Best Bjorn Ironside Builds (Talents, Skill Order, Pairing & Equipment) In Rise of Kingdoms

rise of kingdoms bjorn ironside best rallying talent build

Released along the Vikings nation with Ragnar Lodbrok, Bjorn Ironside is an excellent epic commander but has some things that you should know about. Below I have everything about him that you need to know before investing even a dime into him.

Bjorn Ironside Role

Bjorn is clearly a early and mid-game commander in Rise of Kingdoms, doing a great job as well for KvK Season 1-3. After that, it’s the point where you will get hunt down using Bjorn so if you’re a player that has exceeded that point, don’t invest into Bjorn anymore!

However, if you’re new to Rise of Kingdoms or you’re in a new kingdom, Bjorn will be the commander to invest in early and he will do a lot of great things for you.

Current Ranking – is Bjorn Ironside S-Tier, A-Tier, or D-Tier?!

See how Bjorn Ironside is ranking in the different game modes of Rise of Kingdoms in my current tier list here.

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Skill Order

When you star up Bjorn Ironside, you also unlock a new skill. This helps you fine-tune in what order you want to upgrade your skills as not all skills are equally good for him. This helps to invest your sculptures more reasonably to get the biggest bang for your buck.

There’s no doubt that you want to max out his 1st skill before you star him up. His primary skill is really nice, dealing good damage and even hitting multiple targets at once as well as increasing skill damage which will boost any secondary commander with skill damage you use alongside with him a lot. This is also important for the talent builds below, you want to generate as much rage as possible with him to keep this skill firing off as often as possible to also keep the debuff on the enemies up as much as possible.

From here, I’d take him up to 4-Star and directly invest and hope to unlock the 4th skill as fast as possible. This will give you a good amount of additional damage, especially when you keep in mind that this damage gets boosted by the debuff of the primary skill.

The 2nd skill favors hitting cities, what you will not do with this commander at all or extremely rarely and the buff from the 3rd skill is okay, but not outstanding.

As every epic commander, you will max out Bjorn entirely anyway but having the 1st skill maxed and as many points in the 4th skill as possible with minimum invest of sculptures makes him run really well.

Best Troops

Well, technically you will invest in infantry units, but no skill is entirely about infantry armies and earlier in Rise of Kingdoms you will run mixed marches a lot so I would say there’s a favor for infantry units but you can also run him with all troop types.

Best Commander Pairing

I will only recommend epic commander pairings here as it doesn’t make sense to run him at the point where you can really invest into legendary commanders. Also, at that point, you will get hunt down so brutally when running an epic commander as the primary commander that you can’t even blink your eye fast enough.

But, and that’s the sweet thing here, early in the game you have some really cool commanders to pair Bjorn with:

The dream team of epic pairing is Bjorn Ironside primary and Sun Tzu as the secondary commander. this pairing is so insane as Sun Tzu will generate a lot more extra rage for every target he hits, that favors Bjorns primary skill a lot, and this means that Bjorn will increase the active damage that Sun Tzu deals to every target. These two commanders basically charge each other up and get insane for early game.

Another secondary commander to Bjorn would be Boudica. She also generates a lot of extra rage for him and also provides healing, so not that powerful as Sun Tzu but also a good one.

Eulji Mundeok is also possible as he adds a ton of debuffs. I favor the ones above but it’s still a pairing you can run around a lot and work your way through.

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Best Builds For Bjorn Ironside

There are two possible builds you want to run with Bjorn. The first one is (Skill Tree Build), in my opinion, the best one as it will favor his mechanics of rage generation and applying his debuff most. The second one (Infantry Tree Build) will not ramp up as much burst and damage output, but will give Bjorn more sustain on the battlefield. It’s not worst, but I recommend run the Skill Tree Build.

Skill Tree Build

This is my recommended build:

rise of kingdoms bjorn ironside skill tree build

Here’s the best order how to build this setup:

Attack Tree is your best friend here as you want to generate as much rage as possible to keep firing Bjorn’s active skill as much as you can to keep the uptime of his debuff up. Your first goal will be getting Rejuvenate. This will generate extra rage for every skill used, making skills come more frequently and generating even more rage. From here take the minimum invest to get Feral Nature. This already makes him a crazy rage engine.

Infantry Tree now offers some nice additional talents for you once you’re finished with the Skill Tree. Undying Fury should be first and with Fleet of Foot you will gain some more march speed which is really useful in the open field. Then spend the other points as you see above.

Last points now to Buckler Shield in the Conquering Tree to reduce the counterattack damage and you have a serious build that will rock.

Infantry Tree Build

Here’s the build that will generate less rage but give a lot more sustain in the field:

rise of kingdoms bjorn ironside infantry tree build

Here’s the best order how to build this setup:

Attack Tree is also the first step here where you want to get Rejuvenate as quickly as possible to get the additional rage.

Then go into the Infantry Tree and get Snare of Thorns, this will give you some more march speed and rage on the way and also slow down enemies so you can hunt them down even better. Then get Elite Soldiers as quickly as possible. Mind that you need to use full infantry marches to make use of it. Pick up the additional points you see there and you have a hybrid build that will not let you down on the battlefield.

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