brawl stars star points guide brawl stars star points guide

Star Points In Brawl Stars – How To Get Them Faster

With Star Points, Brawl Stars introduced a whole new system that mainly focus those players that play in the higher trophy range and looking for long-term motivation other than climbing the ladder as high as possible.

In this guide I’d like to show you all you need to know about Star Points plus some tips how you can get more of them.

What Are Star Points In Brawl Stars?

Star Points are awarded when you are successful with your brawlers and can be traded for exclusive skins.

brawl stars star skins

individual trophy count in brawl stars for matchmakingEach brawler has an individual trophy count in Brawl Stars that reflects how much and how well you are playing with this brawler – the more you play a brawler the higher that count (if not, you’re doing something wrong 😛 )

So far you can reach Rank 20 with a brawler by gaining 500 trophies with him/her and that’s it – there was no other connection to that individual trophy count than in the cause of matchmaking.

From now on, each individual trophy you will have above 500 will give you 1 Star Point at the end of the season.

These Star Points can then be converted in the shop in the Star Point section for exclusive skins (and maybe more in the future).

There’s no other way to get these Star Points than getting these individual trophy counts as high above 500 as you can.

You will also get additional Star Points when you reach a certain rank on a brawler for the first time:

  • Rank 10: 100 Star Points
  • Rank 15: 200 Star Points
  • Rank 20: 300 Star Points

There’s no way to get them for real money or in any other way so this is a purely skill (and time) based currency that reflects how well youÄre doing in Brawl Stars.

How To Get More Star Points?

Some skins right now cost up to 50,000 Star Points (although others are already available for 500 Star Points) so you need to to farm them in some way, right?

The only way to gain them is earning trophies above the individual 500 trophy count (that’s also where all your brawlers will get reset to once a new season starts).

Well, the only valid strategy is to start playing multiple brawlers and level them up so you have more brawlers that will give you Star Points at the end of the season.

Play Multiple Brawlers For More Star Points

Remember, it’s a lot easier to get 5 brawlers to 600 trophies than one brawler to 1,000 trophies, simply because matchmaking will match you up with stronger (or in the case of 1,000 trophies probably the best ones) players – and the stronger they are the more difficult it is for you to get the victory.

Both examples will give you 500 Star Points at the end of the season.

get star points in brawl stars

Unlock The Rank Rewards

Unlocking Rank 10, 15 and 20 for a brawler will also give you a nice amount of Star Points – getting a new brawler lower Rank 10 to Rank 20 means 600 Star Points in total, that’s a lot!

So I can only recommend you to pick those brawlers that you already maxed or that are relatively close to max level and start using them more frequently to get them to 500 Trophies.

This also means you have an additional brawler that you can use in the next season to get some more Star Points.

Important! Ranking up a brawler that has Rank 10 to Rank 20 is a lot easier than getting a brawler from 500 trophies to 700 trophies and it will reward a lot more Star Points, so use this as the first step for as many brawler as possible!

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