fifa mobile vs attack mode guide fifa mobile vs attack mode guide

Winning in VS Attack Mode in FIFA Mobile

The Versus Attack Mode is what you can call the bread and butter in FIFA Mobile and I know from many readers that they struggle at some point in this mode and have problems pushing further.

The reson? Higher rated opponents with stronger teams that give you the feeling that you need to buy a lot better players to be able to compete.

No! actually that’s a good sign and means that you’re a better player because you pushed to the same level like they did but you did it with a wealer teak, making you the better player.

Still, this is not the end and you can push a lot further and that’s why I decided to put all my personal top tips for the VS Attack Mode together here in this guide ????

More Wins in Versus Attack Mode

In general what you want to do is getting as many attempts on the goal as you can get. Especially when your opponent is significantly stronger than you are, you will see more situations where you need to defend – so time is money (or goals) ⌚️ = ⚽️ .

The more attempts you have the more likely you will score more goals than your opponent – if you understand that you’re halfway on the road to win the match – and here are some tricks that will help you out.

The Kickoff

When you start, simply pass the ball directly to your opponent. Say whaaat?! ????

kickoff tip

The reason is simple… It takes so much time to pass and dribble through the defending lines that you don’t want to waste, most of the times you won’t score the first attempt. By losing the ball on purpose you will just save yourself some precious time that you can use for one or even two attempts from a better situation.

Take Your Shots

If you’re playing a good chance, don’t waste it by rushing – you wonÄt get that many of them and they need to be a goal if you want to win. Don’t panic or try to make a fast lucky punch here, often times there’s just you and goalie plus maybe another defender and you’re almost never without another player from your team that you can easily pass the ball for a simple goal.

VS Attack Tips And Tricks Fifa Mobile great chance

Also wait when running towards the goalie… he will come out of the goal and you can easily rainbow the ball over him by simply tapping in the goal instead of shooting. These goals are a 99% secure goal 🙂

Long Shots

The famous saying is that offense wins games and in most matches, you will only have 1-2 defensive situations to solve and the others are about scoring as many goals as you can.

So, here are some great tips that will help you get more goals. Long shots are your best friend so try to use them as your favorite weapon. Even with lower 90 Bronze Player you can score 7 out of 10 goals from 25-30+ yards and it costs you a lot less time – and as you know, more time in FIFA Mobile means higher chances to score more goals. Just imagine how long it takes to make passing and dribbling into the penalty zone just to screw up there – within that time you can do 2-3 long shots and score more goals 🙂

Of course, this is only for situations when you have several defenders in front of you and not when you’re in a 1-on-1 situation versus the goalie 😉

Swiping Vs Buttons

Are you swiping or using the control buttons? Well, you need to use both of them, especially when it comes down to attempting a shot on the goal.

The buttons have the clear advantage that you have a free view on your screen, especially when you have a smaller screen device, but they are not that smart after all. They will only do what you hit in the direction the player is facing – especially when you’re in the move towards the goal and want to make a pass you should rather tap the player or position you want to ball to head to – this gives you a lot more control and flexibility!

fifa mobile swipe

When shooting on the goal, I recommend you to only use the shoot button for long shots (see above) because they will be a lot more precise from 20+ yards towards the goal compared to a swiping move (where you can’t even see the goal on your screen) – only make sure to talk directly into the direction of the goal! However, if you’re close to the goal you should rather swipe because a swipe will not only show the ball the direction but also control the movement in the air, so you can give it a spin or let it fly over the goalie or defender.


With some simple tricks and experience you can still win a versus attack mode match in FIFA Mobile, just donÄt give up when you see a harder opponent they are normally not the better players 😉

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