TapTap Heroes – Best Heroes Tier List (Mid-Endgame) with Runes, Artifacts & Talents

taptap heroes best heroes tier list

I was working long to create this tier list that should help you to identify the heroes in TapTap Heroes that you should go for and invest your resources in and I also update it frequently.

My personal problem with many other tier lists have been that I found them either being too generic to provide much value or listing the same heroes over and over again in one tier without any additional information.

Also, other tier lists almost never give any recommendation to artifacts – and we all know how artifact can change the way a hero performs in TapTap Heroes, right?

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So, you will get here different tier lists, depending if you’re mid-game, late-game or end-game and I also give you the best suggestions when it comes to runes and artifacts as well.

  • Mid-Game – 6-9 Star Hero
  • Late-Game – 10 Star Hero
  • End-Game – 14 Star Hero

You will see this in the table in the row “Tier (E/L/M)” – e.g. “S/S-/A” means that the hero is tier S in End Game (E), S- in Late Game (L) and tier S in Mid Game (M)

Of course people will have different opinions here so if you want to start a discussion please go ahead and drop a comment at the end of the page 🙂

Hero Tiers With Runes/Artifacts & Talents

IconNamePositionTier (End)Tier (Late)Tier (Mid)RuneArtifact 1Artifact 2Talent 1Talent 2Talent 3
SkuldFrontS+S+SAttackTears of the GoddessHoly Light JusticeAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
PhoenixTankS+S+SSpeedBlood MedalHoly Lights JusticeAttackTrue Damage50% Attack
ValkyrieFrontS+S+SDef BreakRagnarokTears of the GoddessAttackDamage ReductionControl
ThemisBackSSS-AttackRagnarokTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
KurtulmakBackSSS-Def BreakRagnarokTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction50% Attack
AeginaBackSSS-Def BreakTears of the GoddessRagnarokAttackDamage Reduction*
BaalFrontSS-ADef BreakTears of the GoddessRagnarokAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
FreyaFrontS-A+SDef BreakTears of the GoddessRagnarokAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
LorelyBackS-S-SSpeedRagnarokQueen's CrownSpeedDamage ReductionSelf Crit
ChessiaFrontA+S-A-Def BreakStarshardsDragonbloodAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
Monkey KingTankA+BA-Def BreakRagnarokBone GripAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
DettlaffBackA+B-B-Def BreakRagnarokGiant LizardAttackDamage Reduction*
DrowFrontAA+SSpeedTears of the GoddessStar PraySpeedDamage ReductionCrit Posion
VerthandiFrontAB+B+AttackTears of the GoddessGift of CreationAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
MarsBackA-SSDef BreakRagnarokTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
LindbergBackA-SSHit RateHoly Lights JusticeTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
Shudde M'ellBackB+ASSpeedSoul TorrentSpeedDamage Reduction*
SaizouBackB+A-S-Crit RateGiant LizardLight PaceAttackDamage ReductionSpeed
LunaFrontB+B+A+SpeedTears of the GoddessQueen's CrownSpeedDamage ReductionCrit Poison
AdenFrontB+BBAttackRagnarokTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction*
UltimaTankB+BBSpeedTears of the GoddessGift of CreationSpeedDamage ReductionSpeed
ReaperBackB+B-B-Def BreakSoul TorrentTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction*
WolnirTankBB+B+DodgeBone GripTears of the GoddessAttackDamage Reduction*
GrandTankBBBDodgeBone GripRagnarokAttackDamage ReductionSelf Crit
VegvisirTankBBBDodgeQueen's CrownBone GripAttackDamage ReductionSelf Crit
TeslaBackBB+B+SpeedTears of the GoddessAncient VowsSpeedDamage ReductionControl
Nameless KingBackBBB+Def BreakGiant LizardGift of CreationAttackDamage Reduction1x Resist
MedusaFrontBB+A+SpeedTears of the GoddessGun of the DisasterSpeedDamage Reduction50% Attack
MartinFrontB-CCAttackGospel SongRagnarokAttackDamage ReductionControl
XexanothB-CCDef BreakGiant LizardEtnernal CurseAttackTrue Damage1x Resist
Blood ToothB-CC+Def BreakGiant LizardBlood MetalAttackDamage Reduction50% Attack
Saw MachineFrontB-C+C+SpeedTears of the GoddessGospel SongSpeedDamage ReductionSpeed
OliviaBackB-CCSpeedTears of the GoddessGospel SongSpeedDamage ReductionSpeed
HesterBackB-B-B-SpeedTears of the GoddessSiren HeartSpeedDamage ReductionDeath Damage
CentaurBackB-B-B-Def BreakTears of the GoddessStar PrayAttackDamage ReductionCrit Poison


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