art of war legions best troops tier list 2023 art of war legions best troops tier list 2023

Best Troops in Art of War: Legions (Tier List) 2023 Update

There are so many troops in Art of War Legions that you might be confused which one to build, which one to take and which ones synergizes well with your troop formation, right?

Well, I have here my tier list of all troops that aims to help you out, giving you not only a ranking and classification how well a troop type performs, it also gives some explanation why I ranked the troops the way I ranked them.

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All Troops in Art of War: Legions Ranked in a Tier List

One word of caution before we go to the list. This is the general troop guide, if you’re looking for the best troops to run in the different stages of Infinity War, please check here.


  • Frost ArcherSBest Heroes
    Frost Archers are a really nice troop in Art of War Legions. Absolutely amazing and many formations run multiple of these in their army. They have good attack and health but the best part is their ability that reduce enemy attack and movement speed, even for heroes. This can change the outcome of battles and a good reason to have them in the highest tier.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Stone GolemSBest Heroes
    Stone Golem has insane amounts of health, and that's pretty much it. The reason I have them ranked that high is that they will take so much focus of the enemy and if you have one in the front and one in the back, your enemy troops are busy for quite some time.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Undead SoldierSBest Heroes
    Undead Soldier are rare and up here?! Yes, there are multiple reasons! You can use them in pretty much every army, deal good damage and revive once die. That is just super inconvenient for enemy troops to deal with and viable in so many situations.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • PelastsA+Best Heroes
    Pelasts are used in so many army formations, mid-game to end-game that I rated them on the border of the S Tier, but I really want them to be here as they are so good. They throw spears from a distance and the cool thing is they always try to keep their distance so there's no easy way to deal with themBest HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Sacred SwordsmanABest Heroes
    The Sacred Swordsman has a lot of health and also good damage as well, paired with a cool ability that transforms him into a beam of light and damages surrounding enemies. The cool thing about that is that he is immune during that time and it holds for several seconds + he's easier to obtain compared to other legendary troops in Art of War Legions.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Pirate ShipsABest Heroes
    The Pirate Ships are loved by so many players, for a reason. They are really tanky for initial damage and the stunning is also nice. Can perform well in almost all troop formations.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Meteor GolemABest Heroes
    Meteor Golems are chunky with tons of hitpoints and decent damage. Solo unit, yes, but a massive tanks and have their rock throw that deals magical damage in addition to the normal physical damage. Nasty to deal with and helpful in many formations.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • BrawlersABest Heroes
    Another really good troop in Art of War Legion are Brawlers. They have tons of hitpoints and their ability that creates a damage-reducing shield once they get hit. This also boosts the overall performance of your formation.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • NunsABest Heroes
    Nuns don't deal any damage and are only healers. This is really useful on the battlefield to not see your troops fade away quickly and viable in several formations. They can make the difference between going army vs army and see who deals damage more quickly and who has the bigger health pool and add some useful strategic element to your formations.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Dark WitchABest Heroes
    The Dark Witch does help your army with her ability to curse the enemies into pumpkins, which is helpful for almost all army formations. This is great crowd control ability and stops troops from attacking and binds them. I'd consider placing her in S Tier but the fact that you only take one in your army formation makes it quite an invest for that as Dark Witches won't carry your formation, they simply help it (very well).Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Rhino KnightABest Heroes
    Rhino Knight with the charge, the health and damage will be very useful. The targeting can be a little rng and it is not easy to obtain.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Undead WarriorABest Heroes
    Undead Warrior has no ability but good health and good damage and is basically an improved version of the other troops. I mean, as a new troop, not a direct invest but if you're newer you can think about building them.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Voodoo DollsABest Heroes
    Voodoo Dolls can be really devastating when they put their curse and make the enemy suffer for the damage the enemy deals. Not working in every situation but in a great army formation they do an amazing job. Also, there are a couple of them, not just a single troop and that can easily snowball against the enemy army.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Pumpkin GuardABest Heroes
    Pumpkin Guard is a unit that everybody loves and although it was an event troop but with the taunt and attack reduction it's a very nice one. Simply annoying for the enemy and with their hitpoints they are just nasty to deal with. Also the damage is not neglectable.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • PharaoABest Heroes
    Pharao has a good bunch of health but he sticks out with his magic damage and his special ability that will curse a certain area and deal damage over time on all enemies walking through this. Can be tactical use but overall not a crazy game-changer overall. Also, it's really hard to obtain and max out, so keep that in mind as well.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Witchcraft TotemB+Best Heroes
    The Witchcraft Totem has massive health and is also quite well to obtain considering it's a legendary troop (compared to some other legendary troops) and have the very useful ability to scare the enemy troops away and only one in your army can change a lot of the dynamics of a battle. The reason it's ranked here at the top of the B Tier is the other troops in the A Tier bring much more to the table in your army. Tough spot, I know, but I'll have them here right now.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Taurus WitchersB+Best Heroes
    Taurus Witchers deal good amounts of magic damage with the orbs they summon on the enemy troops, and running multiple one is fun. The downside is that you need to protect them well behind melee units or they will disappear quite fast from the battleground.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Orc HunterBBest Heroes
    Orc Hunters are useful as they will jump forward into the enemy army and take focus and give your formation a lot of air to release their attacks, Also quite tanky overall and deal good damage. A troop type that will change attacks and also can be nasty to deal with.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • AngelBBest Heroes
    The Angel can be tanky with the health and with the ability that will give evasion to all the allied troops around every few seconds. But no damage dealing at all.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • PilgrimsBBest Heroes
    Pilgrims heal all friendly nearby units, but it's a low heal - but it stacks up. I feel mixed about them as they can unlock some synergies and are useful in some formations and their overall stats are fine, but having no real focus makes them not really bang a buck in any way.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • BallistaBBest Heroes
    Yes, the Ballista is ranked quite high for a common troop in Art of War Legions, but it's simply good. It can deal a lot of damage with crits and the only downside, in general, is that they are quite rng on that with their crit chance of 30%. I think you can not go that wrong running a free Ballistas in your formation.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Ice MagesBBest Heroes
    Ice Mages are, debatably, underused in the mid-game and also the end-game as they have decent attack and health stats plus serve well with their area damage that also slows the enemy attacks and movement speed down massively. Like a little less powerful version of the Frost Archers, but a lot easier to access and earlier to use. Try them out, you will not be disappointed in the right formation.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Soul HunterBBest Heroes
    Soul Hunter has a good amount of health and, although their attack is not that high, they have life steal ability and heal up again what makes him stay alive for quite some time. Also not hard to obtain and level up.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • YashaBBest Heroes
    Yasha has good health, deals good damage and has the ability to stun. That makes it a lot better than ogre and a good troop to have. Not outstanding, but solid.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Priest MageBBest Heroes
    Priest Mage have this nice area of effect damage that can be put to the center of an enemy's army with their fireball. Can be devastating but you need to face the right setup to make effective use of them.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Goblin TechBBest Heroes
    Goblin Tech is not only a fun one in terms of the graphics and setting, it can also build cannons. It will add some strategic layer but you can start protecting in certain areas (and the cannon also stays when the Gobin Tech dies). I think the developers haven't made their mind up where they want to take them in the meta and they didn't want to make them too strong with their release, so they lack in overall damage and that's the reason I don't rank them higher.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Magic ApprenticeBBest Heroes
    Hear me on before you scream... I know that Magic Apprentice is a rare troop and it's ranked quite high, but so many armies, especially in in mid-game of Art of War Legions, run them. For a reason, as they can scout the battlefield and attack enemies from the back row. Helpful and effective, that's what they are.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • NecromancerC+Best Heroes
    Necromancer can be helpful, not in all situations universally but in several, by raising the undead and let them walk into the enemy. Can help keep bosses busy so they come in very handy and belong in this tier. Not overpowered, just useful.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • PaladinsC+Best Heroes
    Paladins are solid early and mid-game with their heal factor but they are neither really good at one thing (healing,damage, tanking) and most players use them for two reasons. One is they have a lot of them so the level makes sense to use at that stage and they wait for the troops to unlock that are better. Not bad or terrible, but no long-term troops you'll be running in Art of War Legions.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • GoblinkazesCBest Heroes
    Goblikazes are, like their name already tells, a kamikaze troop that will approach the enemy and blows themselves up. Deals massive damage when that happens and you will even late-game players use them occasionally, but they are kind-of easy to counter with ranged troops and once they're gone, they're gone. Unlike other troops that will last for the full battle.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • CactusesCBest Heroes
    Cactuses are easy to get and level and their main purpose is not being really strong themselves, but they keep the enemy troops quite busy so the other troops in your formation can do the damage needed. But they will fall off later in the game and you won't use them much more. Still, the way how easy they are to obtain and level makes them a troop I want to have in the decent tiers of this tier list.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Shadow NinjaCBest Heroes
    The Shadow Ninja are a new troop and I did rank them here because, although the ability to cloak and go behind enemy lines is good, rangers in the enemy formation will pick up on them very efficently.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Templar KnightCBest Heroes
    Templar Knight are not as great as the Rhinos and also harder to level, for that reason I ranked them lower. Not bad overall, just for the reason there are better alternatives in Art of War Legions I think they are not that strong overall.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Fire MageCBest Heroes
    Fire Mage are a troop your will get rid by mid-game. The area of effect comes in handy early-game and you them used a lot, but there are simply better alternatives mid-game that are more reliable and durable. Not a bad troopBest HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • BanditsCBest Heroes
    Bandits are not necessarily a bad troop type, but they will get replaced easily and don't have something very unique. They work good early-game and also towards mid-game, but there's nobody running them much later than that. Level them up as much as you please and then you will leave them behind at some point.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Ogre WarriorsD+Best Heroes
    Ogre Warriors are not that viable and towards mid-game you will be easy bait running Ogre Warriors in your army formation. There are simply so many better troops out there that can replace them very well.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • ArchersD+Best Heroes
    Archers aren't a crazy unit overall and as a common troop a decent choice actually, especially in early game but also carries quite well towards mid-game in Art of War Legions. Towards late-game it falls off drastically, though.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • CatapultDBest Heroes
    The Catapult is a siege weapon but a lot less viable compared to the Ballista. The special capability with the fire area deals low damage overall.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Viking WarriorDBest Heroes
    Viking Warrior are pretty cool when they get enraged and that's when they are viable - but the problem is they only get there after they lost a certain amount of health and that is not great synergy with any healer troops in Art of Legions, that also goes pretty much against everything you want to do. For that reason I ranked them quite low, also because that increase makes them viable, not overly great...Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Beast MasterDBest Heroes
    Beast Master can be a debatable troop, but I can't rank it higher. I understand it has good loads of HP at one point and also deal decent damage but the skill is simply not good and you can find so much better alternatives. I believe a troop to skip investing in.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • DemonDBest Heroes
    Demon is a single pack unit and does have a lot of health, I give him that, but is quite terrible often times.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Harbringer of FireDBest Heroes
    Harbinger of Fire are quite easy to level up early in Art of War Legions but will get replaced fast as well - basically a placeholder troop for the ones that do the same thing better, and that's dealing area damage.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • InquisitorsDBest Heroes
    Inquisitors can do quite some damage but don't have abilities, so they are not a great option after you left the early stages.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • BomberDBest Heroes
    Bomber are not as terrible as the troops in the tier below, and have their uses early in the game, but overall not a troop you want to rely on or invest in.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • InfantryFBest Heroes
    As a common troop, Infantry is not that useful except when you're really early in the game and don't have any other optionsBest HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • ScholarFBest Heroes
    Scholar have no special abilities and although you see players using them in earlier stages of the game, they are simply not worth it.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Iron GuardsFBest Heroes
    Iron Guards are, like the other common troops here, none you want to give too much attention to.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes
  • Hell JailersFBest Heroes
    Hell Jailers are able to fly everywhere on the map, but that doesn't mean anything if they are not able to do anything. Die quick, don't deal damage and there are maybe 0.1% of cases where you could utilize them well. Just don't use them or invest in them.Best HeroesInfinity War RankingActive Codes


So, that was a long list. Do you have questions regarding all those troops in Art of War Legions? Well, drop a comment below and I’m happy to answer.

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