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brawl stars rosa guide brawl stars rosa guide

Brawl Stars Rosa Guide

The first new brawler added to Brawl Stars in 2019 is Rosa and she is a beast.

You will not find many guides out there covering Rosa so I decided to write this one after having the chance to play for some time recently.

You won’t find her pure stats in this guide as I focused on how to play her best and some tactics that will help to make her stand out in front of the other brawlers.

This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear

Rosa is THE tank in Brawl Stars. There may be other tanks but she is indeed the single tank that will dominate all others and is really hard to deal with.

She deals close-range damage with a little more range and spread compared to El Primo but that’s ok, she loves to be in close combat and have a lot of enemy brawlers around her. She also has a very quick reload speed so you can fire your 3 shots very fast and the damage is also quite high and able to take out all brawlers except brawlers like Frank.

But if you think she’s invincible, you should check here how many punches from each brawler she can take.

How many attacks Rosa will survive?

  • 3 attacks: Colt, Bull, Darryl, Piper, Pam, Leon
  • 4 attacks: El Primo, Shelly, Brock, Bo, Dynamike, Barley, Rosa (another), Rico (if all land), Carl, Spike
  • 5 attacks: Frank, Tara, Gene, Crow
  • 6 attacks: Penny, Mortis
  • 7 attacks: Nita, Jessy
  • 8 attacks: Poco

This is how many these brawlers need to take down Rosa.

Anyway, remember what I said above – she has the fastest hit rate so there are chances that you can land your 3 attacks and activate her shield.

I colored the brawlers in red above that will survive the hits from Rosa and could potentially take her out (if you can’t activate her super right after landing your 3 shots).

Her Super

But what really makes her invincible is her super, a 6-second long shield that absorbs 80% of all damage – that will give her, at full health, a theoretical hitpoint count of 35,000 – impossible for even two or three brawlers to take out in seconds.

It needs 3 punches to hit to load up so you can get it in an every close-combat ambush and start it.

rosa shield

So your general match plan with Rosa is nothing else than getting into the action area and load up her super and then just cut through the enemy lines like a hot knife through a piece of butter.

This will force them back and gives your team a nice advantage over them.

I think that also makes her the easiest to play brawler in Brawl Stars because you will always be in the action area and don’t need many tactics to stay alive as your shield will cover up and make you an unstoppable beast.

You shield will also help absorb damage for your team because it won’t get through and your team can take cover behind you while you have the super shield activated.

You might also think that Rosa is the slow brawler that you can outrun…. you’re wrong. Rosa’s speed is the same like the most brawlers have, only Crow, Leon and Mortis are clearly faster faster than she is. Bull, El Primo, Darryl and Frank a little faster – all other brawlers can’t run away from her so keeping a distance is their only way to survive her.

The good thing for you is, you can survive a couple of hits so there’s no way kiting her to the end ????

I think Brawl Ball is her best game mode because you can activate your shield, take the ball and simply walk into the goal. Yes, it’s that simple.

rosa in brawl ball

Nobody can stop you when you do that and the 6 seconds are long enough to walk the distance from the middle line into the goal ????

But also in game modes like Gem Grab or Heist she is very helpful to make enemies go back or making an ambush that’s almost impossible to defend.

How Good Is Rosa?

If you want to know how well Rosa performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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