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brawl stars leon guide brawl stars leon guide

Brawl Stars Leon Guide

Leon is the most powerful brawler in Brawls Stars, at least if you ask around in the community – even considering the latest nerfs he got.

If you have been lucky enough to pull him, you can are really fortunate because he will make your life so much easier.

When I pulled him a couple of months ago, I was just so happy and jumped into some matches…. just to find out that it’s a little harder to play him than I thought ????

If you look around, you don’t find much of a guide on him if you count out the guides that tell you how strong he is and how you win every showdown match with him hiding in the bushes and assassinating other brawlers.

Well, this is not really wrong, but there’s a lot more when you try to play Leon and I packed all my experience into this guide to help you master him,

Leon shoots a quick salvo of blades at his target. His Super trick is a smoke bomb that makes him invisible for a little while!

Yes that’s right but it takes a little more to really play him well in Brawl Stars.

He deals some massive damage at a quick fire rate, is quite fast even without his super and can perfectly sneak around – but he’s fragile and if you don’t play him right you will see yourself re-spawning a lot.

Ironically he needs a team to perform well, even though his best game is showdown where brawlers will fight on their own.

You always want to keep hiding yourself with Leon and charge your super to quickly walk towards an enemy brawler and take him out.

In team battles, it’s also great to take hitpoints from a tank and then use the super to get away fast so your other team members can take down the tank of the enemy team.

The simple truth is with Leon you always want to pick your situations carefully and only make an attempt when you’re sure you can get a brawler down – if you’re not sure about that, stay hidden in the tall grass and wait for a better situation. This is probably the main tip I can give you.

You always want to get close to your target and surprise them with fast damage and take them out before they can really react and hit back at you. Kiting is possible, but only for the slow tanks that you can run away from dealing chip damage.

But always remember, Leons’ blades deal more damage the closer you are – that’s why you want to get very close to your target with Leon and it takes forever to kite an enemy brawler to the end.

sneal with leon to take down a target

With his super activated, you can pretty much walk across half the map without your enemy noticing you (so much fun, I’m telling you) and just take them out and imagine their face what happened when they might not even be standing next to any hiding spots ????

Don’t be afraid, other brawlers can only see you if they walk directly over your feet when you’re on your super and your speed is fast enough to even get out of that situation.

Walk directly next to the target you want to take out and spam your attack – this will do it 🙂 No slow playing, no safe distance, go for the kill!

Leons Blades – Get Creative

Leon throws 4 blades that will not target in a perfect line. This gives you the opportunity to get creative when you want to either cover an area or want all of them hitting in one spot.

leon shooting

You can see it in the image above, when I walk right, the blades are spreading more (I can use that to cover a larger area when trying to cut enemy healing or checking tall grass if there’s a brawler hiding in there). When walking left, the blades are more concentrated and will hit all the same target.

But you don’t shoot to the top all the time right? ????

To make it easier to remember and adapt it to whatever direction you will shoot, here’s what you need to note down:

  • Walk clockwise to spread the damage
  • Walk counterclockwise to focus the damage

I know this takes some time but believe me, this will make playing Leon so much more effective for you than just spamming auto and hitting one blade that doesn’t really deals much damage – also you will not miss an enemy brawler in tall grass anymore.

It’s great if you can surprise your enemy, but if you get surprised you’re in 9 out of 10 situations finished before you can think.

How Good Is Leon?

If you want to know how well Leon performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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