brawl stars spike guide brawl stars spike guide

Brawl Stars Spike Guide

In the current meta, Spike is probably one of the best three brawlers in Brawl Stars and if you’re lucky enough to already pulled him, you can consider yourself lucky on one hand but also you’re at the beginning of learning how to play him correctly, something that is not that easy.

Most of the times I see some shallow guides out there that only will show you how his super and ability works with no real valuable information on how to master him.

That’s why I decided to make this guide here that will help you really understand how to play Spike and how to turn him from a strong to a beast brawler that will dominate.

Spike throws cactus grenades that send needles flying

The most important thing you need to learn is how to effectively use Spike’s shots.

You can use them to shoot around corners and also hit the same enemy multiple times. This is, for me, the key to master him and that’s exactly what I will teach you in this guide here.

Spike’s Shots Pattern

As soon as spikes shot reaches the maximum distance or hits a target or wall, it will explode and send the 6 needles into 6 directions.

The needles are not randomly hitting, they always have the same pattern, no matter what direction you’re shooting.

spike shots needles pattern

As you can see they are always turning in these directions.

shooting direction of spikeNow you can hit a target multiple times with one shot but you always want to hit it straight from either the top, bottom, left or right so the needles will directly hit them as well. This will boost Spikes damage a lot and give you a nice boost when taking down enemies.

But this is too much effort to do, battles are already hectic enough?!

I know, this sounds pretty annoying at the beginning, but when starting to do it you will start using it automatically after a short time so just start doing it and I promise you that it is worth it in the long run.

Hitting Boxes, The Safe, etc…

If you want to get the highest damage to power boxes or the safe in heist, directly stand on top of the box (or the safe) and use the auto shot. The shot will explode directly and all needles will hti the target as well.

This will destroy them faster.

Shooting Around The Corner With Spike

Knowing your needle pattern will help you shooting around the corner with Spike and this will simply make him extremely dangerous for many enemies because they can’t hide and you can simply lock them in corners.

spike shoot around the corner

You can easily do this by keeping your maximum range distance so the needles will spawn directly at the point where they will hit the enemy. You can see it in the image above and your enemy has basically zero chance to do anything against it, because you are still far away and walking around the corner will hit him 1-2 times, especially brawlers with a shorter range can be easy target doing that in showdown.


Spikes super will not only slow down enemies and deal damage to them, you can also heal yourself up when you’re walking with Spike through the field. The healing is not extraordinary and it won’t scale up with power rate so especially in showdown, the value is not really big towards the end of the match.

However, you an use this is you’re close to it to grab some additional hitpoints that might help you stay alive.

How Good Is Spike?

If you want to know how well Spike performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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