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brawl stars free gems brawl stars free gems

Best Way To Get Free Gems In Brawl Stars & How To Spend It

Brawl Stars is one of the most F2P-friendly games right now where you won’t need to spend money to have a decent progress – still, you will need some Gems for some offers in the shop that are simply too good to resist, right?

In this guide I want to show you how you can earn Gems for free (actually the only real way to do it right) plus also a lot info about how you should spend your Gems smart to get the most out of it.

Farming Free Gems In Brawl Stars

There’s only two ways to get Gems in Brawl Stars and that’s:

  • get it randomly from Brawl Boxes
  • buy it from the shop

But as we cover getting free Gems here the second one is not an option here (if you buy them here and there, please check the second part of this guide to see how you should spend them right!).

So, getting them from Brawl Boxes is the only way… end of story?

Well, not really.

If you open up a Brawl Box, there’s a good chance that you will find some free Gems in there:

  • 3 Gems: 61% (Total 5.49%)
  • 5 Gems: 27% (Total 2.43%)
  • 8 Gems: 9% (Total 0.81%)
  • 12 Gems: 3% (Total 0.27%)

Sounds not that much? Well, in total this means that every opened Brawl Box will give you about half a Gem in average.

Doesn’t sound quite that much but look at how many Brawl Boxes you will open every day/week and you see that somewhat around 5-10 Gems every daily is not that unrealistic.

Just keep on opening them and you will have a steady income stream of Gems.

But a dime saved is a dime earned, right? That’s why I now want to focus on what brings the biggest bang for your buck – or let’s say, how can those Gems give you the biggest boost in Brawl Stars 🙂

Don’t let one Token Unused

So when opening Brawl Boxes means getting more free Gems it’s just as important to collect all the tokens you can get during a day.

daily token limit

The Tokens you earn are limited so make sure there’s not more than 12 hours in between your session, from that time on your limit will not increase anymore and the amount of token you can earn will just get smaller.

How To Spend Gems Best

You will see different offers and sometimes it’s hard to see which ones are the best ones – that’s why I took a closer look at each one of them and show you which ones you should spend that slowly earned free Gems on.

Event Tickets

Each ticket will translate into 25-30 Token in average if you use it in an event like Robo Rumble and you have a decent team and know a little bit what you’re doing. You will see offers quite frequently during the week where you can get 60 tickets for 80 Gems – that’s about 1,500 to 1,800 Token (15 to18 Brawl Boxes) or even more if you’re good.

In reality, and especially in Robo Rumble, you can even do 35 per Ticket without being lucky.

event tickets brawl stars

This offers the best value if you look at it from the raw chances and with that many boxes you also have the highest chances to also unlock a Star Power or a new brawler as well.

Plus, when keeping the above calculation in mind, you will find on average 8 to 10 Gems in there as well for your next purchase of Event Tickets 🙂

If you see them popping up, take them

Token Doubler

A Token Doubler will give you 1,000 extra Token (10 Brawl Boxes) for the value of 50 Gems – also a nice value that will translate in a similar value than the Event Tickets, but I personally like the Event Tickets more because you have the chance to make a lot more out of it if you are skilled while the Token Doubler is fixed.

token doubler brawl stars

Also mind that you will get 5 Gems back on average from the Brawl Boxes you get from it 🙂

Discount Boxes

Here and there you will also see Big Boxes and Mega Boxes appear in the shop for a discounted price.

mega box offer

One Mega Box translates into 10 Brawl Boxes so you will get a similar value like the Token Doubler – in theory. Keep in mind that opening ten Brawl Boxes have a higher chance to grant you a Star Power or a new brawler compared to the Mega Box plus a lot more different Power Points to level up your brawlers.

So this is okay to get when you have Gems to spend, if you only rely on free Gems don’t use them and rather go for the Token Doubler and the Event Tickets instead!

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