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fifa mobile best formations fifa mobile best formations

Best Formations (VS Attack, Campaign, Tournament)

Have you ever thought about your formation in FIFA Mobile? Well, there’s a lot more than just suiting in the best players you have – your formation is able to give you a huge tactical advantage. That’s why I decided to show you some really well-working formations in FIFA Mobile here that you should use in the different game modes.

Best Formation For VS Attacks

In attack mode you want a formation that will make the life of your opponent harder while giving you the best option to score more goals in the time.

Here are the ones that work best.

The Classic 3-4-3 Diamond (Level 26)

3-4-3 diamond formation fifa mobile

One of the most classical and also most effective formations to use in Versus Attacks for multiple reasons.

One of the main reasons why you should use this formation is that the first touch will be closer to the goal in this formation and this is a clear advantage as you play against the clock and this gives you the chance to score more goals. The CAM will often times get the first ball possession and if you use a player on this position with a strong long shot ability you can get some fast and easy goals off of that.

More than half of the players use this formation but don’t let that fact impact on using this formation – most of them use it for a reason – defense don’t win the games in VS Attacks, it’s you ability to score the fast goals.

In campaigns, you shouldn’t use this formation – more on that below.

The Pro 3-5-2 (Level 16)

352 formation

This is the formation most players use in the higher leagues in FIFA Mobile.

This formations works extremely well when you can use either Marking or Holding boost on your CB and CDM – this will make them insanely strong against rotation moves and keep the pressure high on the attacker.

In the higher leagues defenses are getting more important or the good offensive players will simply score goal after goal and it becomes hard to counter that with the classical 3-4-3 formation.

This formation will make it hard for any player to find a proper spot to attempt the goal so even the best Messi or Ronaldo will not get many chances and there’s still a goalkeeper that can save that in the end.

Unless your opponent is able to use well roulette with also the defenders he won’t be able to just attempt the goal.

Still, if you don’t have the boosts and defensive players with high marking and holding stats you simply won’t get much out of this formation – if you do, this will win you VS Attacks against players with a higher OVR easily 🙂

Best Campaign Mode Formation

In campaign mode you don’t have the attempts against the clock, you will need to create all situations yourself the the opponent often likes to waste your time by holding the ball possession long in their own area.

4-2-2-2 formationThe best tactic here is to let them come into your area and then tackle them and keep the pressure high to win the ball possession quickly.

The 4-2-2-2 formation works perfectly here and will give you the best possibility to counter fast either via the wings or the middle with fast attackers.

So you can easily score your counter attacks and then focus on defending, which shouldn’t be hard with at least 6 defensive players that can make a huge defensive wall that the opponent can’t get over.

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