mario kart tour pipe pull guide mario kart tour pipe pull guide

Pipe Pull Guide (More Gold Pipes, Resets & More)

As there are many myths around pulling equipment from the pipe in Mario Kart Tour – and that’s the only consistent way with the limited Rubies to get new ones – I wanted to create this guide to give you the best practice how you should pull from the pipe to get the maximum value out of it.

Without wasting any more time, let’s check out the important things…

10 Pull VS 1 Pull

I don’t think we need to discuss long to see that you should always grind for the 45 Rubies to get the 10 Pulls – this will lower the cost by 10% (4.5 Rubies per pull compared to the 5 Rubies for a single pull). Long term that’s one free pull after 9 pulls.

You know how hard it is to earn Rubies so don’t get tempted by the single pulls and go for the 45 Rubies before you pull.

Important! The chances for a character is ALWAYS the same. If you pull 10 times manually or use the 10 pulls you will get the SAME result but you will save 10% Rubies when doing this.

I know that some think it is different because the odds for spotlight drivers will rise after each single pull, but the game will also raise the chances when you use the 10 pull so don’t be afraid to use the 10 pulls.

Spotlight & Pipe Reset

This is the most crucial thing here so keep track of that or you might waste Rubies!!!

Each week there’s another spotlight in the pipe depending on the tour. Let’s take the above example of the spotlight with Rosalina and Waluigi (Bus Driver). In this spotlight pipe you will have higher chances to pull these two compared with other drivers of the same rarity. And waht’s important, you’re guaranteed to get both of them before the pipe is empty!

In this example, we have 50 pulls to get one guaranteed Rosalina and one guaranteed Waluigi (Bus Driver) but this can happen in the first pull or the last pull. The important thing here is, once you got the Waluigi (Bus Driver), you will NOT get a second one in this pipe unless you will reset the pipe!

Yes, you will get one Waluigi (Bus Driver) in the 50 pulls but also won’t get a second one!

The important thing here is, if you want to get Waluigi (Bus Driver) and have the Rubies you need to reset the pipe after you have pulled the first one.

But let’s have a look deeper into this…

So, I already pulled Rosalina here and you can see I won’t be able to pull her again (top table the row “Super Spotlight”).

But also keep track here as there’s only one High-End driver, kart and glider in there that are not spotlight!

Best practice for resetting the pipe will be:

  • Reset as soon as you got the desired spotlight driver/kart/glider
  • Reset after you got any High-End driver/kart/glider if you’re not going specifically after one spotlight
  • Do NOT reset if you want the spotlight equipment, even if you got one. You will be guaranteed to get all spotlight driver/kart/glider BEFORe you empty the pipe!

I hope this will help you more High-End equipment from the pipe. I remember I did continue to pull in the early stages even though I already got High-End stuff and wondered why I only got super and standard equipment 🙂

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