Best Harald Sigurdsson Builds (Talents, Skill Order, Pairing & Equipment) In Rise of Kingdoms

rise of kingdoms Harald Sigurdsson best talent build

With super-hard hitting direct damage, Harald Sigurdsson is a great commander for open field hunting, conquering and also other PvP situations and with the right pairings you will have a lot of fun playing him. Below I have my recommendations on how to build and use him to get the most out of him.

Harald Sigurdsson Role

Harald Sigurdsson does deal good amount of direct damage and when swarmed even starts dealing to multiple targets in a circle shape – that’s already really good. But his other skills will buff your troops and the real gold is his 4th skill that basically has a chance to trigger his active skill by up to 20% chance on every attack. This skill will start skyrocketing him and when paired with the right commanders and talent setup, you will see crazy things happen and no player likes to face you at this point.

Current Ranking – is Harald S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

See how Harald is ranking in the different game modes of Rise of Kingdoms in my current tier list here.

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Skill Order

With his stars, you can fine-tune in what order you unlock his skills and level them so here’s my recommendation.

In general, you really want to max out Harald so there’s no cheaper build you actually can make full use of him, but on the way there this is what I would recommend:

Leave him at 1-Star and max out his first skill. You want to do that with every legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms and Harald Sigurdsson is no exception here.

From here you can take him up star-by-star but if you have the option take him to 4-Star directly to unlock his 4th skill (Stamford Bridge) which can trigger an additional active skill. When you now level his skills you can hope to pick some up here along with the others until you’re maxed so you can run him in open field before you have him maxed and run him for PvP situations.

Best Troops

Harald Sigurdsson is an infantry commander and although he has no skill or talent that requires him to run infantry troops exclusively, you want to run as many infantry units in your march as you can for the simply reason that a good bunch of his skill and talent buffs will affect only infantry units and you want to make full use of that.

Best Commander Pairing

As Harald Sigurdsson is a commander that has to build up a lot of rage, you want to run him with a commander that contributes to that and also benefits from the rage-building talent setup that Harald uses (see them below).

One of my favorite pairings is with Guan Yu for the simple reason that their synergy will be very well and additional AoE damage and healing factor contributes very well to the mechanics of Harald.

Pairing Harald with Leonidas is also a pairing I really like for the fact that Leonids adds resistance to the troops

If you really want to add sustainability to your march, add Alexander as secondary commander and he will absorb a lot of incoming damage and with the damage output of Harald you still have a fearsome setup going on.

There are in theory also epic commanders that will work but at this point when you really have Harald you should pair him with a legendary commander or you will stay heavily below his possibilites.

Find out more about the most useful commander pairings here.

Best Equipment

In terms of equipment, here’s what I recommend to use as the route for Harald:

Gear Starter Progressed Required
Helmet Windswept War Helm Windswept War Helm Witch’s Lineage
Chest Windswept Breastplate Quinn’s Soul Quinn’s Soul
Weapon Gatekeeper’s Shield Gatekeeper’s Shield Gatekeeper’s Shield
Gloves Windswept Bracers Seth’s Brutality Seth’s Brutality
Leggins Sentry Breeches Karuak’s Humility Karuak’s Humility
Boots Windswept Boots Windswept Boots Frost Treads
Forge Time 70 Days 166 Days 218 Days

You have at the left side the absolute starter setup that you want to get when running him. The middle step is where you fit in good alternatives to improve where it makes sense and at the right side you have the setup that most players run with this commander. ATTENTION! The best possible whale setup is NOT included here as it will not be obtainable for most players and I don’t want to list “best-of-the-best” here just for the sake of having it here. If you’re able to et the best gear for this commander, you don’t need to follow these recommendations anyway.

Best Builds For Harald Sigurdsson

For Harald Sigurdsson you want to have a talent build that focus around generating rage as much as possible to keep stacking up his skills and cycle through his active skill.

I have played with many different talent builds you can find around, especially the ones that focus around the Infantry Tree with Elite Soldiers, but I think there’s one crazy talent build that will work best for all situations as it will buff stats in a better way than getting the final talents into one tree – here’s the build:

Harald Sigurdsson best talent build

The main reason here is that Strong of Body will buff your health by 6% which is simply better than Elite Soldier buff that also requires a only-infantry march. Also Buckler Shield with9% reduced counterattack damage is a lot more powerful than Snare of Thorns.

So what you want to do when it comes to priority if you haven#t have your Harald maxed, yet, is to get Rejuvenate first to gain that extra rage. From here go after Undying Fury, this will get your rage engine started and make you cycle through your skills a lot faster.

From here Clarity is the next pick with a good bunch of extra damage and also picking up some valuable talnts on the way.

Now go for Strong of Body for the nice health buff that you will really feel on the battlefield and then you can spend the talent points according to the image above.

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