Best CC Class in Mario Kart Tour (Highscore, XP Farming, etc.)

You probably asked yourself what cc class you should actually race with in Mario kart Tour, right? There are several things that you need to consider so I thought it might be a good idea to give you the best recommendations on what class works best for what cause.

Different CC Classes

If you’re subscribed to the Gold Pass you have 4 different cc classes that you can choose from – game relevant are the 50cc, 100cc and 150cc, the 200cc class is a bonus for Gold Pass subscribers.

There’s one huge difference between them and that’s the speed your kart has but there’s a lot more connected to this (more on that below).

Also, you will get more points for your finish position the higher your cc class is (150cc is the highest, 200cc gets the same points as 150cc to not give Gold Pass players a direct advantage here).

Below I will give you some insights on the purposes you should choose the cc, depending on what you do.

150cc VS 200cc

200cc is significantly faster than 150cc and there are several things that this means:

  • You will finish a race faster
  • You can get over the distance between items that will keep your combo alive faster
  • Handling is more difficult
  • Races are harder to win

These are the main bullet points and there are actually two main purposes that you should mind when choosing your cc class:

Higher Score

Obviously, you might think that 200cc will get you a higher score but this isn’t actually right. Yes, you will be faster and have better chances to keep your combo alive but this come as a cost that is expensive. On one hand, you will have a much harder time in courses that are tight and you won’t get a lot of coins that you need for that combo because getting into a drift is sometimes impossible in 200cc. There are tracks that 200cc is a better choice for the high score but those are rare.

Also, you and your opponents will be a lot closer. Every hit you take will easily let you drop several positions and it’s not possible to constantly get 1st place in 200cc compared to 150cc. So, you can have a nice lap and still get 6th on the finish line easily so 200cc isn’t necessarily the better choice in general – test the courses and see what works better!

Farming EXP For Player Level

It’s true that you can finish a race faster and if you do farm EXP to raise your Player Level (I have also this in my Level-Up Guide here). If you do save yourself 1 minute per run and you do literally hundreds of races on your way to Player Level 99 (what you really should aim for) then this is some real time ssaver (even though you won’t win as many of them) in the long run.

150cc is more consistent to get 1st place but some tracks are better with 200cc (test). 200cc is better to farm player EXP because you can get more races in the same time.


There’s one real thing where 50cc is working best and that’s when you need to perform Ultra Mini-Boosts for challenges. The reason for this is that you will be a lot slower so your drift time is long enough to get the Ultra-Mini Boost on tracks like Yoshi Island.

This is the one and only case where you need to do races in 50cc class in Mario Kart Tour 🙂

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