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brawl stars gene guide brawl stars gene guide

Brawl Stars Gene Guide

Mythic brawlers are always a little more difficult to play in Brawl Stars but they can wreck if you know how to play them. In this guide, I’d like to show you all you need to know about Gene to make it a lot of fun playing him.

I didn’t want to make another stats post where you will basically find all that the brawler info box in the game will tell you enhanced with a few screenshots – what I wanted to do is showing you some actual situations and mechanics so you understand what role is Gene playing and how to make the most out of him in Brawl Stars, not more not less 🙂

Gene uses his magic lamp to shoot a splitting projectile. His super is a magical hand that grabs and pulls enemies close!

Gene shots a light ball from his lamp that deals solid (but not overwhelming damage) of about 1,000 per hit – the special thing is that when his shot doesn’t hit anything, it will split up into 6 smaller shots that all deal 1/6th of the initial damage.

It’s similar to Penny’s shots, but you don’t need to hit to make your shot split up, this gives Gene a huge range.

This makes his shot perfect to scout other enemies in heist where you have a lot of bushes because you can check really big parts with only one shot.

check bushes with gene

But scouting is also only an extra benefit, with a huge range and area of impact, Gene’s shots are also perfect to prevent enemies from healing. The damage of the slitted shot is not high (about 200 something) but you can interrupt healing with it giving your teammates a better chance to take the enemy down.

Another thing is that his shots can also hit around corners very well:

gene shoots around corner

This makes it even more effective, so in Gem Grab, Bounty or also Duo Showdown (never play Gene in Solo Showdown!), you will be striking bushes to keep enemies under pressure by interrupting their healing and revealing their position 🙂

Do this to load up Gene’s super.

His super is a magic grab that will, when hitting an enemy brawler, drag them to Gene’s position.

Unlike other brawlers, his super is not a high damage shot, it’s more like a tactical thing to use  – and you should use it only in these situations:

Interrupt an enemy super. If you see a Darryl or Bull or any other brawler charging towards you, you can interrupt the super with your super. The tricky thing here is you won’t do that to kill, you primarily do that to prevent getting killed and you can only take out a brawler that has less than 4,000 health at this point

Also, only use it when they are charging straight at you, otherwise you will risk missing (especially when you have not  the best internet connection)

interrupt super with gene

Another one is sniping enemy brawler. Especially in Bounty or Gem Grab, you can use Gene’s super to grab the Gem Carrier or the brawler with a high bounty towards you and closer to your teammates to take him down. This brawler can’t do much and most of the times they hide somewhere behind their teammates, so use this only when your team is prepared for that and with you.

grab gem carrier with gene

Pull throwers like Barley or Dynamike  – they can actually be pretty hard to counter with Gene because Gene is not really that fast, so pulling them towards you is a great way to deal with them

Auto Aim?

Another thing that’s quite useful with Gene is that his shots are pretty fast, so this makes using auto aim okay in many situations

Gene’s Role In Your Team

If you mind the first section, you can also abstract his role in your team.

Gene is great for support and working in a team.

You can use him great as the gem carrier in Gem Grab, as the scout and chip damage dealer checking bushes in Bounty or sniping enemy brawler that have a lot of gems or bounty with his super.

His long range allows him to spot enemy early while shooting into bushes and stay back and not in the first line of action – he has mid-range health but is no tank and can go down really fast while not able to take out many brawler with his 3 shots on his own so rather play him safe than sorry, especially in the beginning when you’re not that experienced using him.

How Good Is Gene?

If you want to know how well Gene performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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