brawl stars carl guide brawl stars carl guide

Brawl Stars Carl Guide

Carl is, for me, one of the most interesting brawlers and with the right strategy viable as hell. I have been lucky enough to have it pulled early after he got released.

And here comes the point – I haven’t found much out there in terms of a guide how to use him so I sat down and did play him exclusively for weeks to write this guide and there are some really nice tips that I have found for him.

Carl throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. His Super is a crazy cart spin that clobbers anyone around him.

What’s so fascinating about Carl are two things:

  1. Carls reload speed is dynamic because it depends when his axe will return to him
  2. He is the only brawler that can actually “change” the direction of his shots when already fired them off

Sounds really interesting right?

Let’s dive deeper into it.

So, Carl is throwing his axe and he can hit an enemy brawler on the way forth and the way back.

This sounds more complicated as it is, but it will give you a lot more flexibility than other brawlers have.

perfect carl attack

(Image: perfect attack! Moving to make both hits land on Bull while bouncing the axe back from the wall for faster reload speed)

This means you can actually aim while throwing because changing your own direction will change the axes’ path back to Carl and give it the chance to hit another brawler or the same brawler a second time.

You can also use this to hit a brawler behind a corner without getting into the range of the brawler

carl hitting behind a wall

Carls Reload Time

Carl has the fastest and the shorted reload speed at the same time.

What?! ????

Exactly. Carl can only throw his ax when it made it back to him. This means his reload speed changes while he is moving around – is Carl moving towards his axe while it is in the air, it will return faster and you can throw it again sooner.

In the same time, this means that when walking away, like taking cover or running from a brawler, the axe will take longer and the reload speed is also slower.

This now sounds a lot worse than it is in reality.

But the good part is, you can change that to your favor (and I don’t mean running towards the axe every time ???? )

The ax will also return to Carl when it hits a wall and this is really interesting.

carl fast reload speedSo, when you have a target, not necessarily an enemy brawler, you can take a position that will face the wall behind it and you will see crazy fast reloading which is boosting Carls damage over the rooftop and making him deal more damage per second than any other brawler out there. You can see it in the image here how your position should be.

Carls Super Makes Him Really Super

Carls super will speed him up and let him swing his axe around him 10 times for 2.5 seconds and this one is really amazing.

In total Carl will deal enough damage to take out any brawler in the game (by hitpoints) when landing all hit on him and he will also get a speed boost that makes him move faster than any other brawler at any given time, even Leon with his super is slower than him.

This means you can just fly into the action zone, deal a ton of damage and get out there fast again and the enemies will really get hurt by this.

How Good Is Carl?

If you want to know how well Carl performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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