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Do Level Packs Come Back In Brawl Stars?

Special packs are really common in Brawl Stars (or let’s say in pretty much any mobile game) and offer a better value compared to the regular offers in the shop.

There’s one kind of packs that will have the highest value in Brawl Stars – and that’s the Level Packs.

The Level Packs are special in the way that you exactly know when you will get them offered and that’s tied to your player level – you can plan when you get them if you’re interested in boosting your progress with real money in Brawl Stars.

Right now, there are 4 different Level Packs available:

  • Level 5
  • Level 15
  • Level 25
  • Level 35
  • Level 50
  • Level 75
  • Level 100

Although many websites will tell you there’s a fixed content what those packs include, I have a different opinion and I can back that up!

level pack in brawl stars

The Level Pack will adapt to how much you’ve already spent on the game – so if you already spent money, you will see a Level Pack that will offer more Gems and Mega Boxes and if you haven’t spent any money you will see the ones that will offer fewer Gems and Mega Boxes.

The extra value is still high on them, but they are different in their price, so it’s hard to tell which one you will get (unless you have never spend any money, then you will get the cheapest one very likely – or you spend over $100 or $200 already then you probably see the more expensive ones.

Here are some examples:

Price Content
$1.79 80 Gems + 1 Mega Box
$9.99 100 Gems + 2000 Coins + 2 Mega Boxes
$19.99 360 Gems + 5 Mega Boxes
$9.99 250 Gems + 3 Mega Box
$14.99 170 Gems + 3500 Coins + 2 Mega Box

This means they offer up to 5 times the value you get for your money and if you’re about to spend money on Brawl Stars, this is exactly the best thing to get.

Now here’s the thing – what if you see them and hit that Level 5, 15, 25 or 35 and you don’t have the money right now to get them? Will they disappear just like that?

Supercell wants to make money so you can be sure they do all they can to give you the option to spend money – and Level Packs are their best option to do that in Brawl Stars, great for them to earn money and great for you to unlock the best brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Level Packs Will Re-Cycle

There are many people out there that have reported that they have seen their Level 25 or Level 35 Pack come back to the offers section in the shop later after they haven’t purchased them.

This means, there’s no need to really rush them, you will see these great offers again later, maybe even a different one that will suit you better, like one that includes Coins 🙂

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