mario kart tour action point calculation guide mario kart tour action point calculation guide

Combo Point Calculation & Best Setup To Get Most Points

I have here the official and full point calculation in Mario Kart Tour and it will give you a great insight when you’re not sure what setup of driver/kart/glider you should use for a race to get the most points.

Some of you ask if using a higher rarity or a higher skill level is better and much more questions so I thought I will show you the full calculation behind the points you will earn but also give you a simplified answer for the most-common questions regarding points in Mario Kart Tour.

Learning & Best Setup To Earn Most Points

the full point calculation gets quite mathematical but I still have it below (including a nice visual to show you the several impacts of equipment level, points and multipliers).

In this first section I will show you the most important questions.

What’s The Most/Least Important Equipment?

The driver is the most-important equipment that you will use, followed by the glider and then you will have the kart. You can see below in the calculation that the kart actually has the lowest impact in the additional points you earn per action you do during a race.

Rarity VS Skill Level

If you compare the rarity versus the skill level of a driver, kart or glider (easier said, do you use the Level 1 High-End Glider or the Level 2 Super Glider), the answer is that skill level always beats rarity!

If you have the choice always use the one with the higher skill level, only use the higher rarity when you have two of the same skill level!

You can see below the reason why the skill level is more important than rarity.


Always use the ones in the highest tier (that’s the highest lane when selecting equipment).

In case of the drivers you have zero exceptions and the driver getting Frenzy Mode is always better than the driver not getting Frenzy Mode, even if that driver is Skill Level 1 Standard and the one in Tier 2 that only gets two items is High-End Skill Level 6!

For the karts you have the point when the Tier 2 kart is 3 skill level above above the best Tier 3 kart, you should use the second tier kart.

In case of gliders the additional combo time will always make up for even a lower skill level so always take the higher tier kart in the highest lane!


Always do races in 150cc for the best score, I already stated that in my guide about picking the best cc for races. In 200cc you won’t get more points from actions but races get faster and tend to get messier when it comes to winning consistently.

Kart & Glider Special

Select the kart and glider with bonus points that will give you more bonus points. For gliders that something like Coin Plus or Banana Plus because you will do those frequently during the race.

For karts go with Mini-Turbo Plus (most races) or Jump Boost Plus or Dash Panel Plus when the track offers many jumps or dash panels for a higher score.

Full Point Calculation

Alright, now it gets mathematical and I wanted to visualize this as easy as possible to show you how it works.

It’s alot of theoretical things that you can’t do during a race on-the-fly but giving that background calculation helps you understand the impact of a higher skill level or tier.

the complete formula is:

Base Action Points * Kart Course Multiplier * Kart Skill Level Multiplier

+ Kart Special

+ Glider Special

+ (Glider Tier Bonus * (Combo – 1))

+ (CC * (Driver Points * Driver Skill Level + Kart Points * Kart Skill Level + Glider Points * Glider Skill Level – Rider Points – Kart Points – Glider Points))/30000

= Total Action Points

Alright, that’s a lot of different names and numbers here so let’s put them into some more visual perspective:

The different parameters are:

  • Base Action Points: The Points an action gives (see table below)
  • Kart Course Multiplier: The multiplier of the Tier
  • Kart Skill Level Multiplier: The multiplier you see in the kart details when you upgarde the skill level
  • Kart Special: The extra points for an action (Slipstream, Dash, Mini-Turbo, Jump)
  • Glider Special: Extra Points for using the item you see in the glider
  • Glider Tier Bonus: The multiplier you see in the glider tier
  • Driver/Kart/Glider Points: The XP of a driver/kart/glider
  • Driver/Kart/Glider Skill Level: the skill level

They can be confusing as Nintendo calls several things the same even though they are not the same in the calculation.

Important! Max combo bonus increase is based on whichever is lower, either (Combo – 1) or CC/10 where CC is max taken in the calculation at 150.

=> So the max increase is +45 points per action!!

So, that you now understand the formula you will need to insert the right base action points, which are:

Action Base Points
Mini-Turbo 5
Super Mini-Turbo 15
Ultra Mini-Turbo 30
Frenzy Action 1
Hit traffic cone 1
Coin 5
Item destroyed/deflected 5
Dash panel 10
Destroy course obstacle 10
Gate spin 10
Glide time 10
Jump Boost 20
Slipstream 30
Blooper dodge 50
Spiny Shell dodge 50
Destroyed a spiny shell 100
Destroyed a blooper 100
Smash (Lightning) 50
Rocket start (Max) 30
Hit with lightning 5
(Triple) Mushroom (Use) 10
Blooper (Use/Hit) 10
Bubble (Use) 10
Dash Ring (Drive through) 10
Heart (Use) 25
Hit with item (except lightning/blooper) 25
Payback 50

So, let’s play this through with several examples:

Example 1: Collecting a Coin in 100cc with Combo x12 with this equipment setup:

This is the calculation of how much points you will get for that Coin:

5 * 2 * 1.05

+ 0

+ 0

+ 2 * (12-1)

+ (100 * (675 * 3 + 280 * 3 + 330 * 2 – 675 – 280 – 330)/30,000

= 10.5 + 0 + 0 + 22 + 7.46 = 39.96 = 40 Points (Rounded)

A Coin gets 5 Base Action Points, the kart has multiplier x2 because he is Tier 3 and as Skill Level 3 it has points x1.05

No added points because kart only adds points for Rocket Start and Glider only for Banana.

Glider Tier Bonus is x2 as it’s only Tier 2 and Combo is 12 as we picked that for that example.

Improving Points

As in the intro said, we’re looking to get the biggest impact on our points so let’s run this example with different things to see what works most:

150cc instead of 100cc: 43.7 instead of 39.96 Points for that Coin

Mario (Santa) instead of Luigi: 35.46 instead of 39.96 Points for that Coin

Queen Bee Kart instead of Green Kiddie Kart: 40.6 instead of 39.96 Points for that Coin

High-End Glider instead of Super Glider: 38.86 instead of 39.96 Points for that Coin

Kart Points 300 instead of 280: 40,1 instead of 39.96 Points for that Coin

As you can see, above you have the most important learnings shown at this example:

  1. Driving in 150cc gives a lot more points, don’t driver lower
  2. Higher Skill Level Driver is ALWAYS Better in the same Tier
  3. Tier 2 Kart can give more points if it’s higher rarity and skill level
  4. Higher Skill Level Glider is always better in same Tier
  5. Maxing Kart Points has some benefit so use the tickets where you need them

So, I think you now understand how the different calculations work.

You can also use this calculator here to play through different scenarios depending on your equipment setup: Point Calculator

  1. This sentence: “Max combo bonus increase is based on whichever is lower, either (Combo – 1) or CC/10 where CC is max taken in the calculation at 150.” is in contradiction with with this calculation: “2 * (12-1)” .
    You have to multiply (Combo – 1) with Combo Bonus (of glider tier).


    1) Is CC = 150 all the time or does it vary if 50, 100 or 150 is selected?

    2) If the bonus cap is CC/10 = 150/10 = 15, does this mean that anything past combo #6 generates no bonus?
    3 x (6-1) = Combo Bonus (of glider tier) x (6 combos – 1) = 15 = cap.

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