star token in brawl stars star token in brawl stars

Star Token Farming in Brawl Stars

Everybody wants Star Token in Brawl Stars. You only need 10 of them for a Big Box that is worth 3 Brawl Boxes.

However, Supercell limited the amount you can get per day to a maximum of 4 Star Token. ????

That’s a fact that you can’t overcome, no matter what you do.

Every day when the daily events reset, you will see a Star Token on top of them and to get it, you need to either win that event or, in case of showdown, get ranked 4th place (solo) or 2nd place (duo).

star token brawl stars

This will give you the Star Token and you will need to wait until the timer for new events (at the bottom) will show new events.

star token timer

Any Way To Trick This?

I’m afraid no. There have been many people trying changing the time of the device or anything else to find out that this reset is triggered by the Supercell servers so there’s no way to trick the system here.

However, don’t get too involved in Star Token for 2 simple reasons…

1) Big Boxes are worth 3 Brawl Boxes and with some multiplier or some tickets you can get a lot more than 3 Brawl Boxes in one day. Imagine a Star Token being nothing more than 30 regular token and you wouldn’t be that crazy over 30 regular token, right?

2) A Big Box is exactly 3 Brawl Boxes, there are no better drop rates for brawlers or a higher chance to pull a legendary brawler nor do you get any more Coins out of it.

chances brawl boxes

Here you can see that drop chances are simply the same, even Mega Boxes have the same chances.

The only difference is that the amount of a drop is different, but I personally rather get power points for more different brawlers when opening 3 Brawl Boxes instead of having one Big Box that only contains power points for 2 brawlers I don’t want.

Chances that I get the power points for the brawler I want are better in Big Boxes actually 🙂

I think there’s a good and a bad news about Star Token ????

The bad news is you will not get more than 4 Star Token in one day. Period. But the good news is they aren’t that valuable anyway so just be happy when you get a Big Box but don’t think a Big Box will make a bug difference after all ????

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