disgaea rpg best characters tier list disgaea rpg best characters tier list

Best Characters Tier List in Disgaea RPG (4-Star & 3-Star)

Deciding what characters you want to focus on in Disgaea RPG can be a tough spot so I decided to share here a tier list that should help you with that.

Important Info About This Tier List

Before you take a look at the list, please mind some things:

First of all, no character below 4-Star will be considered here as it comes to give you an indication what units you want to focus for the end-game. It doesn’t make sense to recommend you a tier list for early game that becomes obsolete for you later. Even if you’re not close to end-game, this list will help you prioritize the right characters in Disgaea RPG. Update: I think about making an extra tier list for 3-Star here as well, please let me know in the comments if you would be interested in that. I have created a separate tier list for 3-Star characters that you will find below the 4-Star Tier List. There was simply no way to fit those in within the 4-Star characters.

The color around the character icons shows you where you can obtain that character – Free, Premium, BA Fest, Collab, Seasonal.

The column “Team Synergy” shows how viable a character works in different team setups. The more specific the team requirement gets, the lower the rating. +++ means they can fit basically any team or almost any team, o means they need pretty much team built around them.


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Tier List (4-Star)

Alright, let’s jump into the character tier list for Disgaea RPG:

Char. Tier Team Syn. Best NE LvL Role + Info
Awakened Rozalin S+ +++ 7 DPS (Single Target) & Support. She’s a nice SP battery at the beginning and nice stats buff so she can use her expensive skills often enough. Equipped with the damage multiplier using a gun and a strong debuff makes her incredibly strong.
Tyrant Valvatorez S+ ++ 7 DPS (Single Target + AoE). Just insane. Crazy attack stats, seal heal, reduction of his own SP costs, crazy attack buff and speed as well. Just a beast and on top of the tier list for a good reason.
S  + 7 DPS (Single Target). Really good especially in early and mid-game in Disgae RPG and even past that as a braveheart utility character.
S  + 7 DPS (Single Target + Sustain).Great and reliable DPS character that delivers, but also has sistain options that make him quite viable as one man army.
S + 7 DPS (AoE). Clear and solid AoE DPS provider but no real support for the others. Only bad thing about her is that you lack of choices to pair, but an amazing AoE clearer earlier in the game as well.
Laharl-Chan S +++ 7 DPS (Single Target). Like normal Laharl but with own attack buffs and provides SP to the unit after her so helps that ally to use high SP skills.
Fuka S +++ 5 DPS (Single Target). Great axe-based buffs and can reduce enemies defense. Basically puts any axe team on power mode with one of the highest base attack in Disgaea RPG.
Pure Sicily S +++ 7 Support. The best support unit in the game buffing each ally a great buff, access to healing and magic boosts. Super helpful in pretty any team.
A+ o 7 DPS (Single Target). Really fast damage dealer to single targets so make sure to focus on fist.
Dark Santa Laharl
A+ + 1 DPS (Single Target) & Support. Has less damage than normal Laharl butadds utility by giving axe teams more damage and humanoids more damage. Great to increase drop/farming.
A + 1 DPS (Single Target) & Support. Impressive speed and SP buffs to sword/axe and anti-monster allies. Lacks defense break to be higher on the tier list.
A +++ 7 Support. Great support for monster with great passive buffs and giving them extra SP to keep rolling skills.
Attired Rozalin
A ++ 5 Support. Great support with action gauge, AoE damage increase and attack buff. Team heal is a little expensive and she rules support in early to mid-game of Disgaea RPG all the way.
Majin Etna
A + 4 DPS (Single Target). With her NE7 you will have a crazy strong speed gain for all allies for 3 turns and a cheap AoE as well that comes in handy in many situations.
Pure Flonne
A + 7 Support & Healing. Has a lot of healing and resist break and nice buffs as well with good base stats.
Ms Rasperyl A + 7 Support & Healing. Great support for monsters and she’s a great SP battery. Has speed boosts and single target healing and decentish damage as well.
Majorita A + 7 Debuffer. Has resist breaks and a very specific Res Debuff to help humanoid teams.
Kyoko Needleworker A + 7 DPS (AoE) & Debuffer. Has AoE damage which is cheap and a few buffs for fist. Great debuffer though with forget, paralysis and sleep and speed down. Good base speed but best for niche when you need sleep or paralysis.
Dark Artina A- + 7 Debuffer & Support. Has some nice stat buffs to allies and reduces attack and resist and adds poison which is sometimes really needed.
Sapphire A- ++ 7 Debuffer & Support. Offers full cleanse and heal for the team and boost speed while reducing enemy stats. Great to boost Rozaline to go first and do more damage.
B+ o 5 DPS (Single Target). Isn’t that great. She’s a bow character who actually deals decent Damage, but bow is lacking strong options in general. Her first Special makes her a good for the Awakened Killia Gate, so she’s not actively bad. Still hard to make a team around her…
B+ o 3 DPS (Single Target). Actually a slightly less effective Killia with some more support but lacks more attack so Killia is the better option for you.
B+ + 7 Support & DPS (Single Target). Quite hybrid and can work with swords and staff as well. Magic boosts make staff the better option after all.
B+ o 7 DPS (Single Target + AoE). Must use for any player as you get her at the beginning and with the raw percentage stats nice starting character. With bow a cheap AoE.
Fallen Angel Flonne
B+ o 7 Healer & Support. Alright healer especially in the earlier stages of Disgaea RPG. Immunity can be niche important later as well.
B+ + 7 DPS (Single Target). High base speed but skills and passive aren’t that great and not much utility.
B + 7 Support. Can be decent support for male humanoid with her attack buff and extra SP with gun. Good base speed so in the right team a good fit.
B + 7 Support. Support for sword and Int. No buffs or debuffs but Aoe and heal but can be a nice SP battery for sword heavy teams.
Raspberyl B + 7 Support. Low speed but good support for monster teams.
B + 4 Support & Healer. Useful passives, magic boost and offers healing. Good for early magic teams.
B o 7 DPS (Single Target). Only mediocre although his break skill tree is nice and he has a good speed. NE5 and NE7 are not good at all so there’s no really strong team to fit him in.
Zeroken B ++ 7 Support. Good support unit for fist teams with the ability to lower enemy attack and built-in buffs
Artina B + 5 Support & Healer. Great support for gun teams with some heals and a good speed and extra buffs.
B + 4 Debuffer. Free unit and good support for monster int teams with base stat and damage buff.
B + 7 Support. Good support for humanoid sword teams with two team wide buffs for attack and damage and reducing enemy damage.
Fenrich B o 5 DPS (Single Target). On his own alright but no support and damage lacks as well so hard to find a good team for.
Love Oracle
B o 4 Healer & Support. Solid healer and nice buff for humanoid int teams. Good option but the other healers up there in the tier list are better.
B + 7 Support & Debuffer. Buffs bow and staff, adds poison/paralysis and forget and solid sustain.
B o 4 Tank & Support. Actually some nice buffs and can be a good tank with her base defense but can be experimental at times.
Asuka Cranekick B + 1 Support & DPS (AoE). Has some buffs for humanoid spear with cheap SP AoE and some decent debuffs. Good for spear teams.
Easter Mao B- + 7 DPS (AoE & Single Target). Cheap SP AoE and good self-buffs but lacks in providing much for the team.
Bunny Seraphina B- o 7 Support. Basic stat buff for all allies and good for bow teams and can sleep/paralyze.
Bloodis B- 7 DPS (Single Target). Selfish single target attacker but does that job solid enough.
B- o 1 Support. Can be tanky and has some debuffs and okay speed but not viable overall.
B- o 1 Support & DPS (Single Target). Not bad, not great. Works in monster compositions and armor break is nice.
Jennifer C + 5 Support. Strengthening of fist and SP cost reduction and good support if you lack of it. Later in Disgaea RPG more a niche fist team support.
C 1 Support & Debuffer. Alright for buffing monsters for more damage and debuffing enemy humanoids.
Kurtis C 4 DPS (Single Target) & Support. He’s free and has a buff for monsters but his AoE is far too expensive.
Fubuki C o 4 DPS (AoE). Some okay buffs and good base stats but the AoE lacks the modifiers to really bring some bang for your buck.
Red Magnus C o 7 DPS (AoE & Single Target). Good buffs for axe but the requirement for main evility is tied to having less HP to really have potential. Okay DPS after all.
Virunga C o 1 Support & Debuffer. There are better support for bow teams here on the tier list to rank Virunga any higher.
Barbara C 7 Tank & DPS (Single Target). Abilities are lackluster, no cheap DPS and only evility NE1 and NE7 are useful.
Xenolith C o 5 DPS (Single Target). Not skills that deal much damage and weak self buff.

As always, a tier list is somewhat individual so if you have a different opinion feel free to post below and let’s discuss.

Tier List (3-Star)

Attention! If a 3-Star character is ranked S-Tier or A-Tier here, it doesn’t compare to the above tiers, these ranks are only within the 3-Star characters in Disgaea RPG to give you a clue what characters are worth it. Even the best 3-Star is nothing compared to a A-Tier 4-Star.

Char. Tier Team Syn. Best NE LvL Role + Info
Celestial Host S ++ 5 Provides a lot to the team with with great spear synergy. Makes the on after him a powerhouse so really viable for pretty much all kinds of situations.
Nine-Tail S + 7 All allies star damage buff early and everything star based of her abilities and spells. Strong self-buffing and crazy damage output.
Death (White) S +++ 7 High intelligence and insane enemy debuffs as well as team buffs for magic monsters. Useful in almost any situation.
Rifle Demon (Green) S ++ 7 Crazy fast and cheap abilities and crazy star damage buff for all allies at NE7.
Professor S ++ 7 She’s one of the fastest characters in Disgaea RPG with high damage and resistance. Provides team intelligence and buffs that really make a difference.
Felynn (Red) S + 7 Only difference to the Yellow version is that the NE7 buff will stay throughout the full battle.
Felynn (Yellow) S + 7 Great base attack and good monster ally buff. Also good self buffs. Works like a 3-Star monster version of Laharl.
Dark Knight S ++ 5 Really good base attack/defense stats and has strong self buffs and turns into sword team battery.
Gunner A + 6 Okay base stats but his Critical Force buffs him up really well and very fast after the first turn. ALso has poison and paralysis abilities.
Star Skull A + 7 Good intelligence and nice self buffs that stack making him strong. Good in star-based teams.
Pirate A o 3 Really good base stats with great poison spell and paralysis and useful for hard mode for sure. He’s gun user so not that many gun users to make more out of him in the game right now.
Flora Beast (Red) B ++ 7 Low base stats and decent speed, but great damage mitigation that makes up for it. Also great team buff at NE7
Lady Samurai B + 3 Good base stats for a 3-Star and well-rounded with good sword buff.
Winged Warrior (Red Eyes) B + 7 Decent base stats but good flat enemies debuff. Compared to the other Winged Warriors, this version is immune to paralyze at NE7 which is a huge difference
disgaea rpg star mageStar Mage B o 1 Stats not the greatest but provides nice buffs and self-buffs to cheap abilities.
Twin Dragon (Blue) C o 5 Super low attack but a lot of buffs that amplify his damage. Situational and there are better options.
Wrestler C 3 Pretty good stats for a 3-Star but all he does is boosting damage for himself.
Dragon Zombie (Red) C + 5 Okay base stats with good defense and slow but good anti-humanoid debuff.
Bear (Yellow) D 7 Better NE7 compared to Blue Bear as it will stack up, but overall only slightly better with it.
Ninja D 3 Okayish attack and intelligence but everything for self-buffing or attacking directly. Just lackluster.
Bear (Blue) D 3 Terrible base stats except health and very little crowd control

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  1. This list is a joke. Most of these characters shouldn’t even make the list. The top 5 are especially comical. The best characters aren’t even on the list.

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