brawl stars tara guide brawl stars tara guide

Brawl Stars Tara Guide

Tara is one of the most complex brawlers in Brawl Stars and I had quite a tough start with her, to be honest. Nevertheless I did invest some time to play her more and more and with every match I played, I started liking her more and more.

Now it’s time for me to wrap all my experience into this guide here to help you master your gameplay with Tara.

Tara’s triple tarot card attack pierces through enemies. Her Super is a black hole that sucks in all nearby enemies, causing damage!

If you need to describe Tara in a short sentence it would be – Tara has average speed, hitpoints, attack and range but her super is so strong it makes her outstanding strong.

Sounds good? Indeed, it is 😉

It’s not easy to start off with Tara, I already mentioned that. For me it was hard to define her role because she can deal area damage, has some solid distance but dies quickly, is not very fast nor deals a lot of damage with her basic attacks.

Her basic attack has some value but wah card only deals around 500 damage so you need to be close to really shredd an enemy brawler – but close-combat brawlers will take you down in that situation.

tara basic attack

The secret key to unlock all her power is using her super the right way!

Her super will drag together all enemy brawlers that are in the area to one single point and deal normal damage to them – that’s already nice.

But the best part is the one where you place her super on a spot where you can suddenly fire three shots off you will be able to take out almost any brawler instantly (except the ones like Bull, El Primo, Rosa etc.)

And this is what your life with Tara in Brawl Stars will be like… you will load up your super and wait until you have fully reloaded. Up to that time you don’t play too aggressively or get yourself in tough spots, you always wait for that very moment and then you’re ready to take down an entire team.

I personally like to use her basic attack to keep enemies from regenerating or scouting bushes with the range until I have her super loaded up.

how to use tara super in brawl stars

Wait until more than one brawler are in an area where you can drag them together with your gravity hole and walk toward them and fire your auto aim off with all three shots you have – and normally that’s it, they’re gone 🙂

So again, charge your super (take your time if you need to), wait until you have fully reloaded and then drop your super. Suddenly after having your super released, run towards the point where you have your super and spam your auto!

Tara’s Role In Your Team

With the above in mind it’s obvious that Tara will shine in teams.

You can use her in showdown but it’s not that easy to play her there because you will have to deal with brawlers that have either a long range or brawlers with a lot of hitpoints that will survive your strong gravity attack.

Also in Heist and Siege I don’t like playing her that much because she will be in trouble against the short-ranged brawlers all the time and can’t deal massive damage to the safe to get you a big advantage.

But she will shine a lot brighter in Brawl Bawl and Gem Grab!

Brawl Bawl: You can use her super to isolate single opponents to create 2-v-3 situations or just drag the enemy team together to take it down. You also have the option to use your super on the enemy brawler that has the ball to just separate him/her from the ball and prevent getting a goal.

Gem Grab: She’s perfect to hunt the enemy gem carrier down and there’s no way to evade her super when you use it on him and take him out. This is tough for the enemy team and they need to make their gem carrier completely passive which leads to an advantage for your team. Another great thing is that you can protect your own gem carrier in a tough situation with her super 🙂

How Good Is Tara?

If you want to know how well Tara performs in the different game modes, check out my latest tier list for Brawl Stars

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