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Idle Heroes – How to get 5-Star to 10-Star Heroes

Basically everything in Idle Heroes is about getting 5-Star Heroes. Not only will they make a good team when you start playing Idle Heroes, you will also need them at the point where you want to get 6-Star or higher heroes! So, when you want to get a 10-Star hero, no matter which one, you will need a couple of 5-Star Heroes – the sooner you start farming them effectively, the easier it will be to get your first real tough end-game team lineup together.

How to get 5-Star Heroes

Getting 5-Star Heroes is not a drag race, it’s an endurance run as you not only will need multiple ones (the right ones) to get your good team line-ups together. At a certain point you then need multi of the same one to level them up, especially as you can’t rank the star of a hero lower than 4-Star up.

By the way, if you’re not sure which heroes you should go for – I have here a full list which heroes are really worth getting.

Now let’s have a look at the best ways to get 5-Star heroes in Idle Heroes and also which ways are not working that well.

5-Star Heroes from Heroic Summon

Looking at the drop rates, the Basic Summon has extremely low drop rates for a 5-Star hero:

  • 1-Star Hero: 56.0%
  • 2-Star Hero: 34.0%
  • 3-Star Hero: 8.50%
  • 4-Star Hero: 1.45%
  • 5-Star Hero: 0.05%

So, basically, you will need 2,000 Basic Summons to statistically get one single 5-Star Hero.

Also, if you’re short on resources, maybe you want to check out my active list of gift codes here, normally there’s at least one code active that will give you Summon Scrolls and Gems.

The Heroic Summon, however, offers a lot better chances:

  • 2-Star Hero: 32.0%
  • 3-Star Hero: 54.0%
  • 4-Star Hero: 13.2%
  • 5-Star Hero: 0.8%

So you only need 125 Heroic Summons for your 5-Star Hero but the real sweet deal is that you will gather energy points and once getting 1000 points you will get a guaranteed 5-Star Hero.

idle heroes 5-star heroes from heroic summon

Guild Stores

5 star heroes from guild shopYou need to be in an active guild and you will see that guild coins will find their way to you faster than you think. Actually, it’s the most effective way to get 5-Star heroes to use these guild coins in the Guild Store to get them. Reason one is because it’s up to you and second you can choose which one you will get depending on the offers you see there.

Daily Login Bonus

daily login bonusEven if you don’t have much time to play make sure to at least log in every day – at the end of the month you will get some nice hero shards that you can use to get a 4-Star hero that you can fuse to a 5-Star Hero.

Attention! Don’t disassemble your heroes, the shards you get are not really worth the effort and you should rather keep them and use them for fusing instead.

Fusing Heroes

When you play the game for a little while, you will get a lot of double 1 to 4 Star Heroes and in the Creation Circle, you can fuse them together for a chance to get a 5-Star Hero. It looks harder in the beginning than it really is and like I said, sooner or later you will have so many unnecessary Heroes that you won’t have a lot of problems fusing a new 5-Star here.


How to get your heroes to 10-Star rating

Once you have a 5-Star hero that is worth leveling up, you will need to start to farm the required heroes and parts for fusing it to the next Star Level. This will require a lot of time so don’t push it too hard. Just stockpile the hero shards and heroes you get and at a certain point you will take them to the next level.

I also don’t recommend you to start focusing on fusing a 5-Star hero up until you have a full 5-Star hero team.

If you’re also looking for some nice ways to get more Gems and also faster progress in Idle Heroes, I’d recommend you this guide here.

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