fifa mobile farm coins guide fifa mobile farm coins guide

Millions Of Coins in FIFA Mobile – Player Market Farming Guide

Coins are everything you need in FIFA Mobile to build yourself a stronger team and get the players you want to have – but it’s hard to get the coins when you look at the prices in the player market that the good players cost and how much you actually get from winning matches.

Horrible, right? ????

The good news is, the player market is also your best friend and can make you so much more coins than any matches could make you at the same time!

In this guide here I will show you step by step how you can do it without knowing much about the players or anything else. You could give this guide to an 8-year-old toddler that doesn’t even understand soccer at all and he could do it for you 🙂

Sounds good? (Not the child labor part, the easy guide part of course…)

How The Player Market in FIFA Mobile Works

Here comes the important thing first about the player market in FIFA Mobile – unlike the player market on consoles, the player market on mobile is run by a bot.

This is done that way to prevent that people just shift coins from one account to another and to control the economy in FIFA Mobile.

You actually don’t sell your players on the market to other players for coins directly. They are just posted and when the market bot decides to buy that player it will relist them on its own prices.

This is why this guide works, it simply plays against a bot that controls the prices and makes sure there are always players that you can buy cheap and sell more expensive with profit. Of course, there are also other players bidding on the same players, but there are so many relisted every second that there’s always plenty of room to make a nice profit – and I’m talking about making 3-5 times your invest in 20 minutes or less!

Player Trading = Coins Profit Guide

So my guide has two sections, the first one for new players or players that have less than 100,000 coins available. The second one is for players with 500,000+ coins available that requires a little more knowledge but also offers higher profits.

Again, you don’t need any knowledge about the players – the prices you’re selling a player again depends on the bot buying it and not other players because they will never see your listings like mentioned above!

Silver Players

In both strategies, we’re bidding on silver players in the 63 to 69 range and this has a reason. These are players normally no other human other players would buy to use, but the market bot will buy them.

The advantage here is that we don’t compete with human players that want that specific player to use it in their team, we only have competition from other human players that are also looking for a profit so chances are really low that we end up in a bidding war that will lower our coin profit in the end.

Beginner (Less than 100,000 Coins)

Go to the market and set your filter to:

  • Player Rating: 63 to 69
  • Current Bid: 1,000 Coins

Now you will see all the players that are currently at less than 1,000 Coins bids, like this:

fifa mobile player market farming

What you’re doing now is playing a bid on every player that’s not more than 1,000 coins.

The reason is simple, currently every of these players will sell after that for at least 1,500 coins – a lot will sell higher, but that’s the absolute minimum. This makes sure you will NEVER lose a single coin by doing this and most players you get can be sold for 3,000 or more coins.

So my strategy here is simply placing a bid on like 10 players and then go back to the main screen and back to the market – then you will see the ones that you have been outbid on and can place a new bid (unless it’s more than 1,000 coins) and go further and place more bids.

In my experience, it doesn’t make that much sense to place bids on auctions that have more than 5 minutes left so you will probably get around 5-10 players with this and then you can start relisting them until you repeat bidding.

So I got Villarreal for 940 coins so I will sell him. I go to the player market and search his name and position to check the prices and see that the lowest cost of a buy it now of 2,200 coins.

fifa mobile sell players

Keep in mind, you want the market bot to buy that player so just having the cheapest bid will make sure that the bot will buy it – in this case I will see it for 2,199 coins.

sell the player with profit

Make sure that you make the minimum price to like 80-90% of your buy it now price.

A few hours later it’s guaranteed that the player is sold in 99% of the cases.

player sold

So, let’s recap out profit here…

I bought it for 940 coins, sold for 2,199 – that’s a profit of 1,259 Coins minus the auction fee of 300 making almost 1,000 coins profit for this single player.

This might now sound not that huge, but in half an hour you can do this with 30-50 players making you a profit of 50,000 coins easily.

Advanced (100,000+ Coins)

This one here has higher profits but you need to invest some coins first – if you have less than 100,000 coins available you should use the above technique to farm these 100,000 coins and then start doing this one here.

Go to the market and set your filter to:

  • Player Rating: 63 to 69
  • Current Bid: 4,000 Coins

The difference now is, we’re not looking at the current bid, we’re looking at the Buy It Now prices that should be above 10,000 Coins – like these two ones here:

advanced coin farming in market method

They are perfect examples and you can (when getting outbid) raise your bid to 10,000 coins if you have to because the buy it now prices are worth it.

Prepared to get outbid here a lot more often so switch between the home screen and the market screen every 10-30 seconds to make sure you can still catch the big fishes.

Remember, one of these players will make the same profit as doing the beginner technique above for half an hour so it’s worth doing it ????

So I was able, in this example, to get Cambon for 3,000 coins ????

When searching him up you see great Buy It Now prices:

sell higher rated player

To make sure the bot will buy it fast (so I get fresh coins to invest again) and the reason I have only paid 3,000 coins for him, I will see him for 55,999 coins

high coin profit

A few hours later it got sold easily for that price to the market bot and I made 50,000 coins in profit just for this one player.


And in the meantime, I had like 10 more players that I sold (of course, some for lower profits) but in total that’s normally 200,000 to 400,000 Coins you can make in half an hour farming the market.

Extra Tip

Some people seem to be super clever and think they could insert a player with an insane high buy it now and hope that some stupid player will fall for it – of course, this won’t work! Like mentioned int he beginning, only the market bot will buy your listed players and relist them at its prices so it’s simply useless to try for a lucky shot.


As you can see, this strategy is fool-proof and as you’re only offering the players to the bot at the lowest price, you’re completely safe that it will buy it from you. The only thing you need to make sure is that you buy them cheap to keep your profit margin high 🙂

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