Best Heroes in Top War – Tier List 2022 (with Comedy Consortium)

top war battle game best heroes tier list september 2022

There are load of heroes in Top War and I bet you’re not sure what hero you should spend your books and universal shards on, right?

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Well, it can be really tough to prioritize the heroes when it comes to their versatility so I did that for you. Below you will find my tier list where I ranked all heroes based on their stats, their rarity, how strong their skill is and some more factors to give you a good indication what heroes are worth leveling and staring up in Top War and which ones not that much.

Update! I have added the new heroes Comedy Consortium, Springfield & Seaspray

Best Heroes Tier List

Alright, before we jump right into the list I want to give some short annotations:

  • This list is based on my personal opinion as well as on stats, so rather take this list as an indication and not as a fool-proof priority list you should work through from top to bottom.
  • Rarity matters a lot in Top War because SSR rarity heroes can simply take more units into battle. That’s a huge advantage. Also, SSR heroes have a lot better stats overall.

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Then let’s just jump into the tier list of heroes:

S Tier

topwra maximo iconMaximo

Pro: beyond broken good, I mean he-needs-to-be-fixed good. His buffs are just crazy and will make air force units of any kind go through the roof. Great on offense, great on defense and pretty much everywhere in the game.

Con: expensive paid hero and you can expect him to get fixed, nullified by another hero or replaced by a better hero with every update


Pro: great buffs, especially for the back row and works great on offense as well as on defense

Con: not in the free rotation and expensive to upgrade & only works well on airforce


Pro: can apply vulnerability himself and combined with others that apply that will be a really viable hero + works on airforce and army setups well and is a very good on offense

Con: well, the obviously limited event to get him…


Pro: silence mechanic can turn games and even work well against Maximo, can be used on offense and defense well

Con: can be squishy at times with rng dependency


Pro: is faster than Akatora and more frequent infernal attacks and stacks the enemy attack debuff. Good on offense as well as on defense

Con: only works for navy setups as she only buffs navy troops


(pronounced “precious”)

Pro: can target back row and bring them down a lot quicker than any other. Good on offense as well as on defense

Con: front row triggers skill which makes it sometimes kind of odd in battles. Also no boosts, but that’s complaining on a high scale

S-/A+ Tier

This tier is for heroes that are very good at one thing (like offense or defense, not both).


Pro: basically a version of Nereid with much more defensive capabilities and will replace her in the meta soon.

Con: questionable investment if you have invested in Nereid already


Pro: great on defense and in her overall kit helpful, with a crazy skill and higher damage potential than Akatora

Con: rely on procc chance that can add some rng to it


Pro: provides HP for the whole team and can be seen as the more defensive counterpart of Megatron

Con: low trigger rate and eventually bugged ignite effect (description doesn’t have it, but he adds it)


Pro: outstanding damage with the splash ability and best rage generation. Helpful against Maximo.

Con: well, new hero and huge invest only for being slightly better than Megatron on offense

Optimus Prime

Pro: combined with right heroes gets a good boost, useful for PvP and PvE for defensive situations. His Exclusive LVL 7 is insane

Con: high invest, especially that you will practically need the Exclusive LVL 7 to properly run him


Pro: works really well in a defensive army setup

Con: not an attacking hero, so investing just for a defensive setup is questionable


Pro: really high damage and great for offense

Con: well, not packing the huge punch to make it to the higher tier. I don’t want to find something negative just to have something negative here. She’s good, but not op and not that great on defense


Pro: great skill with a shield for front row and additional damage blasts from backline

Con: buffs primarily air force which is not that universal applicable


Pro: can be a more offensive replacement for Aya in airforforce marches

Con: buffs primarily air force which is not that universal applicable & need to be unlocked in the limited Transformer events


Pro: outstanding damage and can even hold up well with paid heroes of the army type + Free2Play!

A Tier

Here are heroes that either have a very specific use but not universal & also the ones that you can use as substitutes for the above ones until you have them maxed.


Pro: crazy extra drops from her Treasure Compass skill, boosts your progress a ton + amazing attack buff for al units

Con: expensive paid hero

Tian Mu

Pro: hidden exclusive skill effect that boosts damage of air force VS air force, hero bond value and also Free2Play

Con: only effective against air force


Pro: not special but his skill damage boost for navy units is quite strong


Pro: great for your army HP, decent damage when skilled up and and hidden exclusive skill effects army damage


Pro: nice extra damage skill that boosts overall damage up with her

Con: skill only affects navy units


Pro: insane march speed increase & exclusive skill turns him into an executioner with a good bunch of other treats

Con: buggy released and not on all servers


Pro: nice flat AoE damage skill


Pro: still a powerful and viable option

Con: not in the free rotation and expensive to upgrade, needs all ATK perks maxed and exclusive skill to be worth it & with all the newer heroes he falls slowly out of the meta.


Pro: eally strong (if looking at it F2P-wise even the best) navy SSR rarity heroes when upgraded well, nice damage output and skill damage and quite easy to level

Con: can be squishy & requires high exclusive skill to be leveled or her damage is not that great


Pro: great attack buff for all unit types & damage reduce buff even working when not deployed. 50 min total per day!


Pro: good allround damage navy hero and can even hold up well with paid heroes of the navy type, F2P and quite easy to level, especially compared to paid heroes

B Tier

Here are heroes that have a situational use in TopWar, but fall off towards late-game compared to the ones ranked higher.


Pro: great counter to enemies with attack speed advantage, especially navy and a good option for SVS Warzone. F2P.

Con: exclusive skill reduces damage to higher-level units


Pro: can put Sand Table in chaos mode to make them miss by 50% + hidden exclusive skill effect that improves navy training speed by a lot


Pro: useful burst damage capabilities & ignite proccs can boost damage well. Nearly guaranteed damage and a great counter to attacking enemies that are defending with an attack speed advantage

Con: not easy to level and not cheap to get/level


Pro: on defense his skill also applies to navy and army units

Con: skill only affects air force is not beginner friendly & there are actually many better options on the table after early-game.


Pro: nice buff for army troops & the shield against 1 attack is really strong and can change battles around

Con: ot easy to level and not cheap to get/level and by the time you can, you have way better options (see the tiers above). Wouldn’t invest in him but is not a crime using him if you already have done that.


hard to rank as she is technically comparable to Optimus Prime, but the way she’s introduced and how I believe she will fall out of the meta makes me rank her here. Not a good invest for me, tbh.


Pro: absolutely solid stats and skills & skills can be affected by all troops

Con: require skill to procc, so a little rng heavy hero + can’t do anything that the heroes in higher tiers can’t


Pro: nice burst damage against one enemy when skill proccs + great for defense with her enemy DMG reduce debuff

Con: require skill to procc, so a little rng heavy hero + can’t do anything that the heroes in higher tiers can’t


Pro: good damage and can be used with all unit types

Con: damage can be RNG heavy + can’t do anything that the heroes in higher tiers can’t

C Tier

These heroes provide primarily an advantage in TopWar that is not battle-related.

Comedy Consortium

Pro: passive (not need to be in battle) HP buff

Con: dumbest hero design so far in Top War (and we had bad ones, for sure), useless in battle, passive boost forces all whales etc. to buy the ‘hero’. I can go on and on and I hope as few players as possible will invest here to teach the developers a lesson!


Pro: amazing for leveling, reduces VIT costs of all dark forces and refugee camp attacks & not required to upgrade to full stars to work great


Pro: great for the instant Valhalla units every day, even when not leveled up much


Pro: his gathering speed is increased as hidden effect on his exclusive skill and he’s free from the login calender when you start playing TopWar

Lady Zizak

Pro: hidden exclusive skill effect that improves air force training speed by a lot


Pro: increased gathering speed as hidden effect on his exclusive skill + good world boss damage


Pro: great for the instant troops every day, even when not leveled up much


Pro: Odinium gather speed increase & hanger capacity increase + 50 free fast repairs for Valhalla units a day

Con: fast repairs only air force only




Pro: great instant repair only for recruiting him

Kate Curry

Pro: attack speed bonus when defending a resource tile

D Tier

Primarily normal gathering heroes in TopWar.

Li Hongyu

you can get her early for 3000 Gems that you have earned back a couple of days later. For that, she’s a good starting hero


Pro: easy to get and to upgrade, good secondary hero, especially with Katsuhya with army type + can be used as gathering hero with gathering perks


Pro: strongest epic air force hero, with strong crit buff 


Pro: march speed against dark forces


Pro: gather speed increase


Pro: gather speed increase

Ishi Tarou

Pro: gather speed increase

Black Widow

Pro: gather speed increase

F Tier

These heroes are not necessarily bad or useless, they just don’t have a place in the meta or are close to it & don’t offer any other special benefit in TopWar. Just don’t invest in them right now.


Con: lacks so much compared to other SSR heroes, obviously a “freebie” hero, not really worth investing in


Con: outstanding lack of overall damage so not even her boosts can make up for that & minor attack boost only affects front row, not worth investing at all


Arthur Harris


Lee Yewon






Friedman Hertz









Dr. Gero


Con: not in any meta right now or useful as replacement. Keep the investment for those heroes here as small as possible to not waste any resources. But mind, if you already invested in them you can use them, just as they are in the lowest tier here doesn’t mean you automatically lose battles, it’s just not smart to prioritize them right now in TopWar…


So, that’s all heroes in Top War ranked, if you have questions or think a hero is horrible wrong-graded drop a comment below.

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  1. I do see you keep this fairly up to date. Regardless of the newsest hero, Nemo, could we get an addition of when the Hero’s skill has been levelled enough to be more effective than another skill that can be equipt?

    Also a second ranking system for PvP Hero’s alone?

  2. Hello, first of all thank you for the great list. Unfortunately I can’t find Nereid even though she was released before Saker, Starscream, Megatron and Acree.

    • Fahed should not be a C rank. Even though they are RNG heavy. When perked, skilled properly and high lvl exclusive skill they are one of the top defensive heros for army.

    • brother, i don’t speak english and i’m using the translator… do you think the Bumblebee that bad? With me he is better than Rambo (when compared using the 2).

  3. I actually think you have a lot of decent info here. You fail to mention a few important things… first of all what the letters mean. What is S? Superior? Is E excellent? I can guess ABC. Also I feel like you must not own Amalia… I wonder if you realize she’s more than just for dropping boxes. 🤔.

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