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Best Cheap Players in FIFA Mobile

You’re on a tight budget and want to boost your squad with a strong player in FIFA Mobile?

I got asked a lot on my Facebook pages if I know any secret players that are available at a cheap price and worth getting, so I thought this might be useful.

Attention! Many now think “uhhh when these players are featured here everybody wants them and they get more expensive…!” WRONG!

As I discussed in my article about how the marketplace is run by a bot and the price that people are selling players are not the price that the players who bid are seeing – this means the price they are sold for is done by the FIFA Mobile marketplace algorithm and not the people, so you can still hunt them down 🙂

How I Rated A Cheap Player?

So I looked not at the OVR of a player, I looked at the individual stats that matter for the players position (I made a guide here that shows you which stats are really important for a position) and also how these stats will evolve when you take that player to a higher level.

When a player has good stats and is at a cheaper price compared to similar players, you will find him in the list below 🙂 Easy as that…

The Cheap Players You Should Get

One word first before we go into the list, here are only players that you can buy from the marketplace 🙂

Defensive Players

Carlos Izquierdoz (CB)

Marking (73) and heading (79!) are the key stats for this position and this player already is strong here, even barely a Gold Card.

If you’re lucky you can pick him up at 30,000 or 35,000 Coins and then keep him and level him up.

At Level 85 you will then have a 90 heading and 85 marking center back that works and it wasn’t that expensive after all.


João Schmidt (CM)

This shouldn’t be a silver card if you ask me, but good for you 🙂 I really prefer long/short passing, ball control and long shot stats at the center mid position and this card has it all with 69 already – 71/73 passing paired with 76  ball control and 77 long shot he will be a crusher when you start out.

If you keep him and level him up to 85, you will even see passing at 87/85  with 90 ball control and 89 long shot – amazing stats and actually pretty cheap to get 🙂

Theo Walcott (RM)

Theo Walcott 79 FIFA MobileThis card has a nice speed with already 90 while being a Gold Card (really important for that position) and good dribbling with 81 and decent finishing.

Keep in mind that this is a Gold Card and you can level him up – if you take him to 85 you will see the speed at 97 and dribbling at 88 which is really strong.

Right now you can find this card in the marketplace for around 40,000 Coins – a good investment if you haven’t got any strong player 80+ at this position.

Onyinye Ndidi (CDM)

If you need a player to keep the line in front of your defense clean, you can consider this card here. Although being a Gold Card, Ndidi has already 83 sliding tackle and 84 interception paired with good aggression that will give attackers a hard time at that level.

You need to check the marketplace frequently to get him for less than 200,000 Coins, often you will also see offers with more than 1 million so be aware that you can get him for 170,000 if you look long enough 🙂


Mame Diouf (ST)

Looking at the naked stats this card doesn’t look like that much but you can get it for less than 5,000 Coins and this makes it a good striker in any starter squad.

Acceleration and finishing are solid enough and when you take this card to 85, it will become quite good with acceleration 90 and finishing 85 so a nice invest in the long run that halps you save up some good amount of coins to get a beast striker for your squad 🙂

Gabriel Jesus (ST)

If you have stored up some coins you can also think about getting Gabriel Jesus – with 89 acceleration and 83 finishing paired with 85 dribbling at level 80 a real good investment into your future and when leveling him up you will get a really good striker that can compete even in the higher divisions.

Need Coins?

As mentioned in the beginning, I have a guide here that can help you earn a lot of coins in FIFA Mobile by using the marketplace right (no rocket science, it’s really simple!):

[irp posts=”46453″ name=”Millions Of Coins in FIFA Mobile – Player Market Farming Guide”]


I hope this list here helps you to strengthen your squad at one or more positions (also in the long run by saving coins to invest in more expensive cards) – if you have other ones that you would like to see featured here, simply drop a comment below 🙂

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