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Brawl Stars Mortis Guide

Mortis puts brawlers in coffins if you know how to play him. He is one of the most complex brawlers to play but can be extremely interesting to play if you don’t like just walking into trouble and spamming shots.

I pulled him some time ago and didn’t really find that much guide out there how to play him but found him interesting enough to spend a lot of hours playing him, so I think I broke the “mortis-code” on how to play him successfully.

And that’s what I’m going to share here.

Mortis creates business opportunities for himself by dashing forward with a sharp swing of his shovel

Equipped with a shovel his odds don’t seem too bright taking on brawlers with guns and knifes, but he has his moments.

In fact, Mortis can really dominate if played right.

The main problem is that most players play him wrong, thinking that a melee brawler should always stay in the center of the action and spamming his attack.

But Mortis won’t work that way.

With Mortis you do use his dash attack for fast approaches to the enemy and away. His attack is not primarily for dealing damage, it’s also for moving faster than any other brawler in Brawl Stars. You really want to use it to get closer to enemies when they’re trying to escape and get out of the action when you see the tides are turning.

image dashing

The general attack that is the road to Mortis’ success is spotting a brawler that is wounded. Look out for situations where a brawler just wants to get out of action because he is reloading and has lost some hitpoints.

That’s the situation where you want to quickly dash in, take the brawler out and then get away fast again as soon as other brawlers are coming.

dashing with mortis

Mortis ability is great to get you out of the range of other brawlers and there’s no way they will ever catch you. One single dash will just give you a nice distance and even when a brawler has a long range or is faster, you can use another dash. This is frustration at it’s purest for the enemy brawler and sooner or later they will just get bored and give up chasing you.

Then you walk around and wait for another wounded brawler you can take out.

Aiming With Mortis

Mortis is dealing damage all the way dashing, from the start to the end. This is very important and you can’t just simply spam auto and hope for the best.

Your strategy hitting the enemy brawler (or chest) will be always dashing between them if there are more than one.

mortis damage dealing ability

This will deal damage to not only the target where you start, it will also deal damage to the target where you go to.

Still, remember what I told you before. Mortis is for sure no brawler to stand in the center of the action but this is helpful if there is more than one brawler or you want to get some power-ups in showdown.

Mortis Super, Life Blood, is actually dealing the same damage as his regular attacks but has a huge range and can travel over walls. After all, the damage is not that high and you should always try to save it up for situations where you’re in trouble and need it to survive than rather spam it in an direction where the enemy can’t avoid it but will recover from it fast.

Your first priority with Mortis is not dealing damage, it’s having the agro versus enemy brawlers and taking them out when they are wounded.

So stay alive with Mortis, this is your first priority. You will not stand a chance in a 1 on 1 with another brawler that has full health and reload.

How Good Is Mortis?

If you want to know how well Mortis performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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