Best Heroes in Top War – Tier List

top war best heroes tier list

There are load of heroes in Top War and I bet you’re not sure what hero you should spend your books and universal shards on, right?

Well, it can be really tough to prioritize the heroes when it comes to their versatility so I did that for you. Below you will find my tier list where I ranked all heroes based on their stats, their rarity, how strong their skill is and some more factors to give you a good indication what heroes are worth leveling and staring up in Top War and which ones not that much.

Best Heroes Tier List

Alright, before we jump right into the list I want to give some short annotations:

  • This list is based on my personal opinion as well as on stats, so rather take this list as indication and not as a fool-proof priority list you should work through from top to bottom.
  • Rarity matters a lot in Top War because SSR rarity heroes can simply take more units into battle, that’s a huge advantage. Also SSR heroes have a lot better stats overall.
  • below the table you find some further information for the heroes, most about their skill and versatility overall. Doing that inside the table would have created a mess.

Then let’s just jump into the tier list of heroes:

Hero Type Rar. Tier OFF DEF Targ. Skill
Rockfield SSR S B C All S
Lady Zizak SSR S D A All S
Ben SSR S S E All S
Bassel SSR S S E All S
Tian Mu SSR S C A All A
Katyusha SSR A+ B B All A
Tywin SSR A+ B C All A
Dante (Defense) SSR A+ S E Defense A
Chloe SSR A+ A D All A
Gira SSR A+ S E All A
Alex SSR A+ S E All A
Hartman SSR A+ S E All A
Bellevue SSR A+ S E All A
Nimitz SSR A+ S E All A
Arthur Harris SSR A+ S E All A
Teresa SSR A E S All B
Tsuru SSR A D A All B
Nadia SSR A B B All B
Li Hongyu SSR A B B All B
Katrina SSR A B B All B
Dante (Attack) SSR A S E All B
Violet SSR A A D All B
Sauvage SSR B+ S E All B
Sid SSR B+ S E All B
Bell SSR B+ S E All B
Lee Yewon SSR B+ E S All B
Bradley SSR B+ E S All B
Merida SSR B+ D A All B
Friedman Hertz SSR B S E Air Force S
Edward SSR B B C Navy A
Sam SSR B E S Air Force B
Ganso SSR C+ S E Defense B
Diana SSR C+ D S Mobs #N/A
Amalia SSR C+ A D Mobs #N/A
Kuruzo SSR C+ D S All #N/A
Reichstein SR C E D All B
Rambo SR C D E All B
Hammer SR C E D All B
Simon SR C E E All B
Ricardo SR C D E All B
Dr. Gero SR D E E All C
Wade SR E E D All #N/A
Black Widow R E E E All #N/A
O’Neill R E E E All #N/A
Kate Curry SR E E D Gathering #N/A
Silence SSR F E E All A
Bob R F E E Mobs #N/A

Now here some additional information about all heroes (sorted alpahbetically):

Alex – the napalm bombs from Alex skill hit really hard so don’t neglect that skill. Really nice.

Amalia – yes, additional chest but you sacrifice a useful attacking skill for resources so I don’t like that much.

Arthur Harris – armor debuffing is alright and it is aganst all troops so with a maxed hero you have a nice skill.

Bassel – Flat buff on all navy units. Really strong and very reliable as a flat stat buff.

Bell – a tough thing. Actually a nice extra damage and nice on defense but overall no hero you really want to use for defense.

Bellevue – additional damage is fine.

Ben – really strong buff and the shield is as well. One of the most useful ones in Top War.

Black Widow – useless hero so her skill isn’t that well neither.

Bob – not a hero you should use, but against mobs the skill is fine. Still, one of the weakest heroes in Top War.

Bradley – the skill only extends hitpoints, not armor. Also, only for army units so mediocre at best. Not a huge fan here.

Chloe – a good additional damage spike. Solid skill.

Dante – not a bad buff overall but stands out when defense because he can buff all troops with it.

Diana – alright for farming mobs but that’s the only use for her skill.

Dr. Gero – higher crit rate when hitpoints get below 50%. I find it quite squishy.

Edward – extra missile with good damage, but only against navy units when using air force units. Little bummer for the skill but useful when you meet these conditions.

Friedman Hertz – really effective against air units but otherwise no extra benefit. I like it as a niche hero.

Ganso – flat stat buff on all navy units but only on defense. Buff is nice but not the best hero to use for defense in my opinion.

Gira – really strong skill and also one of my favorites in Top War! The flat buff is already nice and the added damage when rage is filled is the cherry on top. Really nice.

Hammer – ad defensive skill alright when adding less damage taken. remember, we’re talking about all damage reduced by up to 10.9%

Hartman – launching that additional rocket that causes a good amount of damage makes a lot of sense and also helps a lot. Really strong skill and one of my favorite in Top War.

Kate Curry – pure gathering hero.

Katrina – solid buff to naval units.

Katyusha – random damage to multiple targets with decent proc rate. The damage multiplier could be better in my opinion but after all it’s an alright skill.

Kuruzo – like Wade, nice to have when recruiting but useless when using this hero.

Lady Zizak – these Smoke Bombs are insane and can skip a complete round of enemy attacks so don’t underestimate them. Really strong.

Lee Yewon – the marks are solid, no doubt. Effective counterattack that will give the enemy a hard time

Li Hongyu – sounds more powerful than it actually is. It’s a random extra damage but the damage multiplier is not that high. Still okayish.

Merida – her skill can be really strong in the right situations.

Nadia – these piercing bullets can be really useful and increase the damage. Strong skill.

Nimitz – real strong flat buff on naval units. Use full navy units march and you see great results from his skill.

O’Neill – not a good hero, actually one of the worst in Top War, still her skill buff is alright (looking at the raw numbers)

Rambo – actually can be cool against dodgy enemies. Other than that, can also be quite useless and in most cases I don’t find dodge being a problem.

Reichstein – higher dodge is decent to have so absolutely fine for a hero with that rarity.

Ricardo – way better than Dr. Gero’s squishy crit buff. Very nice when using full air unit march.

Rockfield – craaaaazy skill and probably the strongest skill in Top War! Plain percentage damage that wil deal such damage that it’s insane. You need full air force units but that’s worth it.

Sam – can skip enemy attacks, which is great. Not so great that it only affects enemy air units.

Sauvage – additional damage to additional 2 targets. Proc rate, damage multiplier and only 2 instaed of all enemies make this skill a standard one in my opinion.

Sid – adding some random additional splash damage makes it nice, but only for naval units.

Silence – really nice additional damage from her skill.

Simon – solid buff for a SR rarity hero.

Teresa – nice debuff when procs happen right.

Tian Mu – skill makes sense at times against some heroes where you can expect damage that exceeds your shield.

Tsuru – loading the buff takes time so you need a battle that is long enough. Also the damage is not that strong unless there’s an attack debuff on the enemies. Not bad not outstanding skill.

Tywin – his skill adds an extra attack in here and there with a solid damage multiplier. Good skill.

Violet – this frontline additional damage is nice and procs quite frequently. Very solid skill.

Wade – passive skill for instant units every day. In terms of unlocking nice, in terms of actiely using this hero not that nice.


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  1. This “guide” is terrible and full of errors. I’ll start with hero ranking. Lady zizzack is awful if using air you want to use rockfield, Dante and if against navy Tsuru or against another air force Tian Mu.

    For land yes Ben is great. However Katy is well recognized as required in any tank line up paired with Bradley you have a great line up with good synergy. Once again get Bradley a decent exclusive skill and you get increased damage.

    Amalia you wrote off as bad yet she brings the highest flat attack increase of all heroes and as a bonus you get free universal shards, paint and stamina boosts.

    Bellevue for navy hits like a truck however requires a decent level exclusive to increase the trigger chance, you got Basel right tho.

    To answer the question on 914, as an attacking hero he is insane on defense meh. Which leads to bell who is one of the best hero’s in game, drop her in your navy defensively you have a massive 70%+ dmg decrease and big damage from exclusive.

    Your tooltip for Sam’s ability is describing hertz and I can’t be bothered to continue. If you are going to write a guide to help people at least copy and paste the right info and actually play the game before you lead people to waste resources on useless line ups.

  2. I actually think you have a lot of decent info here. You fail to mention a few important things… first of all what the letters mean. What is S? Superior? Is E excellent? I can guess ABC. Also I feel like you must not own Amalia… I wonder if you realize she’s more than just for dropping boxes. 🤔.

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