brawl stars bibi guide brawl stars bibi guide

Brawl Stars Bibi Guide

Bibi is one of the latest brawlers introdued in Brawl Stars and she’s a real beauty to play, strong in most game modes when played right – and this is why I wrote this guide, to tell you how to play her at the most effective level.

In most guides out there you find some random screenshots of her stats and her super instead of effective ways and situations where you can use her to turn the tide in favor of your team, thatÄs why I decided to write this guide.

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Batter up! Bibi’s got a sweet swing that can knock back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged. Her Super is a bouncing ball of gum that deals damage.

So, Bibi has a baseball bat and is more like a close-combat brawler, but there’s a lot more about her that makes her that strong.

First of all she is quite fast and this let you turn a lot of pressure on your enemies and put them in situations they don’t like plus the possibility to evade from other brawlers to get out of squishy situations.

She also deals some serious damage and her additional knockback is useful in many ways.

Last but not least you can use her super to occupy or wreck an area of the map and just shredd enemies in a short period of time.

bibis knockback bar

So let’s take it from the knockback, an ability that is also reloading in a secondary reloading bar – once that green bar is filled, you will have a knockback applied to your next swing, but this knockback won’t stun enemies. Still, it’s extremely effective to cancel enemy brawlers in their super or just prevent them to use their super (like slow ones to name Frank here).

When it comes to get regular attack I can only recommend you to NOT auto spam it.

I know, I know… it’s tempting and in most cases close-combat brawlers are great when using the auto aim with but her swing has quite some range for a close-combat (melee) brawler and you don’t want to waste that potential by auto spamming because you always have the chance to hit multiple brawler with it, especially in situations where the enemy groups up (Gem Grab to just name one situation).

bibi aiming in brawl stars

When we take a look at her super there’s also some things that I want to show you – her bubble gum will bounce around and can hit enemies multiple times – this is what it makes Bibi’s super extra strong (when used right) or not that effective (when used wrong).

You never want to just send it for a single hit, you want to make the multiple hits with it – then it can totally wreck an enemy brawler and there’s no way to evade that.

Always aim for placing it horizontally or vertically between two walls, or other obstacles, so it will bounce back and forth so it has the best chances to hit an enemy brawler more than just once to deal massive damage.

how to use bibi super in brawl stars

When Bibi send out that gum it will be faster than any other brawler so there’s no escape and you can even reload your super again really fast if you manage to hit multiple times with it – if you do that, you can almost immediately cycle into her super again and again.

Bibi’s Role In Your Team

With that mind, let’s talk about Bibi’s role in your team. She is fast so she can be the agro brawler that will take the lead and fast switch places to support other brawlers or wound enemy brawlers so your team mates can take them out.

If you play Bibi you should be ready to be all over the place, here and there, anywhere. You just want to always put pressure on the other brawlers and with your speed, you can also put brawlers like Barley or Dynamike in tough spots because you can leave their target spot before their hits will deal damage – you can basically start chasing them down and this is really effective.

You can also start camping in bushes, especially on maps that have a lot of them to load your knockback and then ambush enemy brawlers fast with a knockback and take most of them out in your three hits.

How Good Is Bibi?

If you want to know how well Bibi performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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