Best Theodora Builds (Talents, Skill Order, Pairing & Equipment) In Rise of Kingdoms

rise of kingdoms best theodora talent build and commander guide

Undoubtfully, Theodora is the best city and garrison defending commander in Rise of Kingdoms right now and the reason why the almighty Attila/Takeda setup has been falling out of the meta. So, as she is the best commander to run defending I have written and updated this guide here to show you how to build her, what skill order to take, what talent setup works best and much more you wan to know about her.

Theodora Role

Her primary goal is defending. Your city, garrison, flags and everything else you can think of.

I mean you can also run her defeating Barbarians or in the Sunset Canyon but the truth is that by the time you have her unlocked and invested into enough you have better commanders for both.

Current Ranking – is Theodora S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

See how Theodora is ranking in the different game modes of Rise of Kingdoms in my current tier list here.

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Skill Order

With his stars, you can fine-tune in what order you unlock her skills and level them so here’s my recommendation:

But a disclaimer here – if you want to actually run Theodora and by the point you have her and can invest in her you really want to have her expertise or you will get problems!

But let’s say you’re about building her, max out her 1st skill and then take her to 4-Star and hope that as many points as possible go into her 4th skill which is the strongest one. Bottom line, this is more theory and you want to have her expertise, especially when you plan using her as your city defender as you need that immunity to slow and control effects to scare off so many popular setups including Attila/Takeda that apply so many debuffs.

Best Troops

As a defender and without unit specialization, Theodora doesn’t care about troop types.

Best Commander Pairing

As Theodora doesn’t care about troop type, you have a broad menu of options when to pair her with. The only situation where you are forced to have mixed troops is when defending your city, otherwise you can control the troop type and pair her with a commander that’s more eager about running a certain troops type

So, for defending your city (or also structure), the most meta pairing there is is Theodora secondary with Yi Sun-Sin primary. This is an insane mix and will be almost impossible to beat as both of them work so well hand-in-hand.

Alternatively you can pair her up with a YSG and get tons of damage done or also Artemisia is a good pick with her disarm skill that will be super nasty to deal with.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment

In terms of equipment, here’s what I recommend to use as the route for Theodora:

Gear Starter Required
Helmet Helm of Phoenix Helm of Phoenix
Chest Infantry Breastplate Windswept Breastplate
Weapon Vanguard Halberd Staff of the Lost
Gloves Leather Gloves Seth’s Brutality
Leggins Vanguard Greaves Gladiator
Boots Sturdy Boots Windswept Boots
Forge Time 26 Days 120 Days

You have at the left side the absolute starter setup that you want to get when running him and at the right side you have the setup that most players run with this commander. ATTENTION! The best possible whale setup is NOT included here as it will not be obtainable for most players and I don’t want to list “best-of-the-best” here just for the sake of having it here. If you’re able to et the best gear for this commander, you don’t need to follow these recommendations anyway.

Best Builds For Theodora

Well, as we learned above you want to use Theodora in defensive situations and there are two builds that I can recommend – one is for defending your city and one for defending structures. The reason there are different builds is that some talents in the Garrison Tree are not taking effect when defending your city

City Defense Build

Let’s start with the build you want to use when you use Theodora as defender of your city:

theodora best city defense build

So you basically go in as deep into the Garrison Tree until you find the talents that will not apply when defending your city, so you still get the benefits from Know The Enemy, Nowhere To Turn and Impregnable along with the nice buffs along.

The Leadership Tree is pretty much useless for Theodora as there’s so much rally talents in there, but getting Hidden Wrath is mandatory for me as it will give so much additional rage that it’s impossible to neglect it.

From here spend the remaining points in the Defense Tree where you also find some nice talents to pick up. Especially Testudo Formation, Loose Formation and Balance are great picks here.

Garrison Defense Build

When you use Theodora as garrison commander outside your city, there’s some additional options you have that will change the build above for your city:

Theodora garrison talent build

Again, picking up Hidden Wrath from the Leadership Tree is mandatory for a good bunch of extra health that will help a lot, especially as her active skill is in a circle shape.

Then you would go into the Garrison Tree as shown above but a little deeper to pick up Kings Guard which just has a nice buff that you don’t want to miss out.

In the Defense Tree you want to get Medicinal Supplies as this will give you a healing factor and that’s great for keeping in longer in structures.

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