Best Heroes (Tier List) – Battle Night: Cyber Squad 2021

battle night best heroes

Let’s talk about heroes in Battle Night. As you know, it’s a grind to actually upgrade them so you should choose wisely what heroes you want to spend your attention to. I have build a tier list that I frequently update to help you see what heroes are worth it and which ones are not.

As with every tier list, this also includes personal opinions and some heroes are debatable (what you can kindly comment below in the comments).

So, let’s get started.

Best Heroes in Battle Night – Tier List

Before we will get into the list, let me give some annotations to the list…


The tiers are S > A > B > C with the “+” ones giving those heroes a small boost when they are in between tiers or simply are stronger than their “base” tier.

Within the tiers, the heroes are pretty much un-ranked. This means, just because multiple heroes have the “S” tier doesn’t mean that the one higher in the list is “more S Tier” than the other. This is just the sorting of the table tool. S Tier means S Tier.

Hero Camp Total Tier PvE PvP
Poll Machine S S S
Nymeria Tamer S S S
Wassily Martial S S S
Arngreene Fallen S S S
Misteltein Fallen S S S
Iggy Fallen S S S
battle night sayungSayung Hacker S S S
Beamon Hacker S S S
Samuel Hacker S S S
Gilbert Machine S- S A+
Phoebe Tamer S- A+ S
Vidar Tamer S- S A+
Raphael Nature S- A+ S
Sreateh Machine A+ A+ A+
Nintu Tamer A+ A+ A+
Charlotte Martial A+ A+ A+
Beckinsale Martial A+ A+ A+
Harpe Nature A+ A+ A+
Legolas Nature A+ A+ A+
Dreyfus Fallen A+ A+ A+
Gasol Hacker A+ A+ A+
Sone Machine A A+ A
Garuda Tamer A A A+
A Zhao Martial A A A+
Kratos Nature A A A+
Skadi Fallen A A A+
Westerly Martial A- B A+
Phonoi Nature A- B A+
Christina Hacker A- A+ B
Minamoto Machine B+ B A
Fino Hacker B+ A B
Caitlyn Nature B B B
Patroclus Nature B B B
Grinborth Fallen B B B
Rowen Hacker B B B
Elva Machine C+ B C
Naomi Machine C+ B C
Arteta Tamer C+ C B
Cassini Tamer C+ B C
Caledon Tamer C+ B C
Arae Tamer C+ C B
Mayne Martial C+ B C
Khun Martial C+ B C
Billy Martial C+ B C
Tiger Martial C+ B C
Camilla Nature C+ B C
Lyse Nature C+ B C
Thane Fallen C+ B C
Evelynn Fallen C+ B C
Attis Fallen C+ B C
Daria Hacker C+ B C
Heloise Machine C C C
Finley Machine C C C
Black Machine C C C
Leah Tamer C C C
Archer Tamer C C C
Dawn Tamer C C C
Hanna Martial C C C
Caroline Nature C C C
Eunice Nature C C C
Tucci Fallen C C C
Alisha Hacker C C C


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  1. Any list that doesn’t have ralph as the top tier character is worthless. Ralph is basically mandatory until they make a newer healer that can out due him.

  2. This list is a joke… Nintu, Vidar and Sone are all > Nymeria, both pve and pvp. Nym can still be a decent tank but dodge meta got needed several updates ago.

    Also, that you have Ralph rated as A+ when as the most legit healer, he is most OP and essential toon in the fame, both pve and pvp, is just…. leaves me speechless.

    which Mine and PVE chapter are you on and which PVP league do you normally end up on in your server?

  3. this list is flawed. only gold characters can be awakened up to 3 times (AW1, AW2, AW3). You must understand that in almost every case, A3 > A2 > A1 because of the insane stat jumps. There are very very few ‘special cases’ notably if you have an A3 Vidar then a secondary A1(or lesser) Vidar may surpass many other A2 or A3 hero in performance because of synergy in applied buff marks. However as mentioned, in most cases A3 > A2 > A1 almost always. Just compare the stat difference and you will understand why. So how can a purple hero be better than any gold hero that can be awakened? This list is terribly flawed it is useless.

  4. Hi, thank you So much for this list. The forum on Reddit is a disaster. No info there from experienced players. The best advice they give is “look at people with the highest power and see what characters they’re using”. Anyway, your list is excellent, can i ask though why you’d rate Gold kratos where he is, but not rank a Purple one? Same with Nymeria. You only have the gold one, I’ve been using the purple version and she’s fantastic because of all that dodge also, Were would you put her in the pist? I’m sure you’ve done the same with others, oh yes like there’s no purple Raphael, and thats basically what 60% of the site is usin while saving up for the gold hehe. Anyway. the list is great, But do you REALLY rate Garuda that high? one of the best purples? Sure if you put her in there and you fight a team around your power level she’ll help keep you alive a little, but without using halidoms on your stroner characters to add 30% chance of convertin attack to healing, she doesn’t stand a CHANCE versus Raphael. When i’m usin Garuda, i notice my team can be on 50% life the whole fight, and they go down.. and down.. never getting topped off so they’re vulnerable to a crit. Anyway…

    Can i add that Naomi is also WAY above the rating you gave her, C+/B/C .. maybe you haven’t used her? If you don’t have a decent fill in to use with Harpe and Poll, she’ll do great for a while, she heals herself and does decent damage. I’m not joking, while leveling up, around the 5 – 8 million power, she often gets near the highest rating in the team after the fight. Check her out in good gear again.

    Finally you have a blue Caitlyn above alot of purples. I’ve seen this before, people ratins blues as playable up in the 7 – 8 – 9 millions… NO lol. Even if you’re suggesting Samuel. They just get hit too hard even with stacked gear and get one shotted lol. Also, wheres the purple and blue Samuel’s ratings? This list needs to be completed properly my friend, as anyone who’s oin to actually need to use it, will be usin those Purple versons of the better heros you know?

    Brilliant list otherwise!!!!
    AJQ from irleand

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