Best Cheok Jun-gyeong Builds (Talent Tree | Skill Order | Best Pairing) In Rise of Kingdoms

rise of kingdoms cheok jun gyeong best talent build and skill order

Cheok Jun-gyeong, also called CJ or Cheok (I will call him like that in the whole guide), is a pure damage dealing commander in Rise of Kingdoms, useful in big brawls in open field. He’s the commander that doesn’t give anything about buffing or debuffing and deals pure damage. In this guide I want to share some of my thoughts towards his skill order and also have a talent build for you that works well.

Cheok Role

As I already mentioned, Cheok feels great using his skill damage, especially if you expertise him. That demands buffs and debuffs from his secondary commander and also other allied marches but he really stands out in big open field brawls where he can nuke and nuke all over the place.

Current Ranking – is CJ S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

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Skill Order

The good thing is, all of Cheok’s skills are on point, you don’t have skills to neglect or skip like you would with many other commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

As with every legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms, you want to max out Cheok’s 1st skill before you take him higher. It’s his main damage dealing part so you want to get that damage factor up as fast as possible.

His 2nd skill boosts attack flat and as this is the weakest stat in Rise of Kingdoms, it’s debatable to skip it and work along with the 3rd skill right away. Unlocking the 3rd skill for that reduced damage taken is actually a higher benefit so go to

Then work right on the 4th skill, this is the one that will get Cheok rolling out damage in the battles. You can also think about maxing the 1st skill and then wait until investing in his skills until you unlocked the 4th skill.

The expertise skill is sweet if you have it, but won’t break Cheok entirely if you don’t so I’d not recommend getting him expertise for like 99% of the players of Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Troops

Use all infantry. His 3rd skill demand you to use ONLY infantry units with him and also the only talent build that makes sense has most points in the Infantry Tree…

Best Commander Pairing

As mentioned, you should pair CJ up with a commander that provides buffing and debuffing to really make his direct skill damage nuke.

With Alexander as the primary commander you have a great pairing, but you need Alexander to be expertise to get the massive damage increase for Cheok’s primary skill. Another bonus here is that they have identical talent trees so they share perfect synergy there as well. Also Guan Yu is a great fit with Cheok’s 4th skill increasing skill damage that Guan Yu benefits directly from with how two skills that deal direct skill damage. Also Harald is a nice pairing with CJ for pretty much the same reason. They boost their damage vice versa so you can also nuke a lot with them. I’d use Harald as the primary commander in this pairing.

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Best Cheok Builds

Actually there’s only one build for Cheok that makes much sense:

cheok jun gyeong best talent build

Here’s the best order how to build this setup:

Attack Tree will be your first priority and you want to get Fight To The Death. It will increase the damage taken but you will get such a nice boost for the damage. Then get Effortless for another nice damage increase the longer the battle lasts. With Armored Joints you then get the damage you get from Fight To The Death neutralized.

Infantry Tree will now be your next step and you will try to get Elite Soldiers and I’d take Snare of Thorns first. This is helpful as this build misses out some extra march speed for the good reason of other buffs. Then use the remaining points as shown above.

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