49 100 Coins
50 5 Rubies 3,900
51-54 100 Coins
55 5 Rubies 4,000
56-59 100 Coins
60 5 Rubies 4,100
61-64 100 Coins
65 5 Rubies 4.200
66-69 100 Coins
70 5 Rubies 4,300
71-74 100 Coins
75 5 Rubies 4,400
76-79 100 Coins
80 5 Rubies 4,600
81-84 100 Coins
85 5 Rubies 4,700
86-89 100 Coins
90 5 Rubies 4,800
91-94 100 Coins
95 5 Rubies 4,900
96-99 100 Coins

As you can see you will always get 5 Rubies for every new level that ends with 0 or 5 and otherwise you will get 100 Coins. From Level 20+ you will also gain 20 extra Position Points with every new level.

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